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law of vector addition

Key Features of Vectors discussed by Our Vector Assignment Help Online Experts

Vectors are geometrical quantities featuring both direction and magnitude. Arrows represent all the vectors, and they have both starting and ending points. They are used for signifying various physical quantities like acceleration, velocity, and more. In Latin, vectors are carriers where the length of the line in between two points is known as the magnitude, and the direction of the vector AB is known as the direction of the vector. They are instrumental in mathematics, physics, and engineering and also known as Euclidean vectors.

Magnitude of Vectors

The magnitude of a vector is the square root of the summation of the squares of its key elements. For example, if x,y,z are the key elements of vector A, the magnitude is defined as

|A| = √ (x2+y2+z2)

Angle Between Two Vectors

The angle between two vectors is the output of the dot product and is defined byθ. It represents the direction of two vectors, a and b. You cancalculate the angle between two vectors using

θ = cos-1[(a·b)/|a||b|]

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There are different types of vectors based on the magnitude & direction, which are discussed by our experts while delivering you the best assignment help.

Zero Vectors

The vectors with zero magnitudes are known as zero vectors, and they lack direction as well. These types of vectors are also known as the additive identity of vectors.

Unit Vectors

The vectors with a magnitude equal to one are known as unit vectors, and they have also been called the multiplicative identity of vectors. Unit vectors are used for representing the direction of a vector.Consider our vector assignment help to avail exceptional papers within a quick turnaround time.

Position Vectors

Position vectors are also known as location vectors which are used to access both the position and direction of movement of vectors in a 3D space. Both the magnitude and direction of position vectors can differ with respect to other components.

Equal Vectors

The vectors are known to be equal if their conforming elements are equal. Such vectors feature identical magnitudes and directions, although they may have dissimilar initial and terminal points.

Negative Vector

A vector is the negative of another vector once it has similar magnitudes with different directions.By availing of our vector assignment help online you can attain extensive knowledge on negative vectors and employ that in your assignments.

Parallel Vectors

Two or more vectors are said to be parallel vectors if they feature the same direction but essentially a similar magnitude. The direction of parallel vectors is varied by 00. Whereas the angle of direction varied by 1800 are known as antiparallel vectors.

Orthogonal Vectors

The vectors in space are known to be orthogonal if the angle between them is 90 degrees. The dot product of the orthogonal vectors is 0. Mathematically it is represented by

a.b = |a|. |b|cos900 = 0

Co-initial Vectors

The vectors having similar initial points are known as co-initial vectors.

FAQs on Vectors Assignment help

What are the differences between a scalar and a vector?

Scalar and vectors are used for defining physical quantities, where the scalar is a quantity that is dependent on direction. In contrast, a scalar is a quantity that is dependent on both magnitude and direction. Examples of scalar include distance & time, whereas the common examples of the vector include displacement, force, and acceleration.

What are the key applications of vectors?

Vector is an instrumental phenomenon in physics and mathematics and is primarily used to represent displacement, velocity, and position. It is widely used for studying partial differential equations and also in differential geometry. Besides, this vector is also used in defining the electromagnetic and gravitational fields.

Vectors Assignment Sample Managed by Our Professionals

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