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Continuous changes are normal in the majority of processes, so modelling a huge complicated process can be a daunting task. Therefore, discrete event Arena simulation modelling is the process of depicting the actual behaviour of a complicated system as a series of well-defined and ordered circumstances. It operates well in virtually any procedure where there is variability, constrained or limited resources, or complicated system interactions. 


Area is an easy to function, powerful simulation and modelling software tool that allows the user to construct a simulation model and run experiments on the model. Furthermore, the software operates numerous reports as an outcome of a simulation run. Moreover, educating new users and conducting in-depth research with Arena simulation software is invaluable to us. However, this is one reason why we will continue to offer Arena software to academic degree programs. We take our end user licence agreement (EULA) very seriously and expect our students to abide by the well-developed academic use of the software for strictly educational and research objectives. Nevertheless, this document is meant to deliver valuable information and guidelines for using Arena simulation software academic licensing.

What is Arena Simulation?

Arena is a simulation software product that delivers an integrated structure for building simulation models in a wide variety of applications. Therefore, the functions needed for simulation include:

  1. Modelling
  2. Animation
  3. Model verification
  4. Analysis of inputs and outputs data
  5. Results of analysis

Arena can be utilised to model any system within the service or manufacturing industries. These are some of the best examples include:

  1. Logistics operations, such as warehousing and transportation
  2. Banks and ATMs
  3. Vehicle planning and scheduling
  4. Supply chain
  5. Business process (e.g. insurance office, call centre)

What are Arena Simulation Software’s Academic Offerings? 

One of the many reasons why Arena simulation software is the choice of so many universities and colleges worldwide is that it offers choices to meet the needs of all academia. 

  1. The Arena Scholar version delivers the functionality of Arena Professional Edition, with only a limit to the size of the models that can be built. 
  2. The Arena Research Package is created for teachers, professors and graduate academic students who are performing independent or graduate-level academic research.
  3. The Arena Academic Laboratory package is for teachers whose teaching materials and examples need more than the Arena Student version. In a similar way, universities and academic institutions can license based on Arena Professional Edition, plus OptQuest for optimisation. 

What are the Essential Features of Arena Simulation?

Discrete circumstances simulation allows you to easily and quickly analyse a procedure or system’s behaviour over time, ask yourself “why” or “What if” questions and queries, and design or change processes or systems without any financial implications. Therefore, Arena Discrete Event Simulation software features are mentioned below: 

  1. Flowchart modelling methodology involves a huge and wider library of predefined building blocks to model your process without the need or requirement for custom programming. 
  2. Entire range of statistical distribution choices to appropriately model process variability. 
  3. It has the ability to explain object paths and routes for simulation.
  4. It promotes statistical study and report generation.
  5. It is high in performance metrics and dashboards.
  6. It has realistic 2D and 3D animation capabilities to visualise results beyond numbers. 

What is Arena Simulation used for?

Arena simulation allows the analysis of the current system, which helps with capital investment informed decisions and improves decision making with the minimal cost. Therefore, it allows you to specify system constraints and disadvantages and the vital reasons behind particular system conditions. 

What are the Minimum Requirements for Arena?

An Intel Core i7-9700 CPU is required at a minimum to run Arena Breakout: Infinite. On the other hand, an Intel Core i7-10700KF is recommended for running it. In terms of the actual game file size, you will require at least 100 GB of free disk space. The minimum memory requirement for Arena Breakout: Infinite is 16 GB of RAM installed on your PC. Additionally, the game developers recommend somewhere around 32 GB of RAM in your system. The affordable graphics card you can play it on is an AMD Radeon RX 5600. Furthermore, an AMD Radeon RX 6800 is recommended in order to run Arena Breakout: Infinite with the highest settings.

  1. Memory: 8 GB
  2. Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  3. CPU: Intel Core i5-4590
  4. File Size: 2 GB
  5. OS: 7

Practical Application of Arena Simulation in Academic Use

With Arena simulation software training, scholars are introduced to the disciples of simulation and will improve their problem-solving skills by conducting effective simulation modelling, study, and research engineering assignments and projects. Furthermore, simulation concepts are understood quickly and easily through a simple flowchart modelling approach.

This package includes concurrent network licensing, allowing licence management via a server. Network licensing allows you to set permits and control licence distribution on your software network. In addition, it permits lab administrators to copy the software and distribute it to scholars for installation on their personal machines. However, this provides students the ability to utilise a current version in labs that may not overlap with the Simulation with Arena textbook edition. These unlicensed versions can be operated for academic, non-commercial intentions only.

Instructors who understand the Simulation with Arena textbook as needed course material are eligible for valuable benefits, including:

  1. Course materials, including PowerPoint presentations that correspond with textbook chapters
  2. Examples and exercise models with solutions
  3. Eligibility for students to download Arena from the McGraw-Hill website at no 
  4. Charge with the purchase of the textbook

How Much Does Arena Simulation Software Cost? 

Arena Simulation software is offered across three pricing plans that are outlined below. A discount is provided for annual commitments. 


Available for free Professional: $99 per month and $79 per month billed annually 


$249 per month, $199 per month billed Yearly. Enterprise: Contact Arena for pricing details.

Starting Price

$349.00 per month

Free trial: Available

Free version: Available

How to Install Arena Simulation Software?

Here are some of the vital steps to follow while installing Arena Simulation software. Let’s check them out one by one. 

Step 1:Extract the

Step 2:Open the extracted folders right, and click on the setup.exe to select Properties.

Step 3: In the section of Properties window, select the Compatibility tab and press Windows 7 from the dropdown menu.

Step 4:Now run the setup.exe

Step 5:Now continue through Next.

Step 6:Accept the licence agreement and click Next.

Step 7:Type in STUDENT for the serial number and click Next.

Step 8:Select the Custom setup type and click Next.

Step 9:Click Next and Install.

Step 10:Once the installation is complete, select Finish.

What is the Difference Between Arena and Simio?

Here are the key differences between Arena and Simio that you must know:

1. Arena

The feature users like the most about Arena PLM is the software that memorises what they searched for so that users do not need to re-enter the part number again. It is an excellent feature. Furthermore, it is easy to use, very user-friendly, can do all kinds of changes, and document all of it. Therefore, it is designed for businesses of all sizes in manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, mining, and other industries. It is a simulation tool that provides agent-based modelling, reporting, and more.

2. Simio

The software has a great functionality and is easy to apply and model. However, this software is perfect for simulations. We can use a free version of instructions and tools that are easier to use. Simulation and scheduling solutions are designed to help businesses assess, predict, and manage processes through designing, planning optimisation, and other tools.

Some of the Similar Tools like Arena Simulation you must know

Here are some valuable similar tools like Arena Simulation that you can use when you need any software that enhances your engineering assignment work effectively.

1. OrCAD X

Key Features:

  1. It is a unified PCB design software platform
  2. It offers significant improvements to ease of use
  3. The product suite includes applications for schematic
  4. A schematic design solution for electrical circuit creation


$1,280 for a yearly lease

2. Innoslate

Key Features:

  1. Model-based systems engineering solution
  2. Help your team reduce time to market, cost, and risk
  3. This on-premise or cloud application 
  4. An intuitive graphical user interface



3. FactoryTalk Twin Studio

Key Features:

  1. You can design seamlessly from concept to virtual commissioning
  2. The software allows you to bring together your teams
  3. Improve your designs
  4. Easier and quicker than ever to design, collaborate, and refine 



4. Ansys Motor-CAD

Key Features:

  1. Dedicated tool for electric machine design
  2. Allows you to quickly simulate multiphysics
  3. Create designs that are optimised for size, efficiency, and performance
  4. It allows multiphysics calculations to be performed quickly


US $11,978.74/ month

5. Ansys VR EXPERIENCE Driving Simulator

Key Features:

  1. You will find a modular, open-source virtual driving simulator
  2. It allows you to test against a variety of objectives
  3. Create a virtual driving environment for testing performance
  4. Conduct thorough safety assessments




Key Features:

  1. Connects fleet assets
  2. It accurately represents any mine site haulage operations
  3. It reflects all aspects of a mine site
  4. Real data can be used to make decisions



7. PowerFLOW

Key Features:

  1. It allows simulations to be accurate
  2. PowerFLOW suite allows engineers to evaluate product performance
  3. This is when budgets and design impact are most important.
  4. It imports complex model geometry and performs accurate and efficient aerodynamic



8. ProModel Optimisation Suite

Key Features:

  1. ProModel is a discrete event simulation technology
  2. It improves existing manufacturing, logistics, and other operational systemss
  3. Create a dynamic, animated computer model
  4. Accurately model real-world processes


Starting Price $10. $10 - $20/month 

9. SIMulation Workbench

Key Features:

  1. Hardware-in-the-loop simulation can be trusted and cost-effective
  2. It is ideal for testing complex equipment
  3. The test environment is largely replaced
  4. This allows for more reproducible, systematic, and faster tests


Standard $50.525 

User Pack $247.25

10. AVEVA PRO/II Simulation

Key Features:

  1. Simulation is a steady state 
  2. Optimises plant performance through process design
  3. It is best for operational analysis, and engineering studies
  4. Cost-effective operation



11. Simcenter Femap

Key Features:

  1. It is an advanced simulation program
  2. It allows you to create, edit, and inspect finite element models
  3. Simcenter Femap allows you to create complex models of components
  4. A powerful, data-driven and graphically driven 



12. Cosmo Tech

Key Features:

  1. It offers a 360-degree Simulation Digital Twin platform
  2. Solves complex industrial problems 
  3. It leads enterprise decision-making
  4. This ensures a resilient, sustainable and secure future



13. ProcessModel

Key Features:

  1. Virtually test drive your business processes.
  2. Process simulation permits you to take processes for a spin and recognise potential roadblocks.
  3. Increase efficiency, and reduce waste
  4. Help organisations with process improvement


$1,656 / Year 

Compare Arena Simulation Software Limited Edition

Not sure which is the right choice for you? Let’s look into the compare editions in the chart:

What are the Pros and Cons of Arena Simulation?

Here are some of the imperative benefits and limitations of Arena Simulation that you find through the image mentioned below. Check them out. 

It's Time To Wrap Things Up! 

Well! We understand that working on this kind of software might be a challenging task, but at the same time, it is rewarding. Therefore, if you have any concerns related to this kind of software, do not hesitate to reach out to us for engineering assignment assistance. My Assignment Services has the best team of exceptional academic mentors who are willing to guide you with your concerns and queries. Furthermore, not only this kind of software, we have also started 100+ tools in a 100-day series where you can find numerous tools that will help you get your desired high distinction grades without stressing. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to enrol with us to get top-notch assistance. To get more precise knowledge of further tools, keep following us for new updates and blogs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the simulation language in the Arena?

Ans: Arena is a commercial software program that facilitates the growth and execution of computer simulation models. It provides access to an underlying simulation language called SIMAN through an atmosphere that allows the building of models using a drag flow chart methodology. 

Why use arena simulation?

Ans: Arena allows the study of the current system, which helps with capital investment decisions and enhances decision-making with very minimal cost. Therefore, it allows you to specify system limitations and constraints and the vital reasons behind particular system conditions.

Is Arena a good software?

Ans: Arena is one of the most popular and oldest simulation modelling software. It is fast and appropriate. Thus, it is still one of the best options for modelling procedure based systems.

What is the Arena database?

Ans: Arena data DB (ADB) is a distributed analytical data storage built on open-source massively parallel Greenplum DBMS and created to store and process huge numbers of data volumes (up to tens of petabytes).

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