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Biodiversity homework

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Biodiversity Defined In Our Biodiversity Homework Help Usa

Biodiversity is the term used to describe the many different living things here on Earth. These living things include animals, plants, bacteria, fungi, and other living organisms. Biodiversity is often used to describe the total number of different species within an ecosystem. This amount ranges among the various ecosystems in different regions around the world

Biodiversity is the variation among living organisms from different sources including terrestrial, marine, and desert ecosystems, and the ecological complexes

Biodiversity describes the richness and variety of life on earth. It is the most complex and important feature of our planet. Without biodiversity, life would not sustain.

The term biodiversity was coined in 1985. It is important in natural as well as artificial ecosystems. It deals with nature’s variety, the biosphere. It refers to variabilities among plants, animals, and microorganism species.

Biodiversity includes the number of different organisms and their relative frequencies in an ecosystem. It also reflects the organization of organisms at different levels.

Biodiversity holds ecological and economic significance. It provides us with nourishment, housing, fuel, clothing, and several other resources. It also extracts monetary benefits through tourism. Therefore, it is very important to have a good knowledge of biodiversity for a sustainable livelihood.

As per UN General Assembly, May 22 is celebrated as International Day of Biodiversity to protect biodiversity with a set of guidelines.

biodiversity homework help

Types Of Diversity Featured In Our Biodiversity Homework Help

Species Diversity

Species Diversity includes different type of species available in a specific area and ranges from plants to different microorganisms. Species diversity is the most fundamental biodiversity level.

Ecological Diversity

An ecosystem is an assembly of all the living and non-living organisms as well as their interaction. It is also the variations in the plant and animal species that are connected through food chains and food webs. Ecological diversity can be seen in ecosystems like rainforests, mangroves, and deserts.

Genetic Diversity

The differences between the genetic resources of the organisms bring up genetic diversity. For this reason, a specific species look different from each other, the human looks different and there are different species of rice, wheat, and maize.

Importance of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is highly essential for enduring life on the earth. Let’s go through the importance of biodiversity.

Ecological Stability

Every single species featured their role in an ecosystem where they store energy and generates as well as decomposes organic matters from time to time. Hence a diverse ecosystem is highly productive and capable of tolerating any kind of environmental pressure. Moreover, the ecosystem channelizes many services for the betterment and survival of human beings.

Economic Importance

Biodiversity is the storehouse of food, pharmaceuticals, and other necessary products. the plants used for medicinal purposes, the parks and centuries open new prospects for travel and livestock and fishery works as the rich source of food.

Ethical Importance

In an ecosystem every species has the right to survival, no one has the privilege to bring in their voluntary extinction so all have to work on a singular aim the conservation of biodiversity.

What Are The Threats To Biodiversity?

At current times humans have become the supreme power that causes quick changes to the ecosystem and a loss of biodiversity. So, it is not wrong to say we are living in Anthropocene. It is a universal fact to undergo changes and extinctions however at current times both are stirring at a rapid rate.

So, we can say the major threat to diversity include habitat loss, invasive species, pollution, and climatic changes. However, the most underlying threat to biodiversity is the ever-growing human population.

On the other hand, the mindset of the human being hampers the most to the biodiversity especially the wildlife however they depend completely for the air, water, and food on biodiversity.

Faq’s On Biodiversity

What Is Biodiversity And Why It Is Important?

Biodiversity is all about the life and living bodies on earth such as the species of plants, microorganisms and animals. It enhances the ecosystem productivity where every single species on the earth plays a crucial role. Biodiversity is important because it guarantees the natural sustainability of all living beings. It also helps the ecosystem overcome any kind of disasters and difficulties.

What Are The Four Major Components Of Biological Diversity?

The four major components of biological diversity include Functional Diversity, Ecological Diversity, Genetic Diversity and Species Diversity. Functional diversity is all about the biological processes whereas ecological diversity deals with the variety of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem.

What Are The Major Threats To Biodiversity?

The threat to biodiversity is a significant issue and it mostly instigated due to human activities. The major threats include habitat loss & destruction, variation in the ecosystem composition and human-related pollution and contaminations.

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biodiversity homework

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Biodiversity Homework Sample

In this homework the students have to discuss o the concepts of conservation such as island biogeography, metapopulation, ecosystem function, valuation and critique.

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