Irrespective of the size, no matter whether an organisation is big or small, performance management can do wonders for every firm.B8AF100is a module that has been designed keeping in mind the importance of this concept for accounting students.

Several case studies are rolled out to students as a part of the assessment which allow students to strengthen their knowledge on various elements like planning, control, and taking decisions.

In this blog, ouraccounting assignment helpexperts will take you around some vital concepts that are crucial for giving accurate solutions to the case studies with the help ofthe Jolly Fish Company Ltd. report writing task.

At My Assignment Services, we prepare students in such a way that they can apply various accounting techniques to the broad sphere of management and business scenarios. So, let’s get started.

What are the Concepts Included in B8AF100 Assignments?

Now that we are going to talk about how ouraccounting assignment writersdraft the solutions for a variety of case studies, we first need to know the concepts around which the solutions revolve. In a way, we can say that the solution that will be discussed is set upon these foundational concepts.

Have a look at these and make sure that you have a decent knowledge on all of these so that you don’t face problems while writing theJolly Fish Company Ltd. report writing solution. If you are unclear about any of these, then you can simply turn to ouraccounting assignment helpexperts and they will guide you.

  1. Divisional performance
  2. Pricing decisions and strategies like profit maximisation and market share
  3. ROI and RI and transfer pricing
  4. Various decision-making techniques which include linear programming, the theory of constraints and limiting factors
  5. Key performance indicators and ratios
  6. Relevant cost analysis
  7. Bench-marking
  8. Make or buy decisions
  9. Non-financial performance indicators
  10. Break-even analysis
  11. Behavioural considerations
  12. Advance budgeting concepts
  13. Kaizen costing
  14. Advanced variance analysis

These concepts play a major role in the solutions for thereports based on performance management. Now, let us see what all assessments you need to complete under the B8AF100.

Learning Activities that Will Come Your Way Under Performance Management

If you are studying performance management, then you will need to face two assessments under this module. These are:

  1. A group assignment that contributes 30% to the overall marks for this module.
  2. End of the year exam that is worth the remaining 70% of the total marks

The group assessment, i.e., theJolly Fish Company Ltd. report writingwill help you understandcosting techniques involving cost behaviour, analysis and allocation. Let us discuss it in detail.

Jolly Fish Company Ltd Report Writing Solution

Primarily, in this report, you are to collate, analyse, and present accurate and relevant information on accounting and management scenario.

First of all, you will be given some basic information about the organisation around which your report would be set.

The Jolly Fish Company (JFC)

Based on the information, some issues would also be given like the ones below in the image:

Issue 1 in JFC report

So, first of all, our accounting assignment help experts collate all the information that has been given and then focus on certain points while analysing the facts.

The points that are emphasised upon in thisJolly Fish Company Ltd. Report writing assessmentis as follows:

  1. Control aspects of the services
  2. Use of standard costs
  3. The procedure of standard-setting
  4. Variety of standards that are set and their types
  5. Drawing a comparison between those set standards to actual standards
  6. Calculating and studying the variances
  7. Measuring how effective cost aspects are
  8. Implementing control measures and retaining the feedback

Underlying these points, ouraccounting assignment writerspresent accurate and relevant accounting and management information in thisJolly Fish Company Ltd. Report writing assignment.

Now, let us discuss some vital points to remember as per our experts on drafting solutions of these report writing assessments.

Points to Remember for Writing a Performance Management Report

While guiding students on such reports and drafting reference assignment solutions for them, we make sure that certain points are satisfied in the report.

Following is the list of all those points that thisJolly Fish Company Ltd. Report writing assignmenthas in it. The next time you begin drafting this report yourself, make sure you too focus on these elements.

  1. There must be a discussion and application of several cost and management accounting techniques in the report.
  2. You should add a wide range of pricing strategies as well as decision-making strategies to back up the recommendations that have been presented.
  3. Ouraccounting assignment help experts also make use of advanced variance analysis reports in this assignment.
  4. There has to be an application and critical evaluation of advanced budgeting techniques. We also make sure to highlight the behavioural considerations in the report
  5. At last, the strategic performance of a wide range of business entities that fall under the modern commercial environment also needs to be evaluated.

This brings an end to all the imperative aspects ofJolly Fish Company Ltd. Report writing assignment. We are sure you must have got an idea as to how to begin drafting the solution for this report, isn’t it? But if you’re unable to do so, then that’s fine. We’ve received calls and messages from a lot of students saying that they had been having trouble while writing the introduction of these reports. Hence, we came forward to help them out.

Not Sure of the Calculations Involved In Jolly Fish Company Ltd. Report Writing Assignment? Let Our Experts Guide You!

My Assignment Serviceshas played a pivotal role in enhancing the knack of students in completing the assessments on performance management on time by providing them guidance wherever they get stuck.

Now, you can also get an overview of the entireJolly Fish Company Ltd. Report writing assignmentbefore payment. In addition to this, ouraccounting assignment helpexperts also provide a wide range of other value-added services as well. To know more about them, give us a call right away!

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