Students enrolled in the courses dealing with healthcare studies are often taught the molecular basis of life in detail. Biochemistry is the most profoundly taught subject in medical studies, given the importance, it has in life sciences.

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Here are Some Sample Questions From the Biochemistry Assignment:

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Let us discuss some biochemistry concepts which are essential to answer these questions.

What Is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry Homework

Biochemistry is a versatile field with a lot of specializations coming under it. It is the study of all the chemical reactions happening within a biological system. These chemical reactions are necessary to support life.

Some of the Important Topics Which are Taught Under Biochemistry are:


The food we intake is broken down by various biochemical reactions and converted into biologically useful forms, from which nutrition is obtained by the cells of the system. Glycolysis, Electron transfer chain, oxidative phosphorylation, photosynthesis, gluconeogenesis, Krebs cycle, etc. are some of the commonly taught metabolic pathways in biochemistry.


Any reaction, whether in vivo or in vitro, is fastened up by the presence of a catalyst. Biological catalysts are known as enzymes. Enzymes play a key role in biochemical pathways. There are 6 kinds of enzymes based on the nature of reactions they catalyze:

  • Oxidoreductase:These enzymes catalyze the oxidation and reduction of substrates.

  • Transferase:These enzymes catalyze the transfer of functional groups between molecules. For example Threonine kinase. Kinases are involved in the transfer of the phosphate group.

  • Hydrolase:These enzymes catalyze the breakdown of molecules, with an addition of a water molecule.

  • Lyase:These enzymes catalyze the breakdown of molecules, without using

  • Isomerase:These enzymes catalyze in the transfer of a functional group within the same molecule.

  • Ligase:These enzymes catalyze the joining of two molecules.


Chemicals are used to treat numerous medical ailments. Prevention, cure, or mitigation of a disease using chemicals is known as chemotherapy. Antibiotics, antivirals, anti-cancer drugs, etc. are examples of some chemotherapeutics agents.

Disease pathways:

All diseases are the result of some sort of chemical imbalance in the body. For example, phenylketonuria is caused by the absence of the enzyme which metabolizes phenylalanine.


Various molecules are required for continuing the life cycle of an organism. Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids are the fundamental biomolecules.

Uses of Biochemical Studies:


Biochemical tests like the biuret test for proteins are done to estimate the presence of various biomolecules in a biological sample. The presence or absence of certain markers of disease is used to diagnose or detect the disease onset, identify the stage of the disease or check the progress of recovery from the disease.

Prevention of disease:

After getting a biochemical test done, if a parameter comes out to be on the borderline or in the risk zone, we can make conscious efforts to revert the harm or prevent the disease onset. On the other hand, taking supplements that are used to maintain healthy body levels of nutrients also help in preventing disease.

Cure of disease:

Chemotherapeutic agents are used to curing diseases. For example, after the blood sugar level is found to be high in someone, either the person can be a prediabetic or a diabetic. ant diabetic drugs are used to cure diabetes and reduce the blood sugar level.


Biochemical tests are done to analyze various biological samples, which could be analyzed to identify various diseases. For example, SGOT and SGPT are the tests done to examine any liver injury. SGOT and SGPT are the enzymes that are found inside the liver cells. Their presence in the blood at elevated levels marks liver injury or hepatic distress.


To make the existing medical technologies more efficient, progressive research is conducted by biochemists all around the globe to improve the healthcare systems.

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