Doing Politics

The message of the president of the Party to the people of Australia

The Independent Party of Australia has made this manifesto with Australian values and we are committed to fulfilling our promises. Our manifesto is not a piece of paper but it is our commitment to the welfare of the people of Australia. 

We believe in the idea of freedom of speech and expression. We will ensure the security of our country We are committed to develop our country's economy and create jobs. We are also committed to creating an environment that is clean.

We will ensure that we will rectify the damage committed by the present government to our economy and policies.


Armed forces

The armed forces play an important role in protecting our country. Australia needs a new defense policy. The budget allocation for armed forces is declining and very less in the present government. To ensure that our armed forces are ready for any challenge the Independent Party of Australia will increase the budget of armed force expenditure to 2% of our GDP. We will spend the money on modernizing the armed forces and spend money on the latest technology to strengthen our Army, Navy, and Air Force. In 2019 Australia had become the largest importer of the weapon in the world. If we come into power we will decrease our dependency on Arms and ammunition on a foreign country. Along with the modernization of our armed forces, the social welfare of armed personnel is also our priority.

Border Protection

We promise that we will maintain a strong border to protect our country from illegal immigrants. Improve border protection to protect our country from smugglers. The Independent Party of Australia will ensure that temporary protection visas are abolished. Increasing the budget for coastal surveillance. Any claims made by people who are returned from the coast are determined by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA). Continue the use of offshore protection policy to protect our border from illegal immigrants and determine the refugee status fairly.


Terrorism is a threat to the national security of our country. In the last 15 years until 2019, 47 Muslim Australians have been involved in terrorist activities. Terrorism of any kind will not be tolerated under our regime. The Independent Party of Australia will take strong action against groups and people involved in terrorist activities.



Tax will be made simpler. Tax relief will be provided to workers. The tax rate will be reduced for small and medium businesses from 27% to 25%. Small businesses qualify for tax relief in Australia, it will be ensured that further relief will be provided to such businesses. This will ensure that small and medium businesses prosper which will make the economy better and create more employment for Australians. The Independent Party of Australia will address the issue of tax avoidance by multinationals by making strong Multinational Anti Avoidance Law.

Small business

Small businesses play an important role in our economy. It is the Independent Party of Australia’s target to provide tax relief to small businesses. At present asset write-off is available for assets up to $30000. We plan to increase it to $50000 for small businesses. At present Australia is ranked 14th for ease of doing business. Our target is to take Australia to the top 10 in ease of doing business by reducing administrative roadblocks. We also aim to provide easy credit to businesses so that small businesses will flourish. Export plays an important role in any economy. We will ensure that export from Australia to other countries will improve. We will do that by entering into agreements with African countries and developing countries.

Universal basic income

The Independent Party of Australia promises to introduce Universal Basic Income according to which every Australian will be provided a minimum amount of money which is necessary to meet basic demands. So this income is for those who are unemployed

Education & Employment

Increasing funding for schools

Schools play important role in developing a child's career. The Independent Party of Australia will increase funding for schools which would help in increasing teachers per student. Increased funding will also ensure better infrastructure for our schools.

University Education

College plays an important role like schools in student life. The Independent Party of Australia will increase the funding for college education to $20 billion. We would also encourage high school students to take college education as it helps one in getting jobs.

Creating Employment

The Independent Party of Australia would help to create more employment by imparting skill training or skill development to school and college dropouts. The skill training will be imparted by creating skill development centers.



The Independent Party of Australia will focus in improving the condition of hospitals in Australia. We will increase the funding for the hospital by $2 billion. Which will increase the number of health care workers in hospitals thus reducing the stress on Health care workers


International trade is crucial for the economic growth of any country. The Independent Party of Australia will enter into a free trade agreement with different countries. Countervailing duties will be imposed on countries that don't cooperate with us with free trade.


Technology plays an important role in development in any country. The Independent Party of Australia will make sure that we spend a large amount of money on research on medical, engineering and science and technology. In order to do so, we will increase our funding to research institutes and we will also open new research institutes in Australia to advance in the field of research and technology.


Revenue from tourism form an important component of the economy in Australia. Providing better infrastructure to tourist places. We will focus on developing transport facilities, resorts and entertainment facilities. Directly increase the spending on the development of tourism which will help in the creation of jobs and boost the economy of our country.


Transport infrastructure has an important role in the everyday life of common people. The Independent Party of Australia will introduce of High-Speed Railway or Bullet train in Australia is our target. It will help in reducing time travel between different cities thus saving time for the people. Improving and modernizing metro rail services in all the cities in Australia. Improving and widening of roads to decrease congestion on roads. Which will also help in reducing road accidents.


The drug menace is one of the greatest problems in Australia. Drug consumption affects education, health and jobs. The problem of drug abuse is prevalent among young people. We will make a strong law to prevent the trafficking of drugs. The Independent Party of Australia will also ensure that we crackdown on established international and national drug trade. Our target is to punish traffickers and not the people who consume drugs. Thus we will reduce punishment for people who have possession of less amount of drugs. People who are found with drugs will have to compulsorily spend time in rehabilitation centers, thus helping the youth of the country to get out of the habit of consumption of drugs, which will help in reviving the health, education and jobs of addicted people.

Support for farmers

Farmers play an important role in a country. If we don't produce enough agricultural products then we need to import those products from a foreign country, which would affect our economy and foreign exchange. Thus it is necessary to support farmers. It is necessary to support farmers during drought and flood. It can be done by providing insurance to farmers. Independent Party of Australia will provide farmers concessional loans to take up agricultural activities. Invest money in research and Development to improve productivity from farms.

Environment protection

Australia’s emissions from fossil fuels and industry have been on the rise since 2014. Australia is facing a declining environment and biodiversity. The Independent Party of Australia will introduce an independent agency like the US Environmental Protection Agency. It would conduct environmental assessment, research and education. This will help in the improvement of the Environment and the health of our people.

Lowering power prices.

The price of electricity in Australia is $0.33 per kWh. Whereas the world average price is 0.20 per kWh. It is our target to reduce the price of electricity and bring it down to the world average. Along with this, the Independent Party of Australia will also ensure that we impose strong penalties on power companies for overcharging any customer. We will ban high late payment fees charged by power companies.

Renewable Energy

In Australia, only 6% of energy is derived from renewable sources. Production of electricity from conventional sources like Thermal power Plants causes pollution. A conventional source of energy will exhaust and thus not viable. It is necessary to encourage the setting up of electricity production units based on renewable energy which is a cleaner source of energy. This will reduce greenhouse gases and the Independent Party of Australia will achieve zero greenhouse gas pollution by 2050. We will encourage the setting up of hydroelectricity plants, solar parks, wind parks and geothermal power plants. It will be done by providing land to these projects and by giving faster clearance from various departments.

Nuclear Energy

The introduction of nuclear energy is our target. It emits a low level of pollution compared to the energy that is produced from coal. It also requires less land compared to other power plants. Australia has large reserves of uranium thus it will be easy for us to generate electricity using nuclear energy. The Independent Party of Australia will ensure a high level of safety while operating nuclear power plants.

National Broadband Network

The Independent Party of Australia will ensure that National Broadband Network is made available to people who don't have access to it at present. Upgrade the National Broadband Network by increasing the speed of the internet. National Broadband Network will also be made accessible to everyone by making it affordable by slashing the charges levied for the broadband service.

Aged Care System

The Australians who have built Australia need our support. For that, we need to fix the broken aged care system. Increase budget for old age homes, increase the number of old age homes, improve the quality of old age homes. The Independent Party of Australia will hire the Minimum staff required for old age homes and we will also ensure that staff at old age homes are trained properly to take care of people at old aged homes.

Protecting Koala

Koala has faced habitat destruction, road accidents and bush fires that have reduced their numbers. We will list koala as a critically endangered species. The federal government in 2017 had given the approval to destroy the habitat of Koala. We will introduce stricter laws and penalties to companies and people that destroy koala's habitat as it would actually lead to the death of a koala.

Part B

I have decided to work on making a manifesto for the subject of Political Communication. I have made this decision because I have always been more inclined towards reading on political issues. My interest in political issues comes from a very young age. Through this project, I have got an opportunity to engage myself in my interest in the democratic process of election. I have always made it a point to read the campaigns carried out by different political parties. Similarly I also read on achievements made by the government which forms part of election campaign. I have also got an opportunity to study the manifestos of the government and political parties of other countries to make my assignment on this topic. I have always been interested in election campaign of different political parties as through these campaigns the political parties try to influence people to vote for them. I have decided to choose this topic as the materials are easily available on this topic and this topic would enable me to read literature on topics that I am interested in. Considering that voting in Australia is compulsory, election campaign or manifesto gives information to everyone on political issues.

I have learned about advertising in our module which helps in winning an election. It can be seen that if the election campaign is carried properly a party can win the election easily. Thus I have made a manifesto which is nothing but an advertisement of things that the party promises to do.

Information is collected through internet sources such as websites of political parties, news articles, government websites, online journals and ebooks. Information is also collected from websites of the ruling party and opposition party to understand the burning issues that the country is facing. The idea to make the manifesto was also taken from the manifesto of the political parties around the world that can be accessed online. The information is collected from both the primary source and secondary source. Even though ideas are taken from different sources on the internet those ideas are presented in my own way. Thus the work carried out here is my original work.

As the entire project is made on the basis of research thus research skill is the most important skill used in making this manifesto. Along with it I have made arguments to support my manifesto. Analytical skill is also used to write the manifesto.

I have successfully made a manifesto for a political party using different facts. The manifesto is created after extensive research. The manifesto covers many issues to attract a different group of people. Thus I believe that on a scale of 1 to 10, I can give myself a score of 7.

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