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The Global Security Concentration exposes International Relations Online students to the causes and complexities of peace and security in order to prepare them for positions in conflict prevention, conflict management and conflict resolution. Students will discuss topics such as the grand strategy, coalition building, security preparation, civil-military ties and the end of the war, as well as conflict interventions that reduce aggression and avoid escalation. Writing assignments can be troublesome if you don't have adequate knowledge about the current policies and measures taken for global security. If you are facing the same issues, then avoid risking your grades and hire professional writers with our global security assignment help.

Global Security Assignment Help

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Overview - Global Security With Our Global Security Assignment Help

As per Griffith University, Global Security course encompasses the following:

This topic relates to global security in the contemporary age, seeking to do so in a way that encourages critical thinking abilities and your ability to recognize, implement and analyze competing theoretical perspectives. The course is divided into three sections:

The first one focuses on how the key concepts of international affairs conceptualize security through changing contexts. This includes rational, liberal, positive, historical structural and social psychological approaches.

The second section offers historical insight into the sources of global security and security, traces the change in understanding economic power and crisis, the global balance of power, sovereignty, and the potential for pragmatic, populist leadership.

The third part, which runs for the remainder of the quarter, the Global Financial Crisis, shifting the construction of the War on Terror, positions these historical patterns in recent settings, increasing populism of recent years and highlighting the changing perceptions of sovereignty and human security in debates on duty to protect (R2P). In addition, current global security issues may be interwoven with weekly content.

Prerequisites: NIL Co-requisites: NIL Incompatible: 2020IBA Global Protection

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What Do Students Learn?

After enrolling and completing the global security course, the students grasp full knowledge and learn the following:

  • Understand key theories, paradigms, principles and debates on the dynamics of disputes and causes at the intrastate, regional, in-between states and universal levels of study.
  • The course will enhance your knowledge about the crucial security challenges affecting our continuously evolving socio-political conditions at the local, national and global level. These conditions vary from cyber, terrorism, migration, insurgency, hybrid warfare, cyber welfare, climate change and disease.
  • Consider and evaluate the extent to which state policy is the product of rational choice versus prejudice arising from bureaucratic, psychological, partisan and/or ideological pressures.
  • Examine how various understandings of peace and security shape policy decisions and ways of thinking about conflict trends.
  • Interpret and analyze the causes of conflict, aggression and war in order to establish strategies, initiatives and forums to avoid, handle or resolve violent conflicts.
  • Define the range of conflict-prevention activities and their place in the spectrum of conflict.
  • Students will be able to combine different subject matter with this course, which includes, history, politics, geography, sociology, war studies, eastern and central European studies, computing, law, education and business.
  • Discuss the complications of modern security and protection threats by obtaining the conceptual knowledge and strategy devices required for professional evaluation and results-oriented measures and activities.

Importance of Global Security In The Contemporary Time

Protection is an important human concern which includes different categories and types.

National security, nuclear security, economic security, energy security, political security, electronic security and civil rights are all exiles of this.

People are aware that everyone should be concerned about the global protection of our shared biosphere and environment. Global protection includes everything mentioned above, but most crucially, it relies on our ecological safety. It also calls for the creation of basic civil liberties and human rights.

Achieving global security will involve a dynamic, interconnected network of human beings and their activities in a rapidly evolving world. The emphasis must be on global climate change and human population development, which are emerging rapidly as the two most significant challenges.

The threat of nuclear weapons is still with us, but its relative value may decline as our biosphere continues to be eroded by global climate change and human population development. We will need to reflect on the many sources of pollution that contribute to the instability of ecosystems and the extinction of species. Wars contribute greatly to environmental destruction and social instability.

Wars are a form of negligence that we can't afford anymore. It is necessary to disassemble nuclear bombs and avoid wars. Military disciplines must be regulated by international powers, preventing expenditure on large quantities of military cash. Outdated and obsolete are these uses of our resources. We've got to face and overcome more critical obstacles.

Global terrorism is another threat to global security. Terrorism, partly induced by inept leadership and corruption, it may be a result of overpopulation, insufficient availability of resources, and subsequent poverty and personal discontent. Terrorists also thrive where situation cause the young generation to surpass the older, more stable members of society, and where resources are limited. It can be a transnational operation without borders. This is one of the reasons why terrorism is so prevalent in this twenty-first century and the reason of its uprising.

Urgent Matters To Focus On

Environmental/ecological protection can be increased by using scientific skills and experimentation to control and mould public policy. This is a matter of urgency because of the increasing and fluctuating world climate change. Recent severe weather variability, draught flooding and high temperatures all mean that the disaster mitigation cycle may have already expired.

The economic provisions and unstable pueblo health need to be taken care of. Reduced energy use, combined with improved energy usage and the creation of renewable energy sources, and would help to ease the imbalance.

Effective democratic governments need to be formed gradually, not through force, but on a voluntary basis. The severity of the issues becomes evident when considering the original and fundamental issues of overpopulation. International assistance and collaboration would prove necessary if we are to escape the obvious implications of overpopulation.

Three types of securities

The increased participation of the United Nations and other foreign organizations would be very beneficial. We have to invest time, resources and energy into these endeavours, or safety could never be attained.

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Major FAQ'S

What Are The Reasons For War?

What are the elements and circumstances that describe the pattern of tranquillity and conflict in the universal environment of economic, social and political factors vying for advantage, authority and control? In reference to this, the course presents main principles, paradigms and seminal discussions from broad-based security studies. By combining theory and practise, students may contextualize and analyze techniques used by actors to foster their goals, as well as the basic structural and configuration force that form the decision-making of these actors.

Importance Of Security Within The State

How do politics, institutions, and policy structures within states build the environment for peace and dispute? To what degree does the authority sort, the attitudes of officials, and former experience have an impact on the national security priorities of the global system?

Learning global security will help the scholars to answer these questions by learning and implementing the main idea of domestic policy, security studies and foreign policy. This implies that this field uses features from within a state as to understand the security and protection relations between states and the way they are used to detect, prevent and solve those disputes.

Briefly Describe Conflict Andassessment Of Global Security

Some view global disputes and emergencies as critical events, the result of it is determined by corresponding geopolitical frameworks. Conversely, the socioeconomic and other effects of such disputes have begun giving rise to conflict-reduction concepts and activities. Experts also developed methods for determining their probability, causes and dynamics in order to help avoid conflicts. The course discusses approaches and threats to avoid the emergence of military confrontation.

What Are The Career Opportunities In Global Security For Students?

Learning Global Security prepares scholars to use their developed skills – including science, communication, evaluation, and quantitative research – to think tanks, non-profits, confabulating companies, foreign organizations, and government organization. Capable job options include roles as researchers, supervisors, teachers, consultant, project managers, and others.

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Scholars can work after studying global security in the following fields:

  • Settlement of disputes
  • Foreign policy;
  • Defense and intelligence;
  • Energy sustainability and environmental sustainability
  • Education and research;

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