99 Interesting Presentation Topics That You Can End With Mic Drop

December 18, 2018
Author : Syd Howell

Public speaking is an integral part of the lives of many and the universities have to prepare the students to be the readers of tomorrow. So, it is natural if your professor has asked you to prepare a presentation or an essay that will be delivered in front of an audience. But have you decided on a topic yet? Have you thought what are you going to write and how are you going to write it? You look like your ideas are dying of thirst and you cannot arrange any more water in the form of interesting presentation topics to nurture them.  


Natural Born Killer?

Public speaking is not a pleasant experience for everyone. I remember there was a kid in my class who couldn’t even speak his name in front of 10 people. There are some who are natural born killers when it comes to public speaking, whether it is 5 people in the audience or 500. I was also like this back in my day. But that is not the case with everybody, right? For some students, a presentation in the audience can be nothing less than the most humiliating moment of their lives. And not being able to choose interesting presentation topics that are good enough to blow the minds adds nothing but worry to the already piling up the list. So, what is the first thing you need to deliver an amazing presentation that does not make you feel like a goat being served to a group of hungry lions? That’s right, folks! You need amazingly fantastic and interesting presentation topics.  

How Should You Choose Interesting Presentation Topics For Yourself?

Is it that you have the choice to choose any one of the 99 topics that I show you and you have got to use that topic only? No, it is not. But I know you are going to do exactly that. Anyways, I am hopeful that a couple of you would be really interested and looking for ways to select interesting presentation topics. For that kid, this is for you. Here is how you can choose a topic of your own that is interesting and bring you into the limelight that you have been seeking.

Think about the audience before you think about the topic.

Always. Think. About. Your. Audience. Always. Your audience is everything and so is the professor. If your topic is not able to bound the audience with you, then your interesting presentation topics weren’t interesting after all. The topics that you choose should that will interest the audience and is also something really good that one would not have thought about. Are you feeling me? You don’t want to be the smartest man in this room for this while because when you show yourself too smart, the audience sees you as a bore. Think what your audience might know beforehand, they cannot be a bunch of total idiots, yes? The needs and the interests are a governing factor for your interesting presentation topics. If you are talking in front of your class, then your peers will have knowledge of the subjects at least. You can even conduct a quick survey before you choose a presentation topic for yourself. That will help you speak on equal footing.

Give special attention to the needs in the question file.

You don’t get the task of preparing a presentation out of the blue, right? There will be a question file, always. That question file will contain what are the requirements that you need to fulfil through this presentation. Your interesting presentation topics are largely affected by these requirements. The topics cannot wander off the outcomes of the presentation. For example, if the question file says that explain to the audience how power relates to crime, you cannot deliver a presentation on the topic of how young generation’s shunning of religion is impacting the world.  
Don’t choose interesting presentation topics like this, okay?

I forgot one important one. Keep it short and simple.

Yes, you don’t want to blabber on and on, no matter how interesting presentation topics you have in the bag. You have to speak more ideas in less time, have to work your way to impress the audience and the professor and then exit with a smirk on your face. There is no point in delivering a presentation where half of the auditorium is sleeping peacefully. Try to wrap it up in 10 to 15 slides. If you are stretching it more than that, consult with your professor and make it worth it.

Well, this is it. The moment you all have been waiting for. Here are 99 Interesting Presentation Topics that I retrieved from King Atlan’s tomb.

Are you ready? Let’s go.  
  1. Why is android popular with the teens?
  2. The effect overpopulation is having
  3. Should governments be allowed to control the use of the internet and the content available online?
  4. Should new international laws be formulated to solve the growing problems of refugees?
  5. Water pollution and the deterioration of Aquatic Ecosystem Health
  6. Can we really find secrets of the universe in the ancient Egyptian pyramids?
  7. With the ban on animal experimentation, what alternatives are available?
  8. Are animated movies more impactful than original motion pictures?
  9. The growing of pseudo-feminism
  10. Eating disorder – a serious problem, not something to laugh about
  11. Should committing suicide made legal? Why should one be forced to live?
  12. Does using too many antibiotics make bacteria resistant to their effect?
  13. The loopholes in the gun laws
  14. Aliens among us, a mystery
  15. Why some children look like their mothers and some look like their fathers?
  16. Feminism – a lost concept of 21st century
  17. What effect does an assisted suicide have on the family members?
  18. Does the world really need peacekeeping force to resolve global violence?
  19. The effect of physical violence on the human mind
  20. What steps should be taken to save the endangered species from going extinct?
  21. Are children practising martial arts more prone to aggression?
  22. Can tsunami be averted with the use of technology?
  23. Should people be allowed to commit suicide?
  24. Is leadership a trait you are born with or develop it over time?
  25. Is dieting an effective way to lose weight?
  26. How terrorism destabilise the economy?
  27. Will artificial intelligence dominate humans?
  28. Should prisoners be given rights?
  29. How can commoners fight terrorism?
  30. Has the rift between Iraq and Palestine promoted terrorism?
  31. How to achieve the perfect balance between life and work?
  32. Is religion a threat to achieving global peace?
  33. Should teachers and students be friends on social media platforms?
  34. Does travelling give peace and happiness?
  35. Should violence be eliminated from the kid’s shows and cartoons?
  36. How can technology lead to the destruction of the world?
  37. Do children actually learn something useful through mobile phones?
  38. Is nuclear energy the key to unlocking unlimited power supply?
  39. Should every country impose childbirth policies like China to control population?
  40. Nuclear energy, expensive or cheap?
  41. Is online education advantageous or disadvantageous?
  42. Should companies not be allowed to outsource?
  43. How to make someone realise their mistake without being rude?
  44. How can the Australian education system be improved further?
  45. Is the internet a powerful weapon to fight poverty?
  46. Violent video games, should they be banned?
  47. Electronic waste and the best ways to dispose of the same
  48. Is technology making people obese?
  49. How can recycle improved on the global scale?
  50. Should kid shows be banned to stop injustice with children?
  51. Do beauty pageants do any good to the society except earning money?
  52. Is colonisation of Mars a futile dream?
  53. How has technology affected the way students learn?
  54. Is depression curable?
  55. Is e-waste harmful to the human body?
  56. Mandatory attendance requirements, should they be removed in schools?
  57. What are the advantages of blood donation?
  58. Should we make our own wine?
  59. Why a backyard garden is must have?
  60. Pineapple on pizza – injustice?
  61. Why ordering in is a growing trend?
  62. Benefits of a gluten-free diet
  63. Benefits of yoga
  64. The hidden truth of diet soda
  65. Should plastic surgery be made available only after due permission of the legislature?
  66. Is social media causing decay of morals and ethics?
  67. The most unbelievable government conspiracies?
  68. Biases in the mainstream media
  69. Why using smartphone right before bed is harmful?
  70. Signs that you are in an abusive relationship
  71. From faking confidence to being confident
  72. Why is it important to love yourself?
  73. How are internet ads tailored just for you?
  74. How to properly use hashtags to improve audience engagement?
  75. Social media use etiquettes
  76. Is time management a superhuman ability?
  77. Is texting worsening our grammar and vocabulary?
  78. Water conservation, the need of the hour
  79. Should bloggers verify the facts or just write whatever they feel like?
  80. How can the growing traffic problems be solved?
  81. Can improving prison conditions help decrease crime rates?
  82. Should governments focus on creating jobs rather than announcing schemes for unemployed?
  83. Stress management for students
  84. Is legal drinking age necessary?
  85. What are the risks of online dating?
  86. The effect of increasing privatisation on the global economy
  87. Is Vedic mathematics useful?
  88. Should marijuana be legalised?
  89. The shame of sperm donation
  90. How to apply for a mortgage?
  91. What to do when you lose your job?
  92. Role of cinema in creating awareness
  93. Should machines replace humans on borders?
  94. Why parents should teach their children about planting trees
  95. Sex education in schools
  96. Why should you have a large social circle?
  97. Should governments ban gasoline to promote solar and wind energy?
  98. Steps to curb organ smuggling
  99. Does social media make us happy or depressed?
There you have it, the 99 interesting presentation topics that you can choose. For more understanding, you can reach me by talking via a one-on-one live session here, sending me the requirements here or by filling the form here. Till then,  

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