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Fundamentally, Biotechnology is a branch of biology and engineering that applies concepts of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology to manipulate the cellular processes of living organisms to improve the quality of life. Biotechnology has helped find treatments for cancer, hearing disorders, nervous disorders and many other problems. Manipulating biological processes of other human beings is an age-old technique. Since the time immemorial, we have been leveraging the molecular processes of unicellular organisms like bacteria and yeasts to ferment our bread for us and turn our milk into cheeses and curds. But Biotechnology when applied in labs, could even help increase the harvest per square inch of agricultural land, or even generate lab-made meat for human consumption.

Applications of Biotechnology

Genetic Engineering: Ever heard the term of Hybrids Vegetables or Non-GMO products while grocery shopping? Well, these terms are all related to genetic engineering. Genes is a material that contains information about the structure and behaviour of an organism. For example, a mango seed grows into a mango tree and not a cucumber tree because of its genes. It decides the properties and characteristics of all living organisms. These genes are made up of amino acids chained together in a particular sequence. Every amino acid represents a type and manipulating the chain by altering the amino acid sequence would also change the characteristics and behaviour of the organism. For example, in the future, DNA would be altered in a way to give parents a choice about the properties that they would like to have in their children. A little change in the amino acid chain of the genetic material would cause drastic changes in the features and behaviours of the creature.

Gene Therapy

There are certain disorders that are genetic in nature, meaning that they affect those human beings that are genetically prone towards developing a disease due to genetic defect or nonfunctional genes. Gene therapy helps replace the nonfunctional or faulty gene with the correct one. Gene therapy is emerging and still in the evolutionary phases in the year 2020. For example, cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that affects those people that lack a particular gene that is responsible for the formation of chloride channels in the lungs. Scientists successfully completed the trial where the missing gene was delivered to the target cells via a circular copy of a DNA molecule called a plasmid.

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What is DNA technology?

Like gene therapy, DNA technology has found multiple applications in today’s world. If our bodies were a software program, then DNA would be the source code to build the program upon. DNA is a genetic material that contains information about one’s characteristics and traits. Modern Biotechnology experiments are centred towards analyzing, manipulating and cutting and pasting pieces of genetic material particularly DNA and manipulating its properties. To accomplish these tasks of DNA manipulation we have devised techniques of DNA gene sequencing. Let’s take the example of our cystic fibrosis therapy once again.

Researchers leveraged the gene that expressed the formation of chloride channels and placed it in the cells of people who lacked this gene to cure them. Nowadays DNA technology is playing a role in diagnosing coronavirus all over the globe. The PCR method or Polymerase chain reaction is something that is used to identify DNA or RNA of different species, even novel Coronaviruses are identified with this. The technology is primarily used in forensic and laboratory research.

DNA cloning

DNA cloning is the technology that leverages biochemical processes to make similar copies of DNA or a fragment of a DNA. In many cases, researchers shoot a target gene inside of a circular DNA molecule known as a plasmid. This plasmid can make multiple copies and replicate themselves in bacteria. However, in some cases, with genetic engineering, the gene also expresses itself in a bacteria, enabling it to make a protein called insulin to make medication for diabetics.

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

This reaction is put to use all over the glove to manipulate genetic materials and produce rapid copies of itself. For example, as a forensic application, one can derive DNA samples from the crime scene and with the help of PCR, make multiple copies of the DNA to compare it with the DNA of the suspects.

Gel electrophoresis

With this process, scientists can visualise the fragments of DNA and genetic material. For example, scientists can interpret the results of a Polymerase Chain Reaction test as they get to analyse the fragments of the DNA that this produces or replicates on a gel. The fragments are separated from and stained depending upon their size, thus every specimen has varying visibility.

All DNA elements carry the same amount of charge for the same amount of mass. Gel electrophoresis exploits this property of the to separate DNA molecules from each other.This technique helps us to see the different fragments of DNA present in the sample and also allow us to see their size in comparison to the standard DNA measure stick.

Ethical Questions raised by Biotechnology:

At the moment, the innovations in Biotechnology have revolutionised the medical industry. Did you know that Pencil, which is an antibiotic, is also made leveraging the techniques of biotechnology? Penicillin is a substance produced by mould, it is an antibiotic in vitro and both Vivo studies. The mould produces penicillin and we extract it from it with the techniques of biotechnology. Just like Penicillin, biotechnology has other evolutionary applications. But the application of the field doesn’t come without its own risks and ethical challenges as well.

It is essential to weigh the pros and cons of biotechnology and innovations in the field. Thus, the experimental products in biotechnology should be analyzed before they get released for use by the general population. Mechanisms like clinical trials and regulations can help regulate the safety of the products in the market. However, even after these widespread checks and security mechanisms, some products get out in the market only to come out as something with disastrous consequences. For example, a sleep medication, LSD, shortly got popular as a psychoactive drug. Morphine, which is accredited by FDA as a pain-relieving medication, got discontinued for use by the general public because of its ill effects and dependency.

  • Additionally, innovations in biotechnology have also facilitated capitalists systems like insurance companies to alter their policies for some people who are genetically more prone to diseases. Is it ethical that insurance companies can ask you to submit your genetic analysis reports and then charge you higher than other customers because your genetic sequence revealed that you were more susceptible to a particular disease?
  • Other applications may pose a threat to delicate ecological systems. For example, some crops can be genetically modified to produce a substance that could act as insecticides, thus eliminating the need for spraying external insecticides. Now, these genetically modified plants could potentially escape through pollination and pollinate the plants in the wild and eventually alter future generations of plants. This could cause a mass extinction of insects as the plants that would be able to grow their own insecticide would grow in population due to selective expression.

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