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What are Vertebrates?

Animals with the spinal column or backbone are called vertebrates. Another name of vertebrates is Craniata. Living beings that fall under the category of vertebrates have spinal cords and are classified based on the muscular system. Animals like - fishes, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals are vertebrates. Vertebrates possess some unique characteristics that make them different from invertebrates. These features are mentioned in the pointers given below.

  • Vertebrates have a firm rod running through the length of their body, known as vertebral column or notochord.

  • Vertebrates including, human begins have a notochord in the form of an embryo that develops into the vertebral column.

  • They have a bundle of nerves that, run above the spinal cord and the alimentary canal.

  • Vertebrates have cell walls.

  • They have a well-developed skeleton system.

  • They have two layers of skin, epidermis and dermis.

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Types of Vertebrates

Vertebrates can survive in different types of environment because they have an advanced body system. Based on their physiological and anatomical characteristics, they are classified into 5 forms.


Fishes are ectothermic animal because they cannot regulate their body temperature internally. When they get warm, they swim into deeper water, if fishes feel cold they move into warm water. The limbs of fishes are transformed into fins for swimming. They have scales that cover their skin and, they breathe through gills.


Cold-blooded, ectothermic animals are called amphibians. Their skin does not have scales, fur, or hair. It is either smooth or rough. They breathe through their moist skin and lay eggs in the water. Their eggs are hatched in an intermediate life form, i.e., from larvae or tadpole or into an adult amphibian.


Birds are warm-blooded or endothermic animals, whose skin is covered with feathers. They have light-weighted bones that are usually hollow. Limbs of birds are modified into limbs and, they have a four-chambered heart. They have the speciality to survive in a wide variety of habitat and climate. They lay eggs in their nest and hatch their young ones until they come out from it.


Ectothermic animals that use the environment to regulate their body temperature is known as reptiles. If they feel cold, they move to the sunlight for getting heat. It there is too hot outside they dig holes get into or find shades for keeping themselves cool. They have scales on their skin and have claws on their toes.


Mammals are warm-blooded or endothermic vertebrates. They have hair on their skin that varies from one mammal to another. They have sudoriferous glands for secreting sweat and mammary glands that secret milk. They have a four-chambered heart in their circulatory system. Mammals give birth to live young ones.

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