10 Challenges Faced by International Students in Australia

May 14, 2022
Author : Celina

Australia is a knowledge pool for international students. You might be one of them; if you are reading this, chances are you seek the issues that you might face as an international student. Moving to a whole different world to pursue your education can be overwhelming, and adding unforeseen challenges can make it more difficult.

The problems faced by international students in Australia can range from migration to placement challenges. If you successfully made it through the migration process, congratulations to you, but your challenges don't end there. The course of your education till the initial years of employment will be packed with such hurdles.

The Council for International Education in Australia reported the employment rate for international students is 41 %. Of these, 25% of international students reported working outside of their course or a job not relevant to their course, and 12% got employment in their field of study.

Read forth to get an idea of what to expect when you move to Australia, and this blog also contains a survival guide as an international student. Although the challenges you face might not be too intense, many of them may affect your academia. Your peers and professors can help you through all but preparing oneself isn't an overestimation. So let's get on with it, shall we?

challenges faced by international students in Australia

What Are the Challenges Faced By International Students In Australia?

Here are then common problems that you might face as an international student in Australia:

1. Migration

As long as your course is registered under CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students), you are eligible to apply for a student visa. A subclass 500 visa is valid for five years, whereas a subclass 407 is only valid for two years. Never forget to renew your visa, and remember you are not allowed to participate in full-time employment under a student visa.

2. Accommodation

Finding accommodation is the next step for settling in and trying to find accommodation near to the university you'll be studying in. University dormitories are the best solution for international students as it allows them to stay on campus and save on their daily travel expenses. But, students often don't get accommodated in the dorms easily as there are many criteria to be fulfilled, and there are more students on the waiting list than the number of available rooms.

Studying in Australia might cost you 20,000 to 40,000 AUD per year for a Bachelor’s degree and somewhere between 22,000 to 55,000 AUD per year for a Master’s or PhD degree. - University of Glasgow

3. Travel

Another major problem international students face in Australia is finding accommodation near the university as it is expensive and more than their budget. It is advisable to find a travelling route and get familiar with the city before the university commences. If you know the necessary information and are willing to explore, you won't get lost.

4. Settling into a New Education System

Setting into a new education system is one of the toughest parts of travelling to a new country for academia. Getting used to a very different educational environment from what you're used to can be challenging, and many students struggle with that. Be patient and keep learning; get help from friends, professors, or course seniors if you're facing academic challenges.

5. Language Barrier

Many students visit the country for exchange programs and face language barrier issues. Also, knowing a language and talking to a local are different. You can try an get familiar with the language through your friends from the same country of origin as you. Keep practising and talk to people even if your language knowledge is limited.

6. Socialising or Networking

When we get to this one, many will think, do people face such problems? Yes, of course, it is a major problem that cannot be ignored, and many students worldwide go through it. A new country may introduce you to different cultures, different frames of mind, different languages, and different cultural norms. Try joining clubs or study groups to ease into it.

7. Financial Issues

Lifestyle expenses, fees, academic material expenses, utility bills, living expenses, and more, students have to pay for these and keep their stomachs filled. Get a part-time job if you need one but heed the university regulations regarding working while pursuing your degree.

8. Social Prejudices

In university, you will meet many people, and most of them will be nice regardless of cultural and social differences. But there have been cases where students face social prejudices due to their financial situation or cultural background.

9. Culture Shock

Yupp, it is a thing; even in 2022, people can go through it. The social norms and cultural differences may take some time for students to settle. Be liberal and open yourself to new experiences. Be acceptable and respectful of people's choices even if you do not agree.

10. Placement/Employment Issues

Such a problem arises at the later stages of your graduation program; you might face issues getting placement. It is when your university networking comes in handy. You contact your peers or course seniors for employment opportunities.

Being an international student comes with a sense of adventure and many challenges and experiences. But that shouldn't stop you from facing all the challenges and making a place for yourself in a foreign land. You will have time to get settled and eventually indulge in your dream of pursuing a career in the field of your interest.

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How Do International Students Survive the Challenges Faced By International Students In Australia?

When you start your academic journey in Australia, several challenges come along your way but don’t fret, as here is your guide to survive as an international student. Just follow these tips:

Australia has 6/100 world’s top universities, as reported by Study Australia.

  • The first and the most important step is planning and managing your expenses. Draw a budget as you get familiar with the currency and price norms. Stick to the budget and make informed decisions when spending your money.
  • All international students must get an OSHC (Overseas Student Health Coverage) to get a visa. Your well being is in your hands when you live away from your family; getting health insurance might be useful for you; just make sure you get the suitable one.
  • University dorms are often the best choice for students. It helps you stay close to your university and save up the travel expenses if you get on the waiting list or get a chance to live with your peers, get accommodation that fits your budget, and be near the university.
  • Another step in managing your finances is to open a bank account. Several banks in Australia allow international students to open an account via online banking and transfer their funds even before moving.
  • Find the most convenient routes and travel means for your daily schedule. Do not be anxious about travelling on public transport as it might just be the safest and cost-friendly for you.
  • Never forget your primary goal of pursuing an education and focusing on your education as much as possible. Do not get wavered by distractions, lifestyle changes, and other problems faced by international students in Australia. Focus and study whenever possible.
  • Explore the city you are in and even beyond. Get familiar with the country you will call home for a few or many years.
  • Stay connected with your family and friends at home to beat homesickness. Keep them updated about your education and overall condition.

Follow these tips to get settled into the university vibe easily. It will take a while, but you will be fine. Just keep open to any challenges and focus on your final goal of achieving that degree from the university of your dreams.

how to survive in Australia as a student

Is Australia good for international students?

You will get various education options in Australia, with over 22,000 courses available across 1200 universities. You may enrol in primary, secondary or tertiary education, the options are many, and the additional availability of VET (vocational education and training) makes Australia more popular among international students.

In a survey conducted by the Department of Education International Student Survey, 2018, International students reported 90% satisfaction with their education and living experience in Australia.

A few other cons of studying in Australia are:

  1. Affordable fees
  2. High-quality education
  3. Internship opportunity
  4. Scholarship program.
  5. Part-time employment
  6. Easy immigration

Lastly, Australia is a country where students get to learn and grow according to their timelines. Quality education, affordable prices, rich culture, and quality living standards are available here. There are more advantages than challenges faced by international students. Students can expect a 15% annual increase in their income.

Hopefully, this helps beat your doubts and help you prepare for your future. Transforming a high school paper into a university-level assignment requires a lot of effort, especially for students who are in their university life. Need academic writing help from experienced writers? Fill out the enrolment form to get assignment help at pocket-friendly prices.

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