All You Need To Know To Write BPM & BPR Assignment Answers
April 05, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

The world is changing all the time and there is no way we can stop that. It is necessary for the organisations to stay with the trend for their survival. Businesses are now investing in managing their processes. Here is what you should know to write BPM v/s BPR assignment answers from the desk of business management assignment help expert.

What is the difference between Business Process Management and Business Process Re-engineering?

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is the way we recreate the entire business process right from the scratch so that the result and outcome of the procedure can be improved. The birth of BPR processes is because the companies are working to improve the manufacturing productivity. In a business process re-engineering, you change the entire process.

At the same time, Business Process Management (BPM) is when we make modifications in the existing process. The BPM takes into account the existing process, studies it, analyse it with the help of models and then optimise the process by eliminating the degrading ones.

Benefits of Using BPR

  1. When the organisation decides to dump the conventional method of the way the processes were being carried out, the new ones are always based on the latest trends. The people involved in re-engineering of the business process think outside the box so that they can bring out the ways that we can see significant change after BPR.

  2. The markets of the 21st century are changing rapidly. At such a time, the slow process of incremental change is outdated. The companies cannot afford to make changes and then wait for the business to adopt to these changes. Thus, when we re-engineer a business process, the pace and quality of the response to the customer needs is improved significantly.

  3. When we re-engineer the entire business process, we will be able to obtain all the desired results in the performance because the new process will be designed keeping in mind all these parameters. Making improvements in the existing one takes time than replacing it with a new one.

  4. Then changes in the process as a result of BPR are more agile as compared to the business process management. Though BPM allows you to make the changes at a low cost, there are sometimes unwanted effects of the change due to which the cost saving does not hold much value. At such a time, re-engineering the business process saves the waste of time and resources.

Benefits of Using BPM

  1. When we are using business process management to make any changes in the organisation, we are shifting our focus to a continuous improvement method. Unlike BPR, which is an entire project that stretches up to a long time period, we can incorporate BPM in our processes subtly.

  2. Though people argue that it is easier to build something from scratch, the theory does not hold true every time. For example, if a bridge has any problem in the beam, it will be easier to repair than to build the bridge once again. Similarly, it is not necessary that you will be better off by building the entire process from scratch than making small improvements constantly.

  3. We do not require the change to be felt across the entire organisation. BPR does that. The changes made in BPR have an effect on the overall organisation. On the other hand, using BPM gives us a limited change in the organisation.

  4. To re-engineer the entire business process, we need new minds because the existing team has only proficiency with the current process. But, when we manage business process and make small changes, we just need people to look at the same process with a different perspective.

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