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What is chemistry?

Chemistry is an imperative part of our day-to-day lives, and more we know about this subject, the more we will be interested in studying it. So, let's get into what chemistry concerns. Chemistry is defined in every book as the "study of matter and its properties". What we need to know is what matters, don't we? Well, matter is everything present around us and has a certain mass and volume, for instance, chair, table, water and air. Therefore, matter can be either a pure substance or a mixture.

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Now the question arises: what is matter in turn composed of? It is composed of a combination of atoms and molecules. Thus, chemistry basically deals with the interaction between these atoms and molecules via chemical bonds to give rise to new substances. Considering the complexity and the precision requirement that the subject holds, scholars looking for an assignment help Canada appreciates is not quite astonishing. That is why we offer the best quality chemistry assignment help Canada has ever witnessed.

Branches of Chemistry

Chemistry, as a bigger domain, comprises of 5 branches that follow:

  1. Analytical chemistry: it is that branch of chemistry in which various chemical components of the natural, as well as artificial matter, are identified, separated, and quantified.

The job of analytical chemists thus includes answering questions such as “how much caffeine is present in a cup of coffee?” and “is there any drug present in an athlete’s urine sample?”

  1. Biochemistry: this branch studies the chemical processes occurring inside the bodies of living organisms.

Biochemists are on the cutting edge of science and deal with questions such as “how cancer can be cured for once and for all?” and what are the limitations to stem cell transplants, if any?”

  1. Organic chemistry: it is the study and analysis of carbon and nitrogen compounds, including fuels and plastics, along with the chemical structures present inside our bodies.

Organic chemists primarily synthesize new chemicals for pharmaceutical companies and find new applicants for them.

  1. Inorganic chemistry: Fun fact, inorganic chemistry is basically everything that isn't organic chemistry. Inorganic chemistry isn't quite fun though. A majority of the students struggle in memorising the long reaction equations and compounds and end up seeking professional assignment help. My Assignment services with its chemistry assignment help Canada’s scholars trust the most can make your life easy!

  2. Physical chemistry: the branch of chemistry that relates the chemical composition and transformations of different substances to their physical properties. Food and nutrition chemists also use physical chemistry techniques to calculate the caloric content of various food items.

Why Is Chemistry Important?

Don't we wake up in the morning and start our day with a toothpaste? Well, toothpaste is a chemical compound that acts as a base to neutralise the effects of various kinds of acids. For instance, the maleic acid from an apple or the tannic acid from tea can attack our tooth enamel ensuing tooth decay, which is prevented from happening via the neutralising effect of toothpaste.

Ever wondered why onions make you cry? Chemistry has the answer. The cutting of onion bursts its cells, resulting in a chemical process and releasing the content of the cells into its immediate atmosphere. These contents make you tear up as you slice the onion.

Next, the most widely studied application of chemistry, the action of soaps and detergents, which act as emulsifiers to surround the dirt and thereby help in washing.

Soaps and detergents have a polar sulphate group (SO4 2-) at one end and a nonpolar long chain at another end. Due to their polarities, the SO4 2- binds with the polar water molecules and the long chains bind with the non-polar oil and dirt molecules ensuing in the formation of micelles, which in turn results in the removal of dirt and impurities from the clothes.

Chemistry Assignment Help Canada

Furthermore, chemistry has a vital role to play in medicine, as all the drugs are chemical compounds, whose chemical actions taking place inside the human bodies save millions of lives.

With its applications in different applied science disciplines, it becomes troublesome to interlink and think across different domains for scholars working part-time, along with attending their college classes. We understand that in your hectic schedules, you don't have the time and efforts that chemistry assignment demands, so we bring to you our chemistry assignment help Canada. Want to know why? Because of the guaranteed satisfaction that they receive after knocking at our doorsteps.

Our immensely qualified experts have answers to all your chemistry assignment questions. Below a question/answer assessment task, which was brought to us by a chemistry scholar seeking assignment help Canada, is attached for your reference. Have a look.

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The task requires applying the correct equations while writing the answers to the asked questions. If you also need the complete solution to the above task or any other chemistry task for that matter, just connect with our experts and receive superlative quality work in return, regardless of the topic of your assignment.

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