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An Overview of Rhetorical Essay Writing

A Rhetorical essay belongs to a detailed piece of paper belongs to literature or even a speech. It can also be about art and movie. So, your ultimate aim while writing a rhetorical essay should be a properly-analyzed, informative, and creative.

Simply put, rhetoric suggests a detailed analysis and study of words used by a writer for persuading the readers. So rhetorical essay is all about evaluating a writer’s writing. Instead of coming with a narration, such a type of essay needs you to cut the whole writing into pieces and discuss the ideas and communication techniques used by a specific writer.

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The primary purpose of a rhetorical essay is not about coming up with an argument but to discuss the argument made by a specific writer and his approach to making it effective. Moreover, you should also highlight the tools and techniques used for presenting the goals and making it persuasive.

There are two types of rhetorical essays, such as rhetorical analysis essay and regular rhetorical essay.

best rhetorical essay topics

Rhetorical Analysis Strategies

There are three ways of rhetorical strategies, also known as the effective methods of persuasion. If you are into rhetorical essay writing, you must be aware of these strategies and their effective uses.


It is one of the most crucial rhetorical devices that determines an author's credibility in literary writing. Ethos helps the readers in analyzing the trustworthiness of a writer. It showcases the expertise, skills, and competence. It can be categorized into arete (virtue, goodwill), eunoia (goodwill towards the audience), and phronesis (useful skills & wisdom) according to the great Aristotle.


Pathos is a Greek word defined as the experience or emotion that the authors use to entice the reader’s emotions. It works towards provoking feelings like happiness, anger, and compassion in the reader’s mind for making a persuasion.


According to the Greek library, Logos is the synonym of opinion or reason. So, it relies on encouraging readers through facts, statistics, and providing accurate information.

rhetorical essay topics online

How to Write a Rhetorical Essay?

Rhetorical essay writing sounds heavy, right? Don’t panic; go through this section, and you can have a brief idea of what exactly you need to do and how to come up with a bang by writing a well-analyzed piece of writing.

Acquire Knowledge

At the outset, you must know what a rhetorical essay it is all about; you should know to differentiate this one from other types of essays. So scan through the words and sentences, do in-depth research, and develop an exception summary. While making a summary of the writing, you should find the rhetorical ways used by the writer, and for that, dissect the essay into different parts, find out the rhetorical devices and their connections.

Make your Preparation.

Before getting into rhetorical essay writing, first of all, do good research and write on your own so that you can find any issues and find it quite easy to write down a rhetorical essay in the later stage. When you prepare yourself for writing a good piece by collecting the necessary data and research countless resources, it can be easy for you to analyze any author’s work.

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Ask Enough Questions

Writing a rhetorical essay urges you become Sherlock Holmes; we mean you need to interrogate the writer and question him for his writing but only after systematic research. Asking a strategic question can help you access the actual motives and his argument to come up with specific writing. So generally, you can ask.

The intention in the writing and his arguments

  • Targeted audience

  • Styles & strategies used while making the draft

  • What effect the writing is going to put on the readers

In addition to that, while preparing yourself to write a detailed rhetorical essay, your main motive should revolve around what the writer is expressing, his actions, and what methods he uses. Accumulating the above three answers can help you in writing an exceptional rhetorical essay.

Follow the Defined Format While Drafting your Essay

Always follow a five-paragraph form while writing a rhetorical essay and include fundamental parts like introduction, body, and conclusion.

When it is about inscribing your essay's introduction, don’t make it too long and always start with a hook to entice the readers. Remember, if you start well, then it is quite easy to sail through. Describe the speaker, author, and give a detailed idea of your speech's purpose and subject.

Finally, don’t ever forget to add your thesis statement in the introduction, as it is one of the most crucial parts of your rhetorical essay.

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In the body part, organize your paragraphs with several sections and use rhetorical strategies like ethos, pathos, and logos effectively. Moreover, use enough quotes and examples to support your researches and showcase your arguments as well.

Finally, in conclusion, try to leave a strong impact on the readers by outlining the crucial points and your key thoughts.

Choosing the Right Rhetorical Essay Topics

While choosing the best rhetorical essay topics, you should find the one that interests you the most, and you must have ample information on the same. You can choose topics related to movies, art, and literature.

Here are some of the interesting rhetorical essay topic that you can look through

  • Steve Jobs Commencement Speech 2005

  • Barack Obama’s Inaugural Speech 2009

  • A Starry Night’’ by Van Gogh

  • The meaning behind Mona Lisa’s Smile

  • A billboard that makes your think or eve a popular long

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