Javascript is one of the fastest-growing languages in the world today. One reason of its popularity is, that unlike other programming languages like C++ or Java, Javascript is pretty easy to learn and pick up as well as easy to implement on a bunch of applications like web development, Machine Learning and game development. But, Javascript assignments can be overwhelming as the resources to solve a particular assignment could be hard to gather. If you are looking for writing help for Javascript Assignment, then we can connect you to Javascript experts. Our Javascript experts are all Ph.D. holders in computer science and technology and can provide you with Javascript assignment help.

To solve an assignment you may have to spend horse perfecting the logic of the code, learning the bits and pieces of language, and skimming the bugs of your code with StackOverflow. But you could instead connect with our experts or read this article further to save your time. So lets get started with learning Javascript.

Sample Javascript Assignment Help Question Answer

Javascript Question

This question is asking to calculate the scalar distance between the two dates in the timeline. The most recent data could be chosen as the reference point and the date preceding the chosen data could be given a negative value. To solve this, we should keep one fact in mind. That Javascript Date Object essentially stores the timestamp values of any date since 1st January 1970 in Milliseconds. Thus the date object already stores values in milliseconds i.e Integers and Floats and can be easily operated by operators like subtraction or addition. Thus, Subtracting Date 1 with Date 2 would give us the amount of time left between the two dates in Milliseconds. Once that is done, we will have to convert the milliseconds into days, then hours and then seconds.

In the code below. You can see that the Variable BigDay stores the value of the event in future and the variable msPerDay is a constant that stores a constant value of a total number of milliseconds in a typical day.

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The variable time left then simply performs the subtraction between the two dates and typecasts the values into milliseconds and stores it within itself as a number.

The function "Math.floor", when applied to the e_DaysLeft value converts get, rids of the decimal from the integer and converts the value to the number of days.

When this function is applied to e_hrsleft it gives the number of hours that are left and similarly gives us the number of minutes.

Question Solution

Looking for Javascript Assignment Help? Here are the Key Concepts to Help

What is Javascript?

JS, short for Javascript is a dynamic language like Python and Kotlin which runs on Chromes V8 web Browsing engine. It was primarily built for web developers to code front end environments but due to its usability and code deployability, various backend frameworks like Nodejs and Denojs emerged to implement Javascript on the Backend as well. Javascript was first invented by Mozilla Foundation with an aim to create a beginner-friendly language for front end projects. The language is intuitive and uses an interpreter instead of a compiler. With experience, Javascript would also enable you two build 2D and 3D games along with database supported web applications.

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Object-Oriented Programming is the modern age programming paradigm that stands on the concepts of "Objects" that are instances of the user-defined data types known as classes. These objects can contain data as defined by the user or by the instances of the default classes. One major feature of the object is that it allows you to access and modify the fields of data.

Variables in Javascript

Fundamentally, variables can be understood as containers to store data or values. One starts by declaring a variable as the fundamental piece of code. Javascript being a dynamic language, the variable type is automatically selected by the interpreter at the time of compilation and thus the variables are defined by the keyword "var" or "let".

For example :

Var MyVariable = "Hellworld";


Note: Semi-colon at the ned has been inserted due to syntactical requirements of Javascript. Instead of Indentation separation like in Python, Javascript Interpreter separates commands on the bases of a Semi-Colon.

"Console.log" is the command to display the output on the console panel of the Google Chrome or a Javascript debugging terminal.

Operators in Javascript

Operators in Javascript are similar to mathematical symbols that we use in common maths like "+", "=", "*" and more. In the following table, you can see some of the operators along with examples.

Operators in Javascript

Source: Developer Mozilla

Note: Although Javascript is a dynamic language and pretty flexible with Datatypes, mixing data types while using operators can give pretty strange results in any language. For example, 35 is a number but 35 in quotes becomes an ASCII character value. Additions of an integer and an Ascii Character gives strange results.


Have you ever planned out something in your life and made scenarios where you think "Ifs" and "Buts" like "I would do this if that happened". Computer instructions also work that way. We call it IF ELSE statements. A conditional statement can be implemented via javascript to instruct the device to a certain kind of work when something or a condition meets true.

For example:

let iceCream = 'chocolate';

if(iceCream === 'chocolate') {

alert('Yay, I would definitely love to have an ice cream.');

} else {

alert('But, I thought chocolate was my favourite...');


Conventionally, the items that go inside the "If(....)" block is known as the text block. If the first comparison returns as "True" then the first if the condition will be executed and outputted at the runtime, otherwise, the interpreter would just go on to the next statement and execute it.

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