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Radiography and Radiology Homework Help

Radiography and Radiology Homework Help USA

History Of Radiology

It all started in Germany in the year 1895 when in a dark laboratory, Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen noticed that the screen which was painted with a fluorescent material which was placed in that same room but a little away from the cathode ray tube which was made lightproof or energized began to fluoresce. He witnessed that the screen started to respond to the unknown rays that were being transmitted without being seen in that room and called them x-rays and it was this discovery of his that made him get the First Nobel Prize for Physics in the year 1901. But the initial radiologists were not aware of the negative impacts that x-rays have on the human body and any of the security measures were not taken till the death of 1904 when ClarenceDally died.

Techniques Of Radiology Mentioned In The Assignments Delivered By Radiography And Radiology Homework Help

Radiography and Radiology

Like the images that were produced in the year 1895, the radioactive images are produced with the amalgamation of ionizing radiation and a light that strikes a photosensitive image which produces the other latent image.

1. Computed Tomography is known to be the workhorse of radiology and the recent advancements have led to the generation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional slices and reconstructions respectively. The dose of radiation is quite high thus a lot of protection has to be taken while doing every CT scan.

2. Ultrasonography is known to be the most economical radiology technique and is widely used by doctors even outside the field of radiology. It uses the acoustic energy that is over the audible frequency to give out the images. And, as there is no ionizing radiation involved with ultrasonography, it is particularly used in the production of imaging of children.

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3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging utilizes the energy that is stored in the hydrogen atoms of the human body and these atoms are modified with high magnetic fields and pulses of radiofrequency to give out energies and imaging is created with the use of high-level computer programs.

4. Fluoroscopy is the technique in which the x-rays are used to depict the love visualization of the human body which is for the evaluation of parts of the body along with the examination of changes made in the positioning of bones and joints.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Radiology And Radiography

What Is Radiography Used For?

The assessment of the presence of any disease, anamoly, or any kind of foreign object in the internal parts of the body can be determined through recording mages which is known as radiology. During a radiographic process, a beam of X-ray is passed.

What Is The Difference Between Radiology And Radiography?

Radiographers are trained medical specialists with skills to operate machinery that are specialized and also the state-of-art machines for scanning. The medical care equipments are handled by radiographers while the radiologists are for the interpretation of the images.

How Is Radiology Done?

MRI, Ultrasound, fluoroscopy, x-ray, or CT scan come under the imaging techniques of radiology. With the use of traces of radioactive material, the process of imaging, diagnosis, and treatment is done under radiology.

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