IDE, short for Integrated Development Environment, is an application that provides a platform inclusive of all the facilities required for software development. It makes it easier for a developer to build an application using its comprehensive facilities.

An IDE comprises of an editor (source code), debugger and build tools. Some IDEs also provide context aware feature generally termed as Intelligent Code Completion that helps in minimizing typos or other mistakes, hence accelerating the process of development. There are types of IDEs, some comprise of a compiler, an interpreter, or both such as Eclipse, NetBeans, SharpDevelop, etc. Modern IDEs also support object-oriented programming solutions, class hierarchy, and many more.

This is how the editor window and the debugger look like in NetBeans:

NetBeans Editor - Java Assignment Help

NetBeans Debugger - Java Assignment Help

Benefits of using IDEs

IDE can individually be a system on its own or it can be part of a collaborative application. Now, these applications are designed in such a manner that it almost negates the effort that a developer puts in gathering the components of software development by providing a comprehensive application. It helps in increasing their productivity as they get more time to spend on understanding the problem, finding a solution and hence, coding. It acts as a unit that takes care of the configuration, integration collectively which helps in reducing effort spent on setup tasks.

Some IDEs are specifically designed for some programming languages, permitting a format that matches the most with the execution model of that particular language.

As of now, most popular IDEs for Java are Eclipse and NetBeans, and Visual Studio for C#.

Java IDEs - IT Assignment Help

IDEs also support various languages such as C, C++, Java on platforms like GNU Emacs, EMACS Lisp, Eclipse, MonoDevelop, etc. Plugins are mostly used for providing support to alternative languages.

IDEs can be command line or graphical, depends on the usage of the developer. UNIX systems can act as an IDE with the use of GNU tools. It is completely a programmer’s choice to select the kind of platform they want to work on.

With the increasing popularity of cloud computing, there are some IDEs that are present online and support execution within web browsers. Technology is changing every moment, for a beginner it is always advisable to choose the latest tool available. Just the zeal of developing an application can get you started. In case you are looking for IT assignment help, be it Java, SQL, C/C++, Python or any other topic you can always consult our experts.

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