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Ever wonder how do we know that humans are closely related to gorillas? Well, ethology plays a crucial role in decoding the similarities between humans and our closely related ancestors. Ethology is a science that studies animal behavior under natural conditions. Many psychologists believe that ethology sometimes overlaps with psychology, which is a study that focuses on learning about human behavior. Many of them psychologists experimented on animals to learn more about their behavior.

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Ethology 101: An Overview!

Ethology is a field of study that focuses on learning about the behavior of animals under natural conditions. Ethologists view behavior as an evolutionary trait.

Ethology revolves around the principles of Charles Darwin. It also takes inspiration from various academic disciplines of science such as neuroanatomy, ecology, and evolutionary biology. Originally, it is a sub-branch of zoology.

Now, combining all of the concepts from different academic fields makes this subject complex. Students have to go through various topics and sub-topics that are closely related to the subject in one way or another.

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Charles Darwin was the first one who explored the expressions of emotions in animals. Later, with the dawn of the 21st century, many researchers re-examined the concepts and derived different and new conclusions. While reanalyzing, they kept in mind a variety of aspects of animal communications, emotions, culture, learning, and sexuality that backed the result scientifically.

Ethology is a growing field, and with the growth of this field, other scientific studies such as neuroethology have evolved.

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Tinbergen's four questions of ethology-

The subject has many theories, and Tinbergen's four questions are among one of those popular theories. Here are the four questions that ethology seeks answers-

Function (Adaptation)-

Q.1- How does the animal behavior affect the chances of its survival and reproduction?

Ans- As birds fly to the south during the winters for warmth and food. It is a behavior that animals adapt in order to survive. Their survival solely depends on the behavior that they adapt to. With better adaptation, the chances of survival increase as they can reproduce surviving offspring.


Q.2- What triggers the response?

Ans- Why do the birds fly to the south in the winter? The answer is to find food and warmth. The responsible factor here is the winter season.

Evolutionary history-

Q.3- How does the behavior compare with the behavior of similar species of animals?

Ans- It revolves around the possibility of how evolutionary history plays a crucial role in animal behavior. For example- not all of the species can be evolved simultaneously.

Development (Ontogeny)-

Q.4- How does the behavior change with age? What are the early experiences that are necessary for it?

Ans- Everything is inter-related to each other. For example, eating is necessary for having nutrients, and all these nutrients will eventually help in surviving as well as in reproduction. But the primary cause of eating is hunger, which is related to the causation. Since everyone is evolving, so it is safe to assume that eating and, hunger is also an evolutionary trait.

It is one of the concepts that our experts make sure to include in your ethology assignment help.

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