Respiration is one of the most important processes needed for the existence of human beings on this planet. But you will be surprised to know that this simple process involves complex study linked with its research. As the study of organs escalates it becomes hard and so it is certain that students often face many issues with the respiratory system homework. Therefore, to finish your homework apply for respiratory system homework to help the USA online from My Assignment Services. This site is one of the famous assistance providing sites among students around the world. We assist with assignments, essay writing, projects on the respiratory system and thus, helping students to gain in-depth information and complete their homework within the deadline.

Let's Understand The Working Of the Respiratory System!

Humans breathe to survive. The main purpose of the respiratory system is to supply oxygen to different sections of the human body with the help of blood. During the respiration procedure, various organs like the nose, trachea, lungs, and diaphragm play a vital role.


Maximum air that a human breathes ensues from the nose and hence it is an important organ for respiration. Nose hairs help in filtering and purifying the contaminants present in the air that we inhale. The important function of the nose is that it acts as the temperature to maintain the device. Mucous which is secreted by the nose helps in lubricating and moistening the nose. Hence, the air that a human inhale is always purified before it reaches the lungs. Respiratory system homework helps the USA will help you access recently updated information about the topic.


It is an 11cm long tube that begins from the larynx and continues to the fifth vertebrae present in the chest cavity. Tiny hairs are present in the inner membrane of the trachea that helps in trapping and removing small hairs. It is protected with the help of a c-shaped ring-like structure. The walls of the trachea consist of four layers that are the mucosa, submucosa, hyaline cartilage, and adventitia.


Pleural membrane is a double-layered membrane that protects the lungs. The upper layer is known as the parietal pleural that encloses the thoracic cavity wall and the other deep layer is known as the visceral pleural that encloses the lungs. The space between two pleura that is visceral and parietal is known as the pleural cavity. Respiratory system homework help USA will explain you deeply about the working of lungs through self-explanatory diagrams and also offer round the clock service with regards to solving your problems.

The functional unit of the lungs is the alveoli. There are two kinds of cells present over the wall of alveoli. Type 1 alveolar epithelial cells are thin and support the exchange of gases with the help of the capillary membrane. Type 2 alveolar epithelial cells are round and cubical. They contain microvilli that produce alveolar liquid. The exchange of gas like carbon dioxide and oxygen between the blood and alveoli takes place through the process of diffusion.


It is a dome-shaped muscle that compresses upon the contraction of the surface of the thoracic cavity. This muscle is accountable for performing 70* of the total inspiration.

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Basic Steps of Respiration:

The exchange of gas in the human body takes place through three basic steps:

Breathing or respiratory volume:

It is measured as the amount of air inspired or expired per minute which is equal to the respiratory rate per minute into tidal volume.

Pulmonary respiration:

The exchange of gas across the respiratory membrane between the blood in pulmonary capillaries and alveoli of the lungs.

Internal or tissue respiration:

It is stated as the exchange of gases through blood present in systemic capillaries. In this type of respiration, the supply of oxygen is done from the capillaries to the tissues and carbon dioxide enters into the capillaries through tissues. Cellular respiration is defined as the production of ATP molecules during the metabolic exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the sum of inspiration and expiration equal to respiration.

Respiratory System Homework Help

  • The process of respiration causes loss of water in the body.

  • Surprisingly, it is possible to hold breathe to near about 20 minutes.

  • Lungs are the only organ that can withstand water.

  • The reason behind the movement of the chest is due to contraction and expansion of the diaphragm. This statement breaks the myth that movement of the chest is due to breathing in and breathing out.

Respiratory System Homework Help USA Sample

As the respiratory system forms the basis of human existence it is important to understand the working of the process and organs involved. Respiratory system homework often consists of developing a creative proposal, conducting a literature review, followed by implementing the proposal. Homework deals with the evaluation of the outcomes and also follows the marking rubric and referencing guidelines. Moreover, here is an example of respiratory system homework help that can be asked by your professor. The respiratory system homework help USA by My Assignment Services ensures that you receive detailed information and properly engage with the subject. Here is the sample question file:

Respiratory System Homework Help USA

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Respiratory System Homework

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