14 Memes That Perfectly Describe Why Australia is Another Planet in Itself

November 17, 2017
Author : Amy

1. Welcome to Australia

Welcome to Australia

2. Because in Australia, it is always about survival of the fittest

This is Australia

3. Because Bear Grylls is overrated

bear grylls

4. Because it can get really HOT in Australia

driving in Australia

5. Errrrrr….. Really Wet Too

really wet too

6. Because ROAD TRIPS are Overrated!!!

ROAD TRIPS are overrated

7. Because their Racoons pay for their own Milk…………… Well, this one definitely did!!!

just needed some milk

8. Because Human Operas are Ancient History!!!

human operas are ancient history

9. Because who goes voting dressed like this????

voting in Australia

10. Because if you didn’t attend the art class you won’t be able to claim Insurance!!!!!

claim insurance

11. Because they are Friendly AF!

Relationship Status

12. Because, a festival is not a festival unless…..

aussie christmas tree

13. They really take their beer Seriously!!

beer in australia

14. Yup, they really take their Beer Seriously, Look at this Dude!!!

a true hero

Cheers Mate!!!!!

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