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A thesis or dissertation is an academically written paper submitted in support of candidacy for an academic degree or professional qualification which presents the research and findings of the author. The word "thesis" or a cognate is used in some contexts for part of a bachelor's or master's degree, while "dissertation" is usually applied to a doctorate, although in some cases the opposite is valid. Some times, the term “Graduate Thesis” could be used to denote both masters and doctoral thesis. The required format of the thesis and the quality can vary from country to country or even from university to university. Sometimes separate departments of the university may issue separate guidelines for the quality and formatting of the research. A thesis can also be used to address general essays that are assigned to students as assignments in undergraduate and graduate school.

Quick and Easy Steps to Develop a Thesis Online

Analyze your Primary Resources and Existing Literature

Check for suspense, ambiguity, uncertainty, controversy and/or complexity in an existing piece of literature. Is the writer, or is he, contradicting himself? Is one point argued and then reversed later? What are the author's argument's broader implications? Figuring out why one or more of these problems or similar questions should place you on the road to the creation of a thesis of study.

Brainstorming these points questions while researching through existing literature would not only help you find your topic but would also help you find the content as you skim through the literature.

Once You Get the Idea, Get on to Writing it Down

Has it ever happened with you that you stumbled upon a really good research idea and then forgot it? It is really frustrating and also results in wastage of a lot of time and energy. Thus, as you skim through existing literature and you find topics popping up in your head, write them down and make a bare-bones structure of the thesis right away. This would save you from trouble in the future for thesis writing help. You won’t get the final idea or the final structure for your these right away, but having a bare-bones structure penned down somewhere would guide you further through the process.

Make a Prominent Introduction

Traditionally, your thesis writing statement starts at the end of the introductory paragraph, which is a widely accepted position to begin your statement. Readers and academic scholars are usually accustomed to seeing the online thesis writing there, and once they get to read the last paragraph of your thesis statement, they begin to pay more attention as they know they start to anticipate the beginning of your thesis. Thus it can be considered as a reasonable rule of thumb.

Anticipating the Counter and Arguments

Once you have a bare-bones structure ready for your thesis, you may start to construct the primary and counter-arguments that you would address in your thesis. Anticipate any counter-arguments that can be based on your methodology, or analysis. Once you have analysed the potential counter-arguments, you may address them with appropriate explanations and data.

However, considering the potential counterarguments can be too facile. A political analyst, for example, may assume that Dukakis lost because he suffered from an impression of being "soft-on-crime". If you reinforce your thesis by anticipating the counterargument, as shown in the sentence below, you'll strengthen your argument. While the "soft-on-crime" reputation of Dukakis was damaging his chances in 1988, his inability to actively campaign after the Democratic National Convention carried more blame for his loss.

Structure of Your Thesis

Our experts that provide Thesis writing help claim that structuring a thesis is the most imperative part of writing a thesis. Structuring not only makes your thesis presentable, but it also increases the chance of being accepted by the publications and being published. Being a student, the structure of your thesis would also be a part of the grading criteria. Hence, to score HD grades our experts providing thesis writing services, always suggest to take care of formatting, styles and structure. Students find this very complicated and confusing, that is the reason, thousands of our students have trusted our thesis writing help.

Let’s Begin to Discuss the Structure of Your Phd Thesis Writing Help

Professional Thesis Writing


This section condenses the contents and findings of your dissertation or thesis. You will need to explain the set of problems that you aim to address in the research, your potential solution and expected results in a succinct manner. You will also present the methodologies of your study and the findings of your analysis. You can not compose a good introduction until you know what the paper's body tells you. You may choose to write the introductory section(s) after completing the rest of the paper, rather than before.

When writing the introduction, consider to include a hook at the beginning of the introduction. A hook is a statement or a question that can pique the curiosity of the reader and draw the reader's attention to the content of the paper. A hook could be a scientific challenge that your research aims to address or either statement about how the result of the research can benefit the academic or scientific community.

The preceding paragraphs in the introduction should cite or existing literature in the domain. It should also cite that literature that discussed your research concept first and should also describe the results of any such similar attempts. You should explain why existing literature is unsatisfactory and why more work is required on the subject.

What else belongs in the introductory section(s) of your paper?

  1. A well-drafted statement or an explanation of the purpose: Why did you choose the study, what motivates you to write the paper.
  2. Enough background context to enable the reader to comprehend the context and meaning of the question you are trying to address.
  3. Proper consideration of the previous work. Enough sources such that a reader can get a comprehensive understanding of the context and sense of the problem.
  4. The introductory paragraph will focus on the question(s) of the study. Any of the referenced work will be published specifically in context to the study objectives. This isn't a place, to sum up, everything you've ever read about a topic. This is a place to brief up.
  5. Explain the scope of the methodologies, your work or what would be included in the paper and whatnot would be included.
  6. A verbal "road map" or verbal "information table" which guides the reader to what lies ahead.

Main Body

It is self-explanatory that all the primary information would go here. You would need to explain the kind of methodologies you are leveraging for the research and all the arguments that you have framed would also be a part of the body itself. Additionally, this would also contain inline citations from credible sources in order to bolster the presented argument.

Discussion is also a part of the main body text. You’d need to discuss the advancements in the domain that existing literature has achieved. You’d need to discuss the probable trends that existing literature points towards.


Many of the results and points that you brought up in the main body end here. A conclusion should be succinct, descriptive and to the point. No new claims should be presented in the analysis and concrete responses should be provided to help the reader determine the degree of the research's performance.

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