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Are your assignments good but not great?

Does your professor think this assignment is good but not exceptional?

Are you not able to find how to write a perfect briefing note?

First of all,know that the briefing noteis powerful when the leaders and other colleagues have to be reached. With a proper briefing note, you can influence their decisions, you can control their actions and intensify their understanding of an issue. When I say it like this, doesn’t it feel like that I am asking you to mind control,someone?


Know You Can Make Mistakes

There are a few mistakes that you can make.


We can understand that you might feel the need for addressing issues. If you have been asked to write about, let us say, gender then you have a plethora of issues that might need discussion.

But remember, the briefing outline is good as long as you control your emotions and stick to one issue at a time.


It happens often that the students read some online briefing note samples, develop an understanding that is most of the times wrong and write their assessment thinking they got hold of a good brief template.

Your briefing note should not contain too much information. Remember, you are just giving an overview of the issue, not writing a thesis on that.

Writing Effective Briefing Note – How to Start?

To write an effective briefing note for your assessment, you need to include the following pointers –

  • Always remember that the briefing note will have a focus and an aim that you need to address
  • Briefing notes, as the name suggests, are brief. You don’t have to write an entire book on the issue
  • Briefing notes are not written just like that. Read the question file carefully to identify what issue it is addressing and what strategic measures you need to take

You as A Writer

The key to writing effective and good briefing notelies in the fact that how good are you as a writer.

Do you find writing easy? No? You and I got a lot of work to do then.Understand the process with the help of a briefing paper example.

Are you able to easily organise your ideas in a structure? If not, learn how to write a briefing paper for policy by talking to our experts.

1. Don’t Yap

Writing SOAD9111 social policy assessments is not an easy task because the students cannot stop yapping in the first few lines. They try to build tension, create an air of mystery and try to excite the readers for an ultimate climax.

The only thing your professor is thinking while reading the assignment is

2. Look from The Reader’s Perspective

Think what your professor will think. Think what he/she will look for in the briefing note. If your briefing note is not mentioning something worthwhile, you have not done a really great job.

Conduct a thorough research and think differently from the league. Think what the readers already know about the issue at hand and what more do they need to know.

3. Stay Clear of Briefing Note Example Australia

Templates often limit you from the potential of the briefing note. Organise your ideas and prepare your own template to write the best briefing.

Like all general assignments, the briefing notes also have an introduction, body and a conclusion. The general outline that is followed is–

  1. Issue being addressed
  2. The implications of the issue

  • The background of the issue

  1. The next steps to be taken
  2. The current status of the issue
  3. The conclusion

  • The key considerations
  • Recommendations and/or strategies proposed

4. Collaborative Writing Is Welcome

Not in the way you are thinking. This means that you can ask others to give a hand with the briefing note. When you bring in extra hands, you also bring in extra minds.

The assessment becomes efficient and you enjoy the task more. The best way for this is to consult with your professor and look what they have to say in the matter.

5. Readability Is Supreme

The easier it is to understand what you have written, the happier the professor will be. Write naturally and in a flowing manner so that the reader feels comfortable while switching from one argument to other.

Use of headings let the reader know where you are discussing what argument. Also, the use of bullet points and lists help in keeping the briefing note simple and constrained to useful information.

6. Edit Less

This does not mean you don’t proofread. Edit less means that once your assessment is complete, don’t replace arguments with other ideas. Do not try to highlight some other issue as well under the light of the existing one.

Constant editing makes the briefing note lose the original purpose. Edit only when you have something more impactful in the content. For example, a new argument to capture the attention of the reader more powerfully.

7. Question Yourself

The growth is subject to criticism. When you have prepared the briefing note, think like a critic. Wonder what professor might ask and resolve the query yourself. Check if the briefing note is fulfilling the purpose or not.

1. Follow Formats

If you are briefing the Prime Minister, you won’t scribble some points and present to him, will you? There is a proper way of doing things and you should also work within the boundary.

Divide the briefing note into various sections and headers as per the generally accepted format. If you don’t have one, consult your professor before starting your work.

2. Use Timelines

It is good when you use the timeline of an event and explain the same in the briefing note. That maybea past timeline of the issue or the timeline of the upcoming suggestions and their implementation.

Tasks with time associated with them and a deliverable have a better probability of impact. The professor will be impressed when your recommendations will have “To be implemented within 5 weeks of report submission.”

3. It Is Better If You Can Measure Results

The measurement of results is often left out by the students in their briefing note. This is the node that the professor grabs for a question. If you are addressing this question in the briefing, then you have an added advantage over many.

Plans and means to measure and evaluate the results identified in the briefing note have a positive impact and shows that you took the stuff real seriously.

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