ACC210 – Management Accounting – Sandy Ltd Case Study Assessment Answer

May 19, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

An important branch of Accounting, Management Accounting, or Managerial Accounting focuses on the provision of accounting information to the managers so that they can better understand how to decide matters or make decisions in an organisation. The subject comprises of numerous accounting concepts and principles to be studied in academics, which are also quite complex to master at. As a result, a large number of students studying Management Accounting tend to seek Management Accounting Assignment Help to better manage their assignments in the subject. In this blog, we are going to discuss ACC210 – Management Accounting concepts in detail so that you can score well in Management Accounting assignments and grab the most lucrative career opportunities during campus placement drives. ACC210 – Management Accounting – Sandy Ltd Case Study Assessment Answer Now you don’t have to work your fingers to the bone and grapple with concepts such as Fair Value Management, Contingent liabilities in financial statements, and many more. The panacea to all your predicaments is only one, and, i.e., My Assignment Services. Let’s look at some of the questions of this particular assignment. Fair value measurement Financial statements provisions

How to Answer the Above ACC210 Assignment Questions?

Organisations that stand in the need of preparing a financial statement for external reporting encounter perilous and complex affairs. Nonfeasance of timely lodging the financial statements or adhering to the reporting requisites could drive the way to forfeit, legal proceedings, or sundry other mutilating outcomes. Over and above that, with Fair Value Measurement becoming more permeating today, financial professionals who are accountable for lodging financial statements have a more significant contribution than at any period of time before. Whilst Fair Value Measurement may lay out a more detailed and error-free liability and asset estimation on a proceeding ground to the active clients of financial statements, finance professionals are not certainly prepared to perfectly evaluate the true worth of all assets and liabilities. The backbone for organising, perusal, guiding principles, and decision making, is the exactness and compatible reporting of critical financial data and in case if the financial data itself is broken into pieces or inappropriate, any business can certainly fall apart. Over the past few years, Fair Value Accounting has been considered as the most significant measurement ground in financial reporting that allows organisations to take the measurements while reporting the value of certain resources, financial obligations and capital investments at fair value.  Every private closed-end investment company and other establishments that hand on crucial financial information to their respective shareholders, capitalists and lenders should stick to these standards. There are a number of reasons for which Fair Value Measurements are essentially needed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Let’s have a read on the most common situations where Fair Value Measurements can be generally seen.

  • Goodwill Impairment (ASC 350)
  • Equity Compensation (ASC718)
  • Fresh Start Accounting (ASC 852 & ASC 805)
  • Other Fair Value Measurements (ASC 820)
  • Allocation of Purchase Price (ASC 805)

The second question given in ACC2012 Management accounting questionnaire demands to examine a fictional scenario and challenges the students to discuss about the Management’s position at Safety Ltd. One of our phenomenal management accounting help experts recently delivered an assignment on the same and untangled the complexity of the question by giving an explanation in such a way – I’m quite certain that this attachment will help you prepare your own write-ups on the topic but in the case is the paperwork is driving you up the wall; don’t hesitate to consult with our ACC210 management accounting help experts. Subsequently, a story is plotted in the question paper that the chairman of Sandy Ltd knows that the marketing manager is very effective at selling ideas but knows very little about accounting. The chairman, therefore, asks to provide him with a report advising the board on how the proposal should be accounted for under accounting standards and how such a proposal would affect Sandy Ltd’s financial statements. Our management accounting expert initiates the answer stating that – It is significantly imperative to reckon with the accounting standards whilst fabricating any strategies to financially support the activists as the company has reputation of doing business on sustainable development. The management requires considering all the accounting facets of overseeing these expenses kindred to the marketing of the brand on the grounds of guaranteeing financial support to charge or jailed activists. There is a need to draft the proposal to be presented to the board for affecting the financial statement. Let’s have a look at the complete solution provided by our ACC210 management accounting expert. Amortisation of Goodwill Prior to concluding the assignment, the ACC201 Management Accounting questionnaire demands to explore the possible rationales that provisions are acknowledged in financial statements but contingent liabilities are not? Our ACC201 management accounting expert reflects on this question by clearly stating that provision is usually the amount which the company keeps aside in order to meet an uncertain liability. He insists in the writing, reflecting that a provision must be considered as liability that might come up anytime, should never be considered an advance. Taking citation from paragraph 14 of the AASB 137/IAS 37, he mentions that possible reason for the recognition of provision is when the following points are met: Legal Obligatios

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