Remember when in high school you always wished you could not wait to graduate out of it and join a college. After all, college is where the fun begins right? Well, while college is fun and provides you with an opportunity to live your dreams and study the subject of your choice, it doesn’t come with its own repercussions. One of the hardest parts of being a college student is writing assignments like thesis, essays, dissertations and whatnot. My Assignment Services can relate to that struggle and has come to the rescue of the students in need of Academic Writing Services in Canada.

When writing assignments for scholarly and academic objectives, not only you would need to research and spend hours writing a tedious assignment, but you would also need to make sure that the written content aligns with the guidelines of academic objectives. Surely, when you imagined college in high school, you did not imagine yourself chasing deadlines after deadlines and sacrificing your social life for it, did you? Well, with our online assignment writing, you could just relax, sit back and give us all your workload. Our subject matter experts would take care of your assignments as they are all proficient at academic writing and subject matter. With decades of experience in academic writing and providing best academic writing services to students in Canada and across the globe.

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Want Academic Writing Services? Let’s Figure out What is Academic Writing First

Academic writing is straightforward, descriptive, structured, and a written piece that is backed up with facts. The aim is to assist the reader to comprehend your idea, argument or research by the means of your writing. It has a formal tone and style but is not nuanced and makes the use of lengthy sentences and academic lexicon.

Academic writing is nonfiction writing which is created as part of academic research. Writing the reports is often defined as scholarly writing about university studies, writing generated by university students, and writing in which researchers examine society or suggest new theories.

Every discipline of academic writing will have some written rules, terminology and forms of debate that you will become acquainted with during your degree. There are also some general academic writing services characteristics that are important in all disciplines.

Characteristics of Academic Paper Writing Services

Planned and Focused:

Make sure that your written piece addresses the questions and clearly presents an understandable picture of the subject.


Your academically written piece should coherent and should stitch together the different arguments and points discussed in your written piece.

academic writing services


It should show an understanding of the subject matter as well as include facts to support views and claims, which is correctly cited.

Common Academic Writing Editing Services in Canada

Writing post-secondary assignments have another reason than traditional writing assignments that you did in high school. In high school teachers typically concentrate on preparing students to compose in a number of styles and formats, including personal writing, expository writing, research papers, imaginative writing, and composing brief answers and test essays.

Your professors, however, now expect you to have the base already. Your composition courses will focus on writing for your own sake, helping you make the transition to writing academic writing editing services of a higher level. Writing tasks, however, have a particular function in most of the other classes.

Additionally, certain assignments teach you how to fulfil the writing standards in a given area. You may be asked to write a research paper, a case study, a literary review, a business plan or a personal interview record, depending on the class. For these types of written pieces, you'll need to know and follow the standard conventions like formatting style, content structure, Referencing style and accepted diction.

Assignment Type



Personal response paper

Expresses and discusses your point of view too, a controversial quotation, or a particular issue; can be very brief (sometimes one page or less) or more in-depth

For Courses like Nursing, Human resource management, students research the issues and current affairs in the field to write about their reflection or point of view on the topic.


objectively Restores the principal points of a longer passage in your own words.

Students could be asked to write a one-page review of an essay about an individual incident of suffering from short-term memory loss for a psychology course.

Persuasive Essay/

position paper

A persuasive Essay often solicits you to write an opinionated paper and defend your stance in a way that it persuades the reader. The topics are often controversial.

For a criminal justice or a Legislative Bachelor’s program, students can be solicited to state their position on capital punishment, and use research and existing literature to support their claims.

Problem-solution paper

Simply presents a question, discusses its causes and recommends and describes a solution.

A student will present a plan for implementing a crisis communication strategy for an emergency management course.


literary analysis/Critical Appraisal

Draws up a study on single or multiple studies chosen from the existing literature bank and builds the study with facts from the work and often from other sources.

A student may be given the assignment to analyze a short story by an author for a literature course, and maybe asked to present how it applies to the discipline he is pursuing.


literature review

Summarizes current research results on a given subject.

For a Computer Science course, a pupil examines the last 20 years of study about how Network Security and the Internet changed the world.

Case study or case analysis

Investigates a single individual, party, or occurrence in detail in order to draw a broader inference from the study.

A Student may write a case report, explaining the successful treatment of a patient with congestive heart failure, for a health science course.

Laboratory report

Presents a lab experiment, including the hypothesis, data collection methods, results and conclusions

For a neuro-psychiatry course, a group of students will present the results of an experiment in which they explored whether sleep deprivation in laboratory rats produced memory deficits or not.

Research journal

Records the ideas and conclusions of a student during a long term research project

For a capstone thesis, a student may present research on a neutron accelerator or other topics of particle physics over a semester-long project

Research paper

A student may be asked to present a thesis and support it with original work and/or the results of other researchers on the topic; It may take different formats of referencing styles depending on the subject matter

A student chooses a topic/thesis statement on possible methods and techniques for patient care for a Nursing course and does research work on current literature and then develops his or her own work instrument to assess the efficacy of these strategies.

Mentioned above are the common assignments that form a part of the curriculum of several students. Here, at my assignment services, we have subject matter experts to provide academic paper writing services he on every subject that is mentioned above. From dissertation writing to writing academic assignments like Thesis report or research statement, we can do it all. Call us now and avail the online assignment writing services in Canada.

The Correct Process for Custom Academic Writing Services Advised by our Experts

Our experts that provide academic writing services in Canada, have drafted the master techniques to help you with your academic assignments.

Research and outlining

Our schools are loaded with facilities like computers and the internet but they don't convert students into experienced web searchers immediately. Most still don't know what words to bring into scholarly work at Google, how to determine if the evidence collected is reliable, how to synthesize and introduce it in papers, or how to adequately follow up analysis by cite references.

Thus every student needs to spend significant hours to develop these researching skills as soon as they enter college. Seek help from professors, understand how to research well, get a laptop that could handle multiple tabs being simultaneously opened in the browser.


Regardless of the type of academic paper writing services, students need to know how to provide an argument and evidence, and how to formulate a position on the subject. In other terms, we must consider how to write the body of an article. You should invest time and learn how to build a text about the points you want to create in essays. Instead of only recording them, students will be solicited to explain, evaluate and outline claims. Thus, you should be able to carry out all these procedures on your own.

Proofreading and Editing

Most students neglect this final step that should be taken before submitting a review article. Revising the final draft, however, can help to properly arrange the document, eliminating minor but important mistakes, which may affect a score.

academic writing

You would need to test the overall composition, paragraphs and the sequence of ideas within/between them, sentences (word choices, arrangement, spelling and grammar errors), and documents when proofreading and editing a text. Here additional instruments and equipment will come in handy.

Recommended Resources:

  • Hemingway

Hemingway is an online and free tool to check grammar and generate a readability report. Otherwise, Grammarly is also free and a very powerful AI-driven tool to improve your writing.

  • Proofread Bots

There are proofread bots like Grammarly and Small SEO tools that would check your plagiarism as well as check your grammar and suggest you with an alternative to correct your mistakes.

  • Proofread Checklist

Universities issue a requirement paper stating the minimum requirements and maximum requirements from the assignment in terms of content, format, syntax and language. Make sure you go through it correctly and follow the given format and referencing styles.

You could Also Avail our Academic writing Services in Canada

Hope you found our article helpful. Though we have provided lots of resources to help you with academic writing, a professional like our subject-matter expert that provides academic writing services would write a better assignment as they are aware of all the nuances of academic writing. Our experts are all PhD scholars and have decades of experience in their respective fields such as essay writing help. Hence, when they write an assignment or you, the assignments score HD and shining grades.

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