MS Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft supported by Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. It is being used for graphics, calculations, pivot tables and a macro programming language which is known as visual basic for applications.

This MS spreadsheet is being used widely by everyone whether it is an individual or organisation because it saves a lot of time. Within so many years, MS Excel always upgrades with new features and impressive things.

Microsoft Excel is beneficial for students as it helps them to convert raw data into meaningful information, how to calculate faster, learn the ways to visualize data, etc. If you are a student then you must have the understanding and proficiency in the formulas, features, and business tools.

University students in the USA often provided with MS Excel homework who pursue it as a subject. The complex topics, a paucity of time, and engagement of students in other extra-curricular activities make it hard for students to perfectly draft their homework on time. Here, the Excel homework help comes into the scene to help students unburden themselves from the homework making burden with the Excel homework services.

What Are The 5 Best Uses Of Microsoft Excel?

Though there are different characteristics of using MS Excel due to which it has now become a destined part of the lives of billions of people. Here are the few top uses of MS Excel explained by Excel homework expert.

Analyzing and storing data

One of the topmost uses of Microsoft Excel is to analyse huge amounts of data to discover trends by using charts and graphs. It is useful to combine and store data in an organized way so that it can be readily available whenever needed. With the use of MS Excel, you will be able to store data and it also saves a lot of time.

Makes the work easier

MS Excel includes various tools like filtering, sorting, and searching which make our task extremely easy. With the use of these tools, the users can finish their task in very less time without any struggle. You just have to be proficient with the formulas used in MS Excel.

Data recovery and spreadsheet

The most important feature of MS Excel is data recovery. Users can easily recover the lost data without much inconvenience. Our professionals have described the steps to recover data in MS Excel;

How to Recover Unsaved Excel File?

Here are the steps to recover the file that you forget to save:

  • Visit the File tab and hit on the Open option
  • Now press the Recent Workbooks option found on the top left
  • After this, get down to Recover Unsaved Workbooks button
  • Scroll and look for the file you have forgotten to save
  • When found make a double-click to open and the file document will be opened in MS Excel
  • At last, Save the file

Recover Unsaved Excel File

How to recover overwritten Excel files?

The users using MS Excel 2010 or 2013 version can easily recover the older version of a document. Our experts offering online Excel homework help have provided a few steps:

  • Firstly, you are required to hit on the File tab
  • After this, select Infooption
  • You must click on the manage versions tab
  • Now, all the versions that were auto-saved by Excel are displayed

Recover Overwritten Excel files

Perform Mathematical Problems Easily

The next feature of MS Excel is it helps you solving complex mathematical problems in the simplest form and without manual effort. MS Excel comes with a set of various mathematical formulas like finding the average, sum, etc. For example -

Elements of MS Excel Formula

Elements of MS Excel Formula

The above diagram shows the elements of MS Excel formula i.e. cell references, constant, function, arithmetic operator.

Arithmetic Operators in Microsoft Excel Formulas

The arithmetic operators given below by our Excel homework help service are useful to perform the mathematical operations like subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication.

Comparison operator


Formula example


Equal to



Greater than


Less than


Not equal to



Greater than or equal to


Less than or equal to


Therefore, applying these formulas in your homework or any other calculative task can solve complex mathematical problems easily. More details about the formulas can be gathered by our excel homework experts.

Helps in developing future strategy

The users of MS Excel can represent data in different forms like graphs and charts which are easier to understand. Beyond this, it assists in easily analyzing the patterns and trends. In business, we know the importance of analyzing the popularity or trend of goods and services or to define and present the selling pattern. MS Excel can be the best tool that simplifies such type of tasks and help the business to grow and enhance the profit margin.

What Are The Advanced Operations of Microsoft Excel?

Now, take a look at some advanced operations of MS Excel which can make you more efficient.

Filters in MS Excel

Data filtration in Microsoft Excel is termed as a process to show only the rows that address certain conditions. Let us understand with an example -

In an excel spreadsheet, if you want to see the list of shoes with Shoe Size 36, follow the below-given steps:

  • Firstly, visit Header Row.
  • Select the Data Tab and select Filter.

Filters in MS Excel

  • Now, hit over the drop-down arrow and uncheck the other boxes which unselect everything.
  • After this, only select checkmark for show size 36 to view the data of Shoe Size 36.
  • Now, you will notice that few row numbers are missing thus, these rows contain the hidden filter.

Filters in MS Excel2

Use of Multiple Filter

MS Excel allows filtering the records by multiple conditions. Above, we selected the size 36, now also you require to filter shoe color (Coffee). You can easily filter for shoe color as well:

Filters in MS Excel3

What Are The Ranges in Microsoft Excel?

A cell in Microsoft Excel is just one element that includes value, text, or even a formula. The cells are identified by address, which contains row number and column letter.

For Instance -

A1: D4 is equal to 16 cells which contain four rows by four columns.

A1: B1 - Comprised of two cells which occupy two columns and one row.

C24 - A range that consists of a single cell.

A1: A100 - 100 cells in column A.

Selecting Ranges

There are various type of ranges and users can select any of them

  • Hit the left mouse button and drag to highlight the range and release the mouse button.
  • Now, hit over the Shift key to navigate and select a range.
  • After this, press F8 and move the cell pointer with the help of arrow keys to highlight the range.
  • Again press the F8 to return the navigation keys to normal movement.
  • At last, type the range or cell address into the Name box and hit the Enter key.

Now, a similar image will be displayed over the screen.

Ranges in Microsoft Excel

Ways to select a complete column and row

In case, if you are required to select a complete row or column. Follow the steps given below by our experts offering online excel assignment help.

  • Press the column or row border and select a single column or row.
  • And to select various adjacent columns and rows, you are required to click a row or column border and drag to the number of rows or columns want to select.
  • To select multiple rows or columns which are non-adjacent, press CTRL when you click the row or column borders.

The result will be as the image given below:

Ways to select a complete column and row

Data Validation in MS Excel

Data validation feature in MS Excel permits the user to set certain rules which dictate what to be entered into the cell. For example; want to limit data entry between 0 to 10 and if you make an invalid entry, the following result will be displayed:

Data Validation in MS Excel

Validation Criteria

To determine the type of data is allowed in a range or cell. Go through the steps given below by our online assignment help experts which shows the entire three tabs of the Data Validation dialogue box.

  • First of all, select the range or cell.
  • Choose Data then go to Data Tools and hit on the Data Validation option.
  • Now, Excel will display the Data Validation dialogue box including all the three tabs i.e. input message, settings and error alert.

Settings Tab

The settings tab helps the users to set the validation they need. They are only required to select the option from the Allow drop-down list. Now, the user will see that the contents of the Data Validation dialogue box have been changed.

Any Value - Choosing any value option will remove all the existing and previous data validation.

Whole Number - You are required to enter only whole numbers. For example, you can set the entry must be a whole number that is equal to or greater than 50.

Decimal - You can use this setting tab to specify that the number must be equal or greater than 10 but less than or equal to 20.

List - Here, you can select the list of entries you want to provide. Also, you can create a drop-down list by providing input ranges and the values will be displayed in the drop-down.

Date - With this validation, you can enter a date specifying the valid date range.

Time - Time validation in MS Excel is used to enter a time. Here, the users define a valid time range.

Text Length - The data length is generally in several limited characters. Users can enter a valid length from Data drop-down list.

Custom- To use such an option, the users are required firstly to supply a logical formula that identifies the validity of the user's entry.

Settings Tab in Excel

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