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Evaluation essays are basically judgmental essays related to different subjects. While writing an evaluation essay, students should support an argument, critically think and provide evidence.

It is difficult for students to choose topics for evaluation essay and do the work according to the requirements. We provide essay help and topics to do the work. We have listed some topics in different categories such as sports, movies and TV, food and restaurants, technology, education and the internet.

Basic Structure for the Evaluation Essay Structure

Here’s a basic outline is provided on how to structure your evaluation essay.

  1. Introduction: provides a brief introduction to the topics, explaining why is this topic important, and what is its impact on society. Therefore ending the introduction with a thesis statement.
  2. Body: included two - five paragraphs analyzing the subject area particularly. The evidence is supported by the arguments.
  3. Conclusion: this section provides a summary of the essay restating the thesis statements without including any new ideas.

How to choose a good evaluation essay topic?

Choosing good and easy evaluation essay topics is a task, how to look for a good evaluation essay topic is explained below and is easy with you can get ideas and create your own evaluation essay topics.

  1. Searching the internet: readers should be attracted and interested in the topic. It is also important for writers to find the topic interesting.
  2. Attention to the argument and analysis: it is important to structure your essay in the related subject topic, as sometimes readers do not understand the essay making them disinterested in the area.
  3. Choosing reliable sources to support the argument: it is necessary to pay attention to the information sources as they should be reliable and authentic such as research papers, articles, journals and books where they should not be more than 5 years old.

Here’s a list of 35 Good Evaluation Essay Topics

Evaluation essay topics on Sports topics

  1. Liverpool and their performance in the football series.
  2. Rugby’s event in the world cup series.
  3. How can a team's performance based on expectations of people?
  4. Evaluate the difference between watching a game in a Stadium versus on a television set.
  5. Evaluate the difference between listening to a match on the radio while watching it on TV.

Evaluation essay topics on TV and movie topics

  1. Compare the roles of men and women during the period of classical movies.
  2. Examine a war-themed movie concerning today's war and peace.
  3. Evaluation of popularity or disapproval of classical music.
  4. Compare the novel based movie and book and explain which brings out the best storyline.
  5. Choose a director and evaluate the work. Suggest which movie was the best and why?

Evaluation essay topics on Food and restaurants topics

    1. Evaluate the places serving steak and write how they prepare it.
    2. Explain how home-cooked food is better than eating outside.
  • Visit a pizza place, order different variations and evaluate on the basis of toppings, size, spices, sauces and value for money.

Evaluation essay topics on technology

  1. Evaluate the latest smartphones in the market with previous ones showing the change in the technology making the people but the latest phone.
  2. Evaluate different photo editing software and apps suggesting which is user-friendly and best.
  3. Evaluate the latest laptop on the bases of its size, space and pricing and suggest which one is the best latest.
  4. Compare online reading applications such as kindle with reading hard copy.
  5. Evaluate the different search engines and suggest which one is appropriate.

Easy evaluation essay topics on education

  1. Evaluate the pros and cons of public and private schools suggesting which is better.
  2. Evaluate the SAT and ACT suggesting which a better way to understand students’ knowledge is.
  3. Evaluate global warming showing its impact on our lives and ways to decrease it.
  4. Evaluate different community services and explain whether high school and college students should participate in community service.

Evaluation essay topics on the internet

    1. Evaluate the impact of the internet on small towns.
    2. Evaluate the effect on the internet on other media.
    3. Evaluate marketing strategies on social media and on paper. Suggesting which one is the best.
  • Evaluate the key factors that make google popular and explain which factors are more significant.

Easy evaluation essay topics on culture

  1. Evaluate the strategies to pass on good culture in today's generation.
  2. Evaluate westernization and social conflict.
  3. Evaluate different societies with different cultures.
  4. Evaluate how internet interaction influences different cultures.

Easy evaluation essay topics on people

  1. Evaluate current politicians with previous one and point out who achieved more and kept their campaign vows?
  2. Teachers have a great impact on students' lives. Evaluate your teacher on the basis of his teaching and grading skills and how they take care of the children.
  3. Online relationships are very different from the ones face to face. Evaluate the quality of relationships in both areas and compare.

Easy evaluation essay topics for college students

  1. Evaluation of different social media on social relationships.
  2. Evaluate the influence of drinking and smoking amongst friends and family with its impact on the human body.
  3. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of distance education.
  4. Evaluate the learning process in relation to knowledge based on the internet. And how is the internet used within the school and university premises?

Main themes to be supported in the assignment are important such as relevant themes and matter are to be written with meaning and importance related to the topic. The essay should be problem-solving and creative by pointing straight to the theme.

Still, Need Help In Choosing Good Evaluation Essay Topics?

Choosing easy evaluation essay topics is a task and is an important step before actually writing the essay. If there is still difficulty in choosing the topic, you can get professional help by contacting our writing services. At My Assignment Services, there is a team of professional experts provide essays from scratch or do the editing for you to have high quality.

Before deciding on the topic it is important to have thorough research to make sure there is plenty of material available related to the writing subject. It is important not to have one opinion about any subject. It is necessary to weigh the essay the same on both sides by not supporting one side with confidence.

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