Without a doubt, the internet has revolutionized human life, looking at the current usage it is hard to believe the life before the internet. But do you know about the invention of the internet? It was the live example of great ideas over a drink, as it was designed in a beer garden 40 years ago.

The Internet has eased our life; however, it features lots of processes and structures that the students into IT in the USA learn throughout their academics.

Internet technology

So, if you are one among them then you might know the fundamentals of the internet that runs through a set of technologies for transmitting data via a wide range of servers and systems. For this reason, internet technology is a complicated subject and urges the students in the USA look for excellentinternet technology homework help USA.

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Internet Technologies Described In Our Internet Technologies Homework Help USA

Internet technologies are nothing but a group of technologies that help users to access various information and communicate across the world over the World Wide Web. It is a technical aspect that requires adequate skills for application development on the internet. Before that let’s put a light on the internet itself.

Internet is a global system of various interconnected computer networks and helps the users to explore numerous information on the web. The origin of the internet dated back to 1969 and materialized from the concept of the Advanced Research Project Agency Network (ARPANET). ARPANET was designed by the United States Department of Defence to channelize communication between the government bodies. At the outset, ARPANET features only four nodes, however around 1972 it had 23 nodes and had become popular across the globe as the internet.

With the development of internet technologies like DNS, WWW, Web browser, and TCP/IP Protocols internet has become a household name and became the primary source of accessing information.

Internet Technologies Described In Our Internet Technologies Assignment Help in USA


It is a private network of computers, set up within an organization and the service is not available to the outside world. the system connects multiple computers in a network. Most of the companies have their personal intranet network and allow their employees to access the same. In the intranet, every system gets an identification in terms of a unique IP address.

An intranet is quite efficient and reliable than the internet for the business houses, it also extends its help for the overall security, collaboration, productivity, and more. With an intranet, communication is completely effortless and economical. It is also instrumental for uplifting cost-effectiveness and workforce productivity.

internet technologies homework help


An extranet is a network within the organization and helps the users to connect to the internet in a controlled way. However, unlike the intranet, it is a network connection for the vendors, suppliers, and vendors of a company. We can also say it is an extension of the intranet that is extended for the outsiders.

Reference Model

Reference Model is the standardization that is acceptable across the globe which offers a definite way to the computer networks for communicating effortlessly irrespective of their architecture. There are two types of reference models such as the OSI Model and TCP/IP reference model, here OSI is model is hypothetical and TCP/IP is completely practical.

OSI Model

OSI is known for Open System Interface developed by the International Organization of Standardization. For this reason, it is also popular as the ISO-OSI model. OSI model features seven layers where each layer defines a specific function.

TCP/IP Model

TCP/IP is a practical model and integral part of the internet, it is known as the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. In this model, the physical and Datalink layers are combined to form a single layer called the Host-to-Network layer.

layers of TCP


The Domain Name System discloses the hostname to an address on the internet and uses a hierarchical naming scheme along with a distributed database of IP addresses & associated names. There is nothing wrong to say it is the phonebook of the internet.

IP Address

The IP address is an exclusive logical address given to a machine over a network. Each and every host present on the internet features a unique address known as an IP address. It is 32 buts and 4 bytes long and consists of a network component and host component. Moreover, the 32 bits in Ip address are represented by a specific number from 0 to 255.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

It is the web address used for identifying a document over the internet. There are two types of URLs such as Absolute URL & Relative URL. Absolute URL offers a complete address of a specific resource on the web that features the server name, pathname, file name, and a detailed protocol. On the contrary, Relative URL offers the partial address of the webpage where it doesn’t offer details on the protocol and server name.

Faq’s On Internet Technologies

What Is Internet Technologies & Why It Is Important?

Internet technologies are mainly a combination of effective technologies that assist users worldwide to explore a myriad of information and communicate effectively over the world wide web. Appropriate use of the internet helps in social, personal, and economic development and it is one of the most unavoidable aspects of our life. It plays a big part in education, research & development, innovation, safe & reliable money transactions, and communications.

What Is The Future Of Internet Technology?

The Internet has already become critical infrastructure, still, it shows a lot of potentials. In the coming future, there is no doubt that we will enter into a completely new era that will be recognized by digitization and everything interconnected. There will be more of embedded internet, Internet of Things, vehicular internet, and more involved into the service.

Which Are The Most Adopted Internet Technologies?

There is a myriad of adopted internet technologies around us such as video & podcasting, social networks, Blogs, and Instant Messengers. There is also an endless list on the adoption of internet technologies but there are immensely popular and quite exclusive for education as well.

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REQUIREMENT- Internet TechnologiesMY ASSIGNMENT SERVICESNETWORK - Internet Technologies

In this homework on internet technologies, the students have to explain the technique of building ICT architecture combining ICT principles, requirements and its obligations. Moreover, they have to go through a case study and come up with the best answers.

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ICT - Internet TechnologiesOptimize - Internet Technologiestechnical report - Internet Technologiesdesign - Internet Technologies

ICT Report - Internet Technologies

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