5 Things to Make Your Essays Stand Out

5 Things About Essays Writing
November 20, 2020
Author : Kristy

The Prolegomenon

Let me lay it on the line for you. Writing a great essay stipulates the intellectual strength of writing a synthesis, that too within half-an-hour's duration because that's exactly how much time you can get to write one essay if you intend to finish the exam without skipping other questions. And, that's pretty much what writing an essay for exams is, in a nutshell. Now, let's proceed with the basics. Would you mind answering, what is the first word that comes to your mind when you are hoping 'if somebody could write my essay for me', or How to write an essay in the exam? Absolutely right — prepare! Essays during exams take the form of a creative, but more definingly, spontaneous act. Most of the time at least, because nobody gets that lucky to have been asked the same question that they have in memory. The next best possibility is making preparations beforehand.

A week before an exam, you should begin undertaking the following tasks. Explore them all to get to the top five things you need to know about writing an essay in exams. We are going to list these as 0.1, 0.2, and so on because they are not the points you are specifically here for. With the progress in reading the blog, you will find them, numbered the way it is supposed to be, i.e., 1,2, and so on.

0.1 — Make a rough forecast of the questions that you may get asked in your exam. The best way to do it is by looking at the previous year's question papers. This would also give you an idea of the kind of questions that students confront while they sit for the exam to write a spontaneous essay. Go through as many questions as you can.

0.2 — Suppose you are a teacher/professor of the subject. Now, ask yourself, what would you seek from the student to acquaint themselves better with. This is quite an old trick but cracks the hardest exams up if done correctly.

0.3 — Practice works in your writing, just as it works for 'a man' — making them both perfect. Alright, that was indeed an odd way to quote 'practice makes a man perfect'. But, start practising regardless. You may begin with writing a summary on anything. Be it a literary work, a historical, or a current happening, pick them up and start writing. Bring out the thoughts you have regarding the matters and write it down in a brief yet articulate manner. Aim for disambiguation, precision, concision, and comprehending the distinctiveness between their philosophies.

0.4 — Also, if possible, try retaining the main happenings, nomenclatures, facts, etc. This is the part that is going to add weight and credibility to your essay in exams, as you would not be able to write the reference or make a bibliography. Hence, use as many events, dates, or famous personalities' names as possible.

0.5 — Put everything together. Take some time to do it, as it is an essential part of the preparation process. Remember data scientists? They are one of the highest-paid employees in any organization, and all they do is identify the relevant information out of a mountain of miscellaneous one, followed by arranging them in an intelligible fashion. Hence, arranging information is not a trivial matter as it may seem.

Therefore, prepare when you still have time. Oh, wasn't that the question? What was it then? What to prepare? You are all set to write a paper because you are already into it. So let's begin.

Essays Writing

The Quintette - For those who were looking for 'someone to write my essay for me'

Numerous students begin scribbling immediately after going through the paper containing the questions. Beware of such people, both literally and figuratively. Discounting the exceptional minds, most of them who do it have a hard time surpassing their tiny space of mediocrity. They never leave the place because they don't fathom the fact that essay writing is strategic conduct. Yes, you heard me. It is a strategic work because not only you have to write the correct information in an organized way, but you also need to distinguish between the information to recognize their relevance and worth. After you are done with that, you go on to prioritizing them in the exam, as to which part of the information should go first, which one is the second, the third, the fourth, and so on. Therefore, after you are done scanning the paper, sit straight, and take a deep breath. Prepare your mind for the smoothest roller coaster of your life. Now, begin with the steps.

  1. Carry out an 'emptying of the mind'. How to do it? Find a rough piece of paper, and begin writing down all the knowledge you have about the essay question, of course in bullets. Make it the cleanest 'emptying' ever.
  2. Observe the questions and the instructions for understanding them in entirety. Questions have parts, right? And, each part is as important as the other one. We cannot afford to miss any of it. Students, in the category of running for writing their paper, often make the mistake of not reading the questions or instructions completely. We know the results, don't we? Keeping the question paper writing beside the answer sheet you are filling, lets you randomly take peeks at the requirement of the question, and every specific part of it. Find your way to addressing the questions/instructions in entirety.
  3. Draw a thesis that sufficiently addresses the query. Although, restating the questions is highly frowned upon; in exams, you are excused from it. In other words, you may utilize the exact words from the questions, or keep coming back to the question in your narrative, for addressing it even better. Moreover, introductions are what makes an answer worthy of being read on, and given good grades. Therefore make it a good one, but refrain from going too far, since that question alone cannot afford you HD grades. And you need to answer them all. Hence, just make it constitute all the conventional parts of an intro, i.e., your key argument, your understanding of the topic, and how are you going to deal with it in the paper.
  4. Ready your milestones. Before jumping on the bandwagon, and rushing into writing the body of the essay, try what you did in the first point. Write the key points and practically arrange them. The significance of writing the body in the correct arrangement of key points cannot be stressed upon more.
  5. Use the rhetorics. Make a legible argument, and work on the credibility of the same. Use your eloquence, and rhetorical powers to make a persuasive narration/ argumentation. To be straightforward, in writing essays, there are no right Instead, there are strong and persuasive argumentative answers or feeble and inconsistent ones. Make sure your arguments have enough rhetorical and statistical backing. Remember Ethos, Logos, and Pathos?


Making preparations and writing essays in exams can both be weary. And, so is writing an essay any time outside the exam halls. This is probably why we welcomed the ones reading the blog for getting someone to write my essay for me. We absolutely understand your difficulty. By writing this article, we hope to lessen it and help you form an idea about writing essays in exams. If you follow the instructions, there is no reason that you'd get lesser marks, unless you don't implement these in your writing. Besides, students are always free to reach out to me, or My Assignment Services, for any queries they may have.

All the best!

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