AMB303 International Logistics Assessment Answer

January 04, 2021
Author : Charles Hill

In Australia, there is a high demand for international logistics. As the name suggests, AMB303 unit is devoted to finding the solutions for all the logistics problems that students come across within the arena of international activities. The purpose of the logistics assessments that are rolled out to students is to strengthen their hold over a variety of logistics concepts, terminologies and processes that fall under the umbrella of supply chain management.

So if you are an aspiring manager, then studying this course becomes a benchmark for you to cascade all their requisite knowledge within yourself. This will help you decipher the role of supply chain management in an organisation, thereby, giving a boost to the corporate performance of the firm.

The supply chain industry in Australia is huge. It covers several areas like roads, intermodal ports, rail, seaports, and air. To govern the processes of supply chain management, there is a peak body dedicatedly working towards it. The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) is responsible for looking into the supply chain management processes here in Australia.

Hopefully, you have understood the importance of international logistics now. There are several kinds of assignments that are designed for students engaged in this field of study. Fortunately, we have covered them all for you. In the last decade, our supply chain management assignment help experts have created a large repository of samples for students that have helped them understand the concepts better. Are you looking for reliable academic assistance on these assignments? Handover all your queries to us!


Modes Of Assessments For AMB303 That You Need To Successfully Complete

As we discussed above, the scope of supply chain management is huge. Naturally, when you get yourselves enrolled in this, you will come across a variety of assessment tasks that will test your knowledge of international logistics. Not to worry, we possess a steadfast team of industry veterans who can easily guide you through all these assessments and make it possible for you to begin with the work instantly.

Following are the types of AMB303 assessments that you need to clear successfully.

1. Oral presentation

Assessment 1 for this course will be an oral presentation, wherein, you will have to submit a video presentation on a logistic issue that you have chosen. The issue must be one that falls under your course requirements.

2. Midterm examination (online)

The second assessment task that you will need to complete is to give an examination covering the topics of international logistics.

3. Case study assignment

The final assessment will be a case study assignment task. While the rest of the task has to be done by you, this is that task where our supply chain management help writers can come handy for you. Let us discuss this task in detail with some excerpts from the solutions drafted by us for a better understanding.

How To Write An International Logistics Case Study Assessment Answer Just Like Our Experts?

For this, you will get an international logistics case study. The main objective of this case study assignment is to analyse different business situations and based on it, design new recommendations in the context of the given case study.

Let us share some excerpts from our work so that you can understand the best approach to such assignments.

AMB303 case study

This is the international logistics case study that has been given to us from students. First, our experts study and analyse this case study. Then, we proceed with the assignment.

AMB303 executive summary

This is the first section of the report. In this executive summary, our experts have presented a brief overview of the company that has been talked about in the case study. As you can see in the image above, our supply chain management assignment help experts have also highlighted the entry modes that have caused a problem in the logistics of the organisation.

After this, we present a background of the international logistics of the firm as depicted in the excerpt below.

introduction and company background

This gives a clear picture of the company and the activities that have been undertaken by it. Also, this sets the tone of the assignment after which it will be easier to talk about the recommendations.

potential of market

All the information that has been found out in the previous sections has been portrayed in the form of a graph as shown in the image above. This step adds credibility to the work and eases the process of deciphering the information from the assignment. This brings us to the end of this assignment. In the end, our supply chain management assignment help experts recommend new ways to mitigate the problems that have cropped up within the international logistics of the organisation.

However, there’s a lot more to this assignment solution. In case you require the complete solution from us or have some more pending queries, simply contact us now. Hand us over all your queries and it won’t take more than a few moments for us to get back to you with instant solutions. You can even attend our interactive live one-on-one sessions for better clarity of concepts.

How Our Supply Chain Management Assignment Experts Help Students In Combating All The Last-minute Stress With Ease?

There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to writing an AMB303 assignment answer. With a dearth of time in their lives, students often miss out the deadlines and lose grades. This renders students helpless in the end, with so many problems. Realising this, our experts are fully geared to assist you with all your logistics assessments.

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What’s More?

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