32563: IT Professional and Society Assessment Answer
July 14, 2020
Author : Julia Miles

“Knowledge is true only if it is based in morality” - Andrei Tarkovsky

The unit, 32563: IT Professional and Society, is presented to IT students to understand the moral principles and professional practices in their field. It builds in them the character an IT professional should assimilate into the society they serve. Years of education is of no use if one is unaware of how to put it to use for the betterment of all. Through the knowledge you will gain through this assignment you will be bared to the responsibilities it holds. The assessment given in this unit has three parts. They are:

IT Professional and Society Assessment Sample

Here is the marking rubric from the assessment for your reference:

marking rubric for assignment marking rubric for IT assignment

The learning objectives of this subject are:  

1) Understanding the impact of information technology and of IT professionals on the society

2) Analyzing Critically Codes of Conduct in the profession

3) Illustrate the purpose of the IT professionals and their moral responsibilities

4) Illustrate enhanced presentation and public speaking skills 

5) Exhibit advanced writing skills through written communications like reports 

How IT Professionals are Making Society Better?

IT professionals have to face various challenges and situations where they will have to make a choice. A choice that will differentiate the good from the bad, the right from the wrong. The good option is not always the right option and with the responsibility held to IT professionals, it becomes crucial to understand the consequences of their actions. The current era is dependent on information technology, in ways it has never been. Especially during the world wide lockdown due to the pandemic, it becomes even more indispensable to stay more ethical.

For this assignment, students are expected to learn about their code of conduct and the guidelines towards society. In a world that is running over the internet, IT professionals have a lot of integrity at stake. A wrong decision can lead to stakeholders losing faith in them. The professionals are to understand the importance of professional integrity, competence in the field, professional ethics and responsibility, and their social responsibility.

Information technology has impacted humanity in so many ways, especially in times like these where a pandemic is at height, the IT industry is at the foundation of the economies. The students are learning from home, the entire world’s professionals are working from home and it was all possible due to the impacts of IT on the society. If a company is found to be offending, the IT integrities it winds up dead for the industry, including the offense of stealing data from its users.

The technology has also impacted communication in the current age and time. There are tonnes of apps for personal and professional communication building the base for any sort of thought exchange. 

Right Topic and the Steps for Selection

For the course of this assignment, students are foreseen to select the right topic for their presentation as well as the report. My Assignment Services can help you in both the assignments and create the perfect presentation and report for you. Here are 2 simple steps to select the right topic for your assignment.  

Step 1: Select an area of information technology you would like to explore:

It is important to select the topic you can survive during the entire assignment. You will have to do the right research and build a complete report on it. It is important to pick something you would be really interested into.

Some examples for the area of selection would be - 5G Technology, FinTech (Fanatical Technology), Social Networking (for E-learning, Social or E-Commerce), Cryptocurrency (or relevant industry/products), Smart Technology (e.g. Big Data, AI, etc.) and more.

Step 2: Based on your choice of are, collect articles, news, and blogs

It is crucial to understand the area you select inside out. There is a need for extensive research about its background, its origin, the development in the technology over time, the future scope of it, and the response of society towards it. You can utilize old magazines, articles on the web, and news publications for the same.  

research for assignment writing

Referencing is Non-negotiable

The assignment sheet clearly mentions that the students are supposed to strictly follow only the Harvard UTS referencing method. You should include a list of references and cite them in your report based on Harvard referencing only. Here is a reference link for your assistance.

Harvard UTS: https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/help/referencing/harvard-uts-referencing-guide

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