Wave Optics is a branch of physics that deals with the study of rays of lights and other forms of energy that propagate via wave. Students studying Physics and advanced Physics are required to submit assignments on Wave Optics during some point of their course. Well, scientists have spent years and years studying wave optics, and phenomena like the dual nature of light constructive/deconstructive interference. But owing to the nuanced nature of the subject, academicians have still not been able to clearly understand the subject entirely.

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What is Wave Optics?

As discussed earlier, it is a branch of quantum physics and optics that deals with the known phenomena like diffraction, interference and polarization of waves like a ray of light. The famous experiments of the branch are Young’s double-slit experiments, interference pattern modelling, constructive and deconstructive wave observations and dual nature of light.

The wave-particle duality

From a conventional angle, a particle could be understood as the concentration of quantum and physical properties like mass, charge, magnetism and gravitational pull. However, a wave can be understood as the spread of energy and only quantum properties over a relatively larger region in space and time. The matter is confined by the physical laws, while waves have their limitations. However, the question of whether a ray of light could be understood as a particle or wave has bewildered scientists from across the globe for a long period of time. Only after Albert Einstein provided substantiated proof that light exists in both the quantum and physical world in the form of both matter and waves, scientists could justify the behaviour of light.

On one aspect, light behaves like a particle, as photons, the unit of light, can transfer momentum when they hit a particle. At the same, time these photons can exhibit properties like constructive and destructive interference that advocates the wave nature of the Photons. Thomas Young was the inventor that found the wave nature of light and substantiated it with experiments to present interference of light. After that, it was Augustin Jean who proved that light could also be considered as a transverse wave.

Huygens’ Wave Theory of Light:

Huygens is a prominent figure in the world of wave optics, he introduced a theory in wave optics that revolutionised the understanding of light as a wave. He proposed that emergence of secondary wavelets could be considered from every point of contact of the wavefront. These secondary wavelets can distribute and spread in all directions while maintaining the same speed as of the speed of the primary wave. In simplified terms, it could be considered that a series of circular waves emit from the edge of the primary wave. Wave-front is the surface where the disturbances in the wave are in phase and tangential to the secondary circular waves.

Even though these theories and answers could be derived from Maxwell’s hypothesis and his equation as well, the principle that Huygen’s developed better explains suits the calculations for the waves.

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Wave Optics Assignment Help

Key Take-Aways of Huygens Principle:

  • Every individual point on the primary wavefront of the wave can be considered as a source of secondary disturbances emitting their own sets of circular/spherical waves.
  • On tracking the locus of these wavefronts, it can be concluded that a new wave is propagating relatively forward at a given time.


When a wave appears to bend around corners and edges of a physical obstacle or through the optically dense mediums like lenses and liquids, then the phenomenon at play is known as diffraction. It can be understood as the bending of wave light, which is not something that a stream of particles may do. Thus basically bolstering the wave nature of light, as it can be understood that interference from the consecutive light rays that are emitted from the unique wavefronts at the edges are responsible for the behaviour of light. Thus, it can be said that diffraction is a unique case of interference. This technique is leveraged to study surfaces of the particles and objects on the nano level.

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Double Slit Experiment by Young

With the help of an experiment in 1801, Thomas Young discovered and proved the theory interference of light. This experiment became famous as the Double slit set-up in the world of Wave Optics. He split the light emerging from the same source into two different beams and observed the results of the two beams recombining to form patterns on the screen on the front of the setup. He observed that instead of the screen being illuminated as a whole, there were light and dark fringes on the screen. These alternating light and dark spots suggested that light waves were constructively interfering at the points of bright fringes and destructively interfering at the point of dark fringes. The bright fringes were the points where peaks were in phase with each other and the darker ones showed that they were in opposite phase with each other. It is common knowledge now that the peaks and the troughs of the anti-wave cancel out with the wave.

Wave Optics Assignment

Wave Optics Assignments

In the image, it can be seen that the candle is a singular light source and fringes of dark and bright patterns are being formed on the screen. This is one of the observations of Young’s experiment.

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