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Biochemists are competent people that often invest their lives in studying and unraveling the mysteries of Biochemical reactions and life-processes. They study the compositions, different functions, and the way they are all affected by the interactions between different biologically available reactions. They are also responsible for collecting data regarding the life processes and understanding the phenomena that happen during different life stages, and at death.

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What Are Some Commonly Asked Biochemical Processes?

Every Biological reaction manipulates or converts the energy in some form. For example; Photosynthesis is a simple and commonly known Biological process, but it converts sunlight into energy for the plant. It absorbs the energy from the photons to catalyze endothermic chemical reactions and produce energy in the form of sugars, which is then later stored in the form of fruits.

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Like Photosynthesis, there are thousands of Biological Processes that happen inside the body. These biological processes either generate energy from the stored reserves of glucose or fat, or they either convert the metabolites to these storing units. However, the Biological processes inside the body are not merely limited to energy conversions. Numerous chemicals like amino acids react with each other to form different types of proteins that form different cells. These cells together make an organ or execute a particular biological function in the body.

Fundamentally, biological processes can be grouped to the following:

Anaerobic Biological Life Processes:

The anaerobic process like anaerobic digestion is a sequence of chemical reactions that break down the material in the absence of the oxygen. For example, microorganisms like bacteria, or protozoans digest their food in the absence of oxygen. Human Intestines and intestines of other organisms host a plethora of microorganisms in the right balance. Due to a lack of oxygen in the intestines, the microorganisms help break down the undigested food matter via anaerobic digestions and produce metabolites that are beneficial to the host. For example, Lactobacilli Uteri, a bacteria that breaks down proteins to form Serotonin in the Large Intestine. Did you know that 70 % of the Serotonin, the feel-good hormone, is manufactured in the gut and not the brain?

Anaerobic digestion naturally occurs in moist conditions as water cuts of the air contact of microbes that eventually deprives them of oxygen.

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An-aerobic Respiration:

Respiration means the exchange of energy or oxygen. Breathing is a kind of respiration because the lungs enable the exchange of oxygen between de-oxygenated blood and oxygen-rich air. Thus, muscles Respire anaerobically under load. Anaerobic respiration produces byproducts like acid and ketones.

What is Aerobic Respiration?

Aerobic processes happen in the presence of abundant oxygen. For example, Photosynthesis, or breakdown of food by microbes in the soil.

Generally, Cellular Respirations can be understood as metabolic processes occurring at the heart of the cells of an organism. The chemical energy from oxygen converts to units of energy like ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

Other Biochemical Processes:

Anabolic Reactions

Anabolic reactions refer to the constructive class of chemical reactions. larger molecules are formed as the result of anabolic reactions and in the process, energy is absorbed. Thus, these chemical processes that lead to the synthesis of new and stabler compounds are known as Anabolic reactions. Like the generation of fat from sugar or the formation of muscles from proteins.

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What Are The Catabolic Processes?

Catabolic Processes are antagonist reactions to anabolic processes. These are the processes that produce the opposite results to the anabolic processes. Anabolism creates new compounds and uses energy, the catabolic processes release energy and break down large molecules.

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