1. Two different sides of the argument: Topic chosen should not be a universal fact and should have space for argument so that readers can have their own opinion after reading the essay. If the essay will have more arguments, it will be more engaging for the readers and will ask questions.
  2. Appealing to the readers: Topic has to be appealing for the readers to keep them engrossed.
  3. Issues that are not agreed on: Many questions are raised by the readers to be discussed and answered.
  4. Something to research: The quality of the essay generally depends on the research material present for the readers. The main aim of this essay is to provide evidence exploring the topic; hence topic that has limited research is not recommended.

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How to Write the Perfect Exploratory Essay?

Consideration of subject and assignment:

Looking at the assignment requirements is important as it mentions whether we have to choose our own topic openly or the topic is given.

Outlining the category:

If the topic is not provided then students should start exploring broader subjects that are taken into account in our day to day lives such as family, business, religion, sports, entertainment and many more. Students should select a topic that they are most interested in to write a good paper.

Common subjects in a broader area:

After outlining a broad category, common subjects involved are to be explored such as computers, smartphones, and internet and so on providing a base to work on.

Narrowing of chosen subjects:

After choosing the subject it is important to narrow down, with the subject comfortable with. Choosing the most relevant category is important to show knowledge.

Choosing a suitable title promoting the subject:

Settling on the topic and title having enough research makes your argument and essay good and innervation for the readers.

Good topics for an exploratory essay

Choosing a topic for an exploratory essay is a complex task for students, we have provided some good exploratory essay topics.

List of exploratory essay topics on family life

  • Is adopting a way of building a family?
  • Can divorce affect the family and have neglecting effect on the children.
  • Should single parents be more supportive?
  • Are children having a single parent at a disadvantage to those who have two?
  • Are strains on the families caused by two working parents?
  • When should children consider moving out of their parents’ house?
  • Is it important to maintain peace with the distant family?

Exploratory essay topics on business

  • Explore blockchain and figure out whether cryptocurrencies are the future.
  • Evolution of the gambling industry.
  • Exemption of large corporations from business tax.
  • Evolution of Facebook for social media.
  • How eBay expanded online retail business.

List of exploratory essay topics on technology

  • Does a social medium have any effect of the invasion of privacy?
  • Are phones responsible for reducing communication in society?
  • Is mental capacity affected by television?
  • Is technology a cause for the decrease in employment?

Exploratory essay topics on music and arts

  • Is our mood affected by the type of music we hear?
  • How can classical music bring positivity?
  • Does the type of music we hear reflect our personality?
  • Are emotions linked to music?
  • How is music considered as a universal language
  • Should music be used as a therapy?

List of exploratory essay topics on health and mental health well-being

  • Is marijuana considered as a medicine for treatment?
  • What is considered as an ideal body?
  • Are celebrities influencing the generation for having a fake image body?
  • How does daily exercise affect the human body?
  • Are fitness and exercise addictive?
  • What are the pros and cons of smoking?
  • How does retirement affect a person's mental and physical well-being?

Exploratory essay topics on world problems

  • What is the major world problem faced by people?
  • Is global warming serious?
  • Can the government solve world problems or global cooperation is required?
  • How plastic is damaging the environment?
  • Is deforestation reducing wildlife habitat?
  • Is the population reaching a turning point and harming the people?

List of exploratory essay topics on sports

  • What is the importance of training in sports?
  • How do team sports and individual differ?
  • How do sports players become celebrities?
  • Improving physical and mental well-being with sports?

Exploratory essay topics on social life

  • What impact does the internet have on our lives?
  • Is social media the source of rising celebrities?
  • How does our life change with friends?
  • Has Instagram promoted false expectations of love?
  • Has online dating changed the forms of real relationships?
  • What is the comparison between modern and past parties?

Topics for an exploratory essay on education

  • Should there be high fees for higher education?
  • Should schools be more affordable?
  • Should school be turned into a digital world?
  • How can today’s children study with so many distractions?
  • What makes the school appealing for the children?
  • Should there be limited technology in schools?

Topics for an exploratory essay on culture

  • Opinion on religions has different gods and beliefs?
  • What are the differences related to afterlife in different cultures
  • Different cultural eating habits.
  • Difference between Islam, Christianity and Hinduism
  • How different religions around the world differ?

Topics for an exploratory essay on entertainment

  • How do the media affect society?
  • Do you think actors are overpaid?
  • Theatre versus films, which are better?
  • How has the evolution of Netflix changed the Television cinema?
  • Are award ceremonies a scam?
  • Should violence and sex be allowed on Television?

Other Topics for an exploratory essay

  • Does a pet affect one's mental health?
  • Is mental illness stigma in society?
  • Pros and cons of eating genetically modified food?
  • China or the USA, which is the real world power?
  • How will Brexit affect the UK and Europe?

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