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Are you writing a psychology essay? Are you not able to think where shall you begin? Are you stuck on choosing psychology essay questions? Do you want some guidance for choosing the psychology essay questions? Do you want to know how to select the psychology essay questions?

Why Cannot I Choose any Topic that I like?

Okay, choosing a great topic is necessary because it allows you to differentiate your essay from the crowd. When you choose any topic that you fancy, the chances are that you will not be fulfilling the instructions set by the professor. Remember, the greatest of psychology essay questions are formulated when you follow the guidelines of your instructor. There are some lucky ones who are given the opportunity to choose a topic from the vast pool. There are some who are studying a specific programme and can choose a topic related to them only.

Keep Yourself Restrained to a Specific Area of Study

Good psychology essay topics concise themselves to a particular area of study instead of being general. This allows you to narrow down the topic and focus on it. But, don’t choose so narrow field that it becomes difficult to collect source and information on that. The best way is to follow a hierarchy while choosing psychology essay questions. You begin by choosing to write about a broad section of psychology. Then you go deeper and make the topic more precise. For example, you begin by choosing to write about social psychology. Then you concise the topic to “what effect do social gatherings have on introverts?” Some areas in which you can choose your psychology essay questions are –

  • Prejudice
  • Discrimination
  • Person perception
  • Persuasion
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Leadership
  • Attitude

Choosing your favourite topics is a lot easier nowadays when you can talk to a psychology assignment expert to help you. Also, this blog has just the thing for you. We rounded up our experts and asked all of them the best psychology essay questions they could come up with. The results are as follows –

Write about a Disorder or a Specific Type of Therapy

Psychology essays that are exploratory type investigating a psychological disorder is really good. Other than this, you can also choose to write about a specific treatment modality which is also good as psychology essay questions for writing a psychology essay. There are many psychological topics that revolve around the psychological disorders or a particular treatment modality. They can be –

  1. Are eating disorders caused by mothers?

  2. How can we identify a person suffering from depression?

  3. Should people suffering from phobias face their fears?

  4. Can binge eating be used as a reliable symptom of borderline personality disorder?

  5. Is winter blues an apt description of seasonal affective disorder?

  6. How effective is the treatment of a schizophrenic person through rehabilitation centres and support groups?

  7. Can cognitive behavioural therapy be replaced with an alternative?

The topics in human cognition are such that are available in a wide range of domains. These include –

  • Language
  • Thinking
  • Language
  • Dreams
  • False memories
  • Attention
  • Judgment
  • Intelligence

These are just a few to name out of the many domains in human cognition. The psychology essay questions are –

  1. Can dreams be a way of predicting the future?

  2. Why is it hard for people to concentrate on one thing for too long?

  3. How can false memories shape the present behaviour of a person?

  4. Should children listen to songs using strong words?

  5. Can we trust a person making a decision while angry?

  6. Is intelligence a way of showing higher thinking ability?

I wish such dreams actually tell the future.

Psychology Essay Questions that Challenge the Common Myths

The people believe in a lot of myths. They have significantly increased in number since we have all started using social media too much. The pages on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp messages misguide people in the name of psychology and psychological facts. You can bust some of them while choosing your psychology essay questions. They can be –

  1. Do girls really always fall for the “bad boys”?

  2. Is déjà vu something of significance to the medical studies?

  3. Not all mentally ill are violent and not all violent are mentally ill.

  4. Should lie detectors be used as a reliable source of evidence?

  5. Psychiatric conditions do not worsen during full moons

  6. Can we trust the inkblot test to judge a person’s personality?

Psychology Essay Questions that can be found in our Everyday Lives

Our everyday life is impacted with psychology in more ways than you think. There is human behaviour, the human mind, and humans in every single thing that we do in our entire day. They influence our decision, our choices, and our behaviour. The everyday life around us is a palace and gold mine of so many psychology essay questions that you will never have to worry about one again. Some of the best ones are –

  1. Can chocolate help us to avoid depression?

  2. Can I improve my self-esteem by improving our skills?

  3. How can music help us to cure sadness?

  4. Can optimism lead to a healthy and good life?

  5. Should one move a lot because it allows them to interact with many different people?

What do you think? Will she become better after chocolates?

Human development is an interesting field of study. You can focus your topic from the issues of early childhood and their role in the development of the children. The domains in this area are –

  • Bullying
  • Social learning
  • Childhood attachment
  • Gender Roles
  • Learning disabilities
  • Parenting styles

The psychology essay questions can be –

  1. Does bullying affect the confidence of a person for a lifetime?

  2. Should children see the violent images of war on media?

  3. Is hitting a child the best way to punish them?

  4. Does parenting style influence the way the children behave?

  5. How can we smoothen the environment for a person suffering with dementia?

This kind of bullying can be funny, eh?

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