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What assignment am I talking about?

This one -

critically analyse

Looks familiar? Very good. Let us move forward with the assignment solution, then.

See, the question that I received from a student in this unit had written a report on the Deep Water Horizon Project. On the basis of the feedback from the professor and various theories of critical analysis, he now has to critically analyse the report he wrote. Sounds confusing, right?

Actually, no. In simple terms, you have to critically analyse the report that you submitted in assignment 1. No essay, no research article, nothing. Your own assignment report.

How to write assignment 2 critical analysis of project for learning solution?

You might think that you wrote that assessment yourself, you know everything that you wrote, blah blah blah. Maybe. But just to be sure, there is no harm done in reading your report once again. And this time, think like your professor. There is a reason why marks were reduced, try to think in that direction.

And it is not possible that you know out of the blue what all are the weaknesses and strengths of your report. Had this been the case, you would have scored a 100% in the assessment. So, as I said, read the assignment report once again and keep a pen and paper by your side. As soon as you get a point, note that down.

What is the best way to read the report? You should read the marking rubric and then the section. Doing so will let you identify what you did right and what you did wrong. You can at the time of reading itself identify the sections where you were right and sections where you were wrong.

Analyse project complexity type

When you will browse the internet, you will find that there is actually no standard definition for project complexity. While there is no standard accepted project complexity type, scholars classify it as -

  1. Highly complex,
  2. Moderately complex, and
  3. Independent

The factors that define a project complexity are -

  • Project time
  • Budget of the project
  • Size of the team
  • Is the project urgent
  • The defined schedule
  • Scope of the project
  • The problem statement and proposed solution
  • Influence of the stakeholders
  • Political sensitivity

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