10 Uncanny University Courses that you can Pursue as a Profession!

October 27, 2017
Author : Amy

A quick search on the internet brings up numerous wonderful degrees that would make you stand out from the crowd and help you in starting your own little business. We have searched the Australian universities to dig out the best unusual degree courses that can help you make big in future just like an engineer or a lawyer.

01. Baking and Confectionery

Who knew that one could get enrolled in a course that trains the artisans to become experts in baking? If you wish to learn cooking and baking then this course is a blessing for you. The duration depends on different universities from three months to two years. Baking and Confectionery

02. Brewing

The art and practice of brewing goes back to the golden age. The emphasis in the diploma or graduate course of brewing is primarily on developing the knowledge of core concepts of malting and brewing industries. The beverage industry over and over hunts for students with this degree Brewing

03. Equine Science

Do you have a passion for horse? Then how about turning your love for horses into your career? The degree provides students with a successful career in animal health, breeding, training, welfare, teaching, business or research. The course makes you industry ready when you graduate. Equine Science

04. Yacht and Small Craft Design

The main aim of this course is to serve students with reliable tools and knowledge to apply various principles studied in pre- requisites to designs of small crafts and yacht. Through the advancement of design proposal on to the specifications of a small yacht, students are required to showcase their understanding of the subject. Yacht and Small Craft Design

05. Floral Art

Turn your love for flowers into an exciting career. There are many floristry schools that offer numerous floristry courses where students convert their passion to career. These schools will teach you to different flower arranging styles, basket designs, hand tied posies, etc. Floral Art

06. Theatre Practice

Theatre Practice is an actor training program that will evolve students into an autonomous actor who is able to interpret texts and perform new material. Selection into the course is based on the talent of the individual and so you do not need any prior education. Theatre Practice

07. Surf Science and Technology

Is surfing your passion? How about making it a professional career? The course won’t teach you surfing, but will definitely teach you the business, scientific and technological aspects of surfing industry. Surf Science and Technology

08. Hand Embroidery

The course of hand embroidery enables students to develop conceptual and technical skills related to the image making techniques. Through this course students will be able to learn the application of needlepoint, embroidery and other methods of stitching. Hand Embroidery

09. Ethical Hacking

If you are not much into computers, this hacking course will be a huge blow for you, but for people who are well familiar with the world of computer science, the course is an old hat. This course has a maximum of employee rate and will make every student employable. Ethical Hacking

10. Watch Making

The course is designed to teach students the skills of clock restoration and conservation in a structured format along with teaching the required skills. Watch Making
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