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What is CVT Transmission?

CVT is an acronym that is used for continuously variable transmission. It has differences with the traditional but automatic transmission. It is a technology that is used in the engines of vehicles for a variety of purposes. You must have heard about it regarding gearless scooters or in the case of an automatic car. In a CVT transmission, the transference of torque from one pulley to the second pulley is done using a push belt.

The History of CVT

It might be shocking for you that the inventor of CVT was a great artist and the great inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. He was the first person to draft the first sketch of a device that could be considered as the prototype of CVT back in 1490.

The first time CVT came into existence was after 450 years of the sketch of Da Vinci and it was seen for the first time in the year of 1950 in DAF cars. Then finally they became popular in the early 21st century when there was the invention of gearless scooters and automatic cars. If you still want to know more about the history of CVT then just take our CVT transmission assignment help.

The procedure of working of a CVT unit

I have already told you above that this unit does not take the help of gears. In these units, there is the use of two pulleys, the diameters of which are variable and they are in connection with each other through a chain or a belt.

One end of the belt is in connection with the engine and the other end is connected with the wheels. The pulleys that are used are movable and the diameter of the pulleys becomes larger when they come closer and the belt rides over them and vice-versa also takes place.

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As the car gains momentum and as the acceleration increases, the diameters of the pulley keep on changing. There is a decrease in speed of the engine and this results in a lowering of the speed of the car; this further helps in relaxed cruising so that quick overtaking can take place. For a more detailed explanation in the mechanics and minor details, you can opt for our CVT transmission assignment help.

In Which Cars Do CVT Gearbox, Automatic Gearbox And Manual Gearbox Are Found?

If you want to get an answer to this question of yours you will have to consider the old and the modern generation of cars. Manual gearbox or the stick-shift gearbox is the most common gearbox that is used globally. Before driving the cars having automated gear shift you must have driven cars with manual gearbox patterns. They were present in old and classic cars like Fiat Padmini Premier, Ambassador, and many others. Initially, there were three gearboxes in the manual gearbox but now in the premium cars, there are six to seven gears; for example in cars like Porsche 911, Chevrolet Corvette, etc.

The automatic gearbox is found in modern days cars like the Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Polo, Skoda Superb, Skoda Octavia, Audi Q7 and many others. In them, a version of automatic gearbox called DSG gearbox is found. In these cars, the gear is applied electronically and hydraulically. This is done by sensing the speed, speed of the rotation of the engine and also by the parameter like throttle's position. Nowadays with the increase in the number of gears, the efficiency of fuel consumption and also there is improved acceleration of the cars. ZF Company has introduced 9-speed gearboxes in its cars.

CVT gearbox comes in most of the Honda and Toyota company cars. It also comes in Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru cars. It comes in many electronic scooters and also in hybrid cars. This gearbox is considered to be much smoother and efficient in comparison to traditional automatic gearbox cars. This type of gearbox has also been reported to improve mileage and that is why this type of gearbox has now been considered and preferred over the other two types of gearboxes.

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What Are The Problems with CVT Transmission?

The problems associated with CVT transmission are as follows:

Overheating, expensive stretching and the wearing of the belt, sudden loss of acceleration, jerking, slipping and shuddering, the sound of droning, very high cost of maintenance and repairing. These are some of the drawbacks that lead to distraction of the car and the scooter owners from buying them. Apart from these drawbacks, there is also another drawback which is the generation of less speed in these cars and vehicles.

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