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Let's Discuss Some Essential Concepts of Microbiology or the Study of Culturing

Micro-organisms are the tiny creatures that we can not see through the naked eye. However, believe it or not, these tiny creatures are the reason we exist in the first place. Did you know that the first living organism to ever live on earth was single-celled phytoplankton? The Phytoplankton converted the carbon dioxide to oxygen, a gas that is vital to all living beings. Even photosynthesis happened in phytoplanktons(Cyanobacteria) for the first time.

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Microbiology is the science that studies these tiny creatures in detail. These include Protozoa, Bacteria, Archaea, Viruses, Fungi, and Algae. Thanks to their versatile applications, these tiny creatures can be put to use to do almost anything. They are used to produce energy, convert waste to fuel, clear up oil fields, grow high-protein algae, and even manufacture life-saving drugs.

However, it is only due to microbiologists in the field that we can make to discover these ground-breaking applications of microbes.

Fun fact: The first antibiotic; Penicillin, was extracted from fungi. It is still produced with the help of fungi.

To our surprise, Microbiologists can also find answers to the impossible questions like "Does life exist elsewhere in the cosmos?", "How did we evolve to humans?"

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What are Commonly Known Microorganisms?

4 Commonly Known Microorganisms


Bacteria are tiny single-celled organisms that can thrive in a variety of environments. From oceans to human guts to roots of trees, bacteria find a way to thrive in almost any kind of condition. When the Ph of stomach acid was discovered, it was believed that no bacteria could survive in the stomach due to its acidic Ph. However, the bacteria H.pylori was discovered in the stomachs of some human beings after a few years. This fact just demonstrates how robust and flexible bacteria can be. Bacteria were among the few life forms on Earth and spanned across the planet.

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What is Algae?

Algae is commonly known as pondweed. It is the unwanted slimy substance that floats over the water in ecosystems like lakes, ponds, and oceans. Fundamentally, they belong to the eukaryotic family. Eukaryotes have DNA similar to animals as the genetic material is enclosed in a separate membrane.

Algae are fundamental to bacteria and resemble plants as it synthesizes their food via the process of photosynthesis. Like plants, they leverage a substance known as chlorophyll that converts sunlight to a form of consumable energy. These eukaryotes are microscopic but multicellular. They can grow to enormous heights and lengths under favorable conditions.

What is a Fungus?

There are approximately, 144,000 different species of Fungus known to human beings! Fun fact: The famous truffle flavor actually comes from a fungus named truffle. Fungus includes yeasts, smuts, molds, mushrooms, smuts, and more.

Fungi are one of the most abundantly found microorganisms on earth and also hold the record of the largest living being on the planet. Some fungus spread over an area of miles and some are living in mega colonies in oceans. Fungus exists in a symbiotic relationship with their environment. Which means that they positively contribute to the ecosystem, and help sustain it.

What are Viruses?

Viruses are fundamentally different from any living organism on the planet. Because they are on the borderline of being alive. As per the definition of life, Viruses can not even be considered alive, until they are inside of a host. They do not have DNA and a very poorly defined cell structure.

They lack the basic cell machinery that is necessary for survival. So when they infect a host, they force the infected cells to mutate. In layman terms, they hijack the cells of the host and leverage their machinery for survival and multiplication.

Despite their limitations, they plague the planet and are found inside almost every multicellular organism. Viruses have always been the epicenter of numerous controversies and attention. For example, SARS-COV-2, or, COVID-19 is that has brought the world to a standstill. However, they have a tough protein covering encapsulating the contents of the virus, like water, R.N.A., and some other cell components. Viruses are even smaller than bacteria.

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