An Expert Guide to Business Transformation Projects

An Expert Guide to Business Transformation Projects
July 02, 2022
Author : Charles Hill

As a subject matter expert, I get asked many times, "What are business transformation projects?". To explain it, it is the enhancement of the various processes in a business. The core of any firm is its vision and goals. Over time these goals also get transformed. Hence, transformation is what makes your vision a reality.

So, now you know how a business becomes an organisation. Let's move on to learning what exactly a business transformation is? It is an umbrella term that business experts use to define the changes in business processes. All firms have various departments and processes - human resources, customer on boarding, accounts and more - you might be familiar with these.

Besides, every business must ensure the optimal functioning of these departments. Hence, all the policies in an organisation are put in place for overall compliance and ideal performance. Yet, all these policies go through changes to meet the industry's needs. In addition, business transformation is necessary to keep up with the times. Be it industry trends or socio-economical drift. Businesses need to incorporate them into their processes.

Let's learn more about this with a few business transformation examples.

five elements a business transformation case study

What Are the Different Areas of Business Transformation?

The world has changed drastically. You must be aware of the global economy's adversaries in the COVID era. Many businesses went bankrupt, small businesses closed up, and the debts piled up manifolds for many. As the saying goes, "in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity". Business transformation is the "opportunity" here and the crux to coursing through an apocalypse - literally and figuratively.

Here are different business transformation areas that are primary in any and every industry:

Organisational Transformation

The organisational structure is the basis of the company's functioning. All processes depend on the company's fundamental policies and guidelines. Hence, the organisational transformation includes redesigning the company's structure and operation mode. Such changes entail more productivity or evolve the current processes.

Management Transformation

You must be aware of the term 'management'. Managers are the first thing that pops up in anyone's mind. Therefore, it is accurate as a company's management includes all the managers and other higher-ups. The human resources and management are responsible for transforming the company/team strategy for effective functioning and increased productivity.

Cultural Transformation

The way of thinking, traditions and other management behaviours comprise the cultural aspect of a company. Transforming these such mind-sets and management norms is essential in every firm. Moreover, keeping up with time and trends while presenting a liberal image is necessary. Further, the brand image depicts the company culture; hence it is a necessary Business Transformation Project.

Information Systems Transformation

Moreover, it is an important aspect of the company's core growth initiators. Every tech-savvy business is well perceived. "Get your business online and grow exceptionally" is the bottom one of every digital marketing campaign. Although they are not wrong, it is not only about enhancing the website but making an overall transformation in the business' information systems.

A company's transformation aims at increasing productivity. Such transformations impact the corporate culture and impact employee performance. Business transformations are important for the business to survive the market competition and empower its current processes. All these aspects must be included when you write a case study.

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How to Write a Business Transformation Case Study?

Firstly, when you write a case study, you can write about the company's past achievements and future prospects. But,

1. Your case study must tell a story of the company's journey through the years.

Whether you review a product or address the company's achievement through the years, make sure you get all the timelines right. It is necessary to get your timelines right. As the person writing the case study, you must inform the audience about the timeline of the company's success or failure story.

2. Influence your reader with storytelling

Furthermore, the next important thing in your case study is to provide adequate and correct information. The quotations, statistics, and data you use must be correct in your Business Transformation Project example. Double-check your data and ensure you add only the most recent or most relevant pieces of information. You are telling a story and informing the audience, so ensure you keep them involved regardless of the information overload.

3. Use your examples wisely

In addition, the case study you choose must be justified throughout the entire document. If you review a product's success or why it failed, ensure you justify this in your case study. Whether you choose to address the reasons for Apple's success or the failure of Google+, stick to your story and provide enough conclusive evidence.

4. Identify your areas of research

Moreover, when your research before writing, identifies the research areas that fit your timeline. You most definitely will pick a popular brand to curate your case study. A pile of information is available about the brand; pick the ones that fit your perspective. Don't provide too much or too little information as the reader is an expert, yet they seek your thoughts on the case you choose.

Accordingly, create your piece and heed these pointers. You must focus on creating a perspective and develop a perspective - the failure, success, or assessment - for the business transformation case study. Intrigue the audience with effective writing of the introduction and hold their attention till you conclude your piece.

tips to write a good case study

What is a Real-Life Business Transformation Example?

Furthermore, here's an example of a business transformation case study. It comprises all the important points you must use. Remember that it is an example and only includes the important points you must include in your case study.

Is Tesla Competing with the Auto Industry or the Petroleum Exporters?

Tesla is currently the world's largest automotive company. They are the reason for the enhancement of electric vehicles. They've made automatic cars a reality. Moreover, this automotive giant isn't a competition for its competitors, but it's challenging the oil/gas industry. Known for car technology that reduces carbon emissions and offering cost-effective technology Tesla is pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Let's take a look at Tesla's digital business transformation over the years.

The Objective

Of course, the global digital Business Transformation Project cannot be acknowledged without addressing Tesla's contribution. Elon Musk has manifested the idea of e-cars being better than their counterparts into reality. The company was established in 2003 by a group of engineers. The initial and the current objective is to make electric vehicles more efficient.

The approach

Also, Tesla is the largest manufacturer of automatic cars globally; Tesla offers firmware updates that improve performance, infotainment and safety.

The autopilot mode in Tesla cars is potentially the best. The speed and position control are apt to avoid accidents on highways.

A smart data system and a smart auto-driving interface have been made possible by connected automobile technologies.

The value

  • By preventing consumers from visiting dealers, Tesla's over-the-air upgrades minimise carbon emissions. These improvements can help users save time & expense.
  • Similarly, in 2021, Tesla recorded a record-breaking over nine-hundred thousand car shipments, a rise of eighty-seven per cent over four hundred thousand cars supplied in 2020 alone.
  • Tesla has grossed over six hundred billion USD market cap as of June 17, 2022. With an accumulated market share of around 70% for rechargeable battery-powered electric vehicle sales in the US, Tesla is the dominant player.

Hence, these are some common points that are necessary in a business transformation case study. You can provide more detailed information about the company's struggles and achievements. As we discussed previously, you must add facts and data based on the approach you are taking in your case study.

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