Biomedical science is a subject that is at par with professional doctoral studies, at least the subject taught is very similar. Except for actually handling the patients, students studying biomedical sciences are taught everything related to the human body and beyond. The scope is infinite for a student studying biomedical sciences and so is the burden.

The universities focus on bringing students at par with the international research scientists so they may have the best careers ahead. To do so, sometimes they burden the students with hefty home works. Students are often worried about finishing their assignments before the deadlines given the expanse of the subjects covered in this field. Each subject requires detailed reading and revision to be able to understand.

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Here are Some Sample Assignments of Biomedical Sciences:

Biomedical sciences Homework Help

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Here are some sample solutions to these questions:

Biomedical sciences Homework Help USA

Let us discuss some concepts about biomedical sciences which will help us answer these questions better!

What are Biomedical Sciences?

Biomedical sciences Homework

Biomedical sciences encompass all those biological sciences which aid in the treatment of ailments of the human body. It educates us about the various technicalities of the human body. While doctors study the treatment and histopathology of the diseases, biomedical scientists study the biochemical basis of the disease.

They research on the molecular level of the living things and device new innovative technologies and treatment strategies based on these studies.

Doctors treat the patients based on what has already been discovered, while a biomedical scientist discovers the molecular basis of pathogenesis and suggest cures for them.

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Which Subjects are Studied Under the Biomedical Sciences?

There can be as few as 24 subjects in biomedical sciences and the upper limit is difficult to estimate given the multiple branches of each of these subjects.

Some Interesting Subjects Are:

1.Molecular biology:The world is made of atoms and molecules and so is the human bedim but the mechanism of how the molecules interact to bring life into the world is studied under molecular biology. It involves the studies of how the deoxyribonucleic acid and the processes related to it like transcription, replication, translation, etc. are essential to support life. It also studies the molecular mechanisms of diseases and infections.

2.Cell biology:While atoms and molecules constitute everything in this world, the basic living unit made up of these atoms is known as a cell. The cell is the basic unit of life, but the mechanisms which keep a cell alive are not so basic. It involves various regulations, pathways, interaction with internal and outer factors, which support the life process. All these cellular mechanisms are studied under cell biology.

3.Human physiology:As easy as the name of this subject is; that complex this subject is! Human physiology is the study of the physical body of humans. The various bodily systems namely:

  • The nervous system

  • The skeletal system

  • The respiratory system

  • The circulatory system

  • The reproductive system

  • The excretory system

  • The integumentary system &

  • The digestive system is studied under human physiology.

4.Genetics:To ensure that the offspring of a human is human and the baby of a cat is a kitten, and not a puppy, the information carried from the parents to the offspring is very important. The organism develops based on what it inherits from its parents. This study of inheritance is known as genetics. Genes are the hereditary units of life, which carry all the information about the genotype and the phenotype of the child.

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5. Pathology:When a disease occurs, our ease goes! That is what makes it a “dis-ease”! How the disease is causing the discomfort, which part of the body is getting affected in what way; is studied under pathology.

What is the Scope of Students After Studying Biomedical Sciences?

Having such a wide knowledge about so many concepts important in carrying out life, biomedical science students has their heads high after becoming graduates in this subject. They can choose many great career fields such as:

  • Research:They can conduct research and become scientists.

  • Professors:They can teach at universities and colleges.

  • Genetic counseling career

  • Forensics department

  • Environmental scientist

  • Clinical research

  • Toxicologist

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