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Tribology is the science behind two or more interacting surfaces in relative motion. The subject discusses the applications and primary fundamentals of friction, wear and lubrication. The phenomenon has existed since centuries, but since the early eighteen-hundreds, tribology has got special attention with the rise of the industrial revolution. It is 2020 and tribology has expanded to a dedicated course for engineering and STEM students.

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Get to Know the Basics of Tribology for Writing Any Assignment

What is Friction?

Friction is the opposing force that opposes the relative motion between two surfaces. Friction comes into action when two surfaces attempt to slide over each other. Surprisingly, it is known as the stopping force, but it is only due to friction that we can drive cars, walk on the road and grab objects with our hands.

This may sound contrary to the stigma that friction is bad. Generally, we discover friction as the explanation behind the wear and tear of the objects. Thus, the definition of friction has been confined to narrow definition as opposing or wearing forces. But in a way, it helps us execute our daily tasks with ease. Imagine holding a book without friction! Imagine trying to walk without friction! We would not be able to do any of it.

Laws of Friction

  • Friction is an independent force that acts independently of the area of contact.
  • The force is directly proportional to the normal load. The normal load is a term for perpendicular force in Physics.
  • Dynamic coefficient of friction is not dependent on the relative sliding speed.

What Are The Kinds of Frictional Forces?

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There are three kinds of frictional forces; static friction, dynamic friction and rolling friction. There is also a fourth kind of friction; fluid friction. However, the academic community has come to a consensus to give it a separate identity as drag.

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Static Friction

It is the kind of frictional force that acts on the objects or surfaces when they are relatively at rest. For example, while walking, there is static friction between our shoes and the ground. While holding a cup, there is static friction between the surface of the cup and our hand.

Sliding Friction

It is the opposing force in action when there is a relative motion between two surfaces in contact. The force opposes the relative motion and brings an object to rest or causes wear and tear. The coefficient for static friction is denoted by Us, which is always lesser than the coefficient of static friction.

Rolling Friction

It is the force that acts between the two surfaces in a relative rolling motion. For example, the force acting between the tyre of your car and the ground. Or the force that acts between ball bearings and their casing.

What is Lubrication in Tribology Science?

Lubrication is a vital aspect of tribology assignments. Typically, students that look for Tribology Assignment Help, find it hard to understand lubrication and its multidisciplinary concepts. But experts that provide tribology homework help can help you understand the concepts better. Get tutored by our veteran subject-matter experts and score high grades in your subject.

Lubrication is a process that involves the application of smooth solids, fluids or plastics on the surfaces to reduce friction between two surfaces in relative motion. It reduces wear and tear of the mechanical components of a machine. For example, the engine oil lubricates the walls of the piston chamber to reduce wear and tear of the piston. Along with lubrication, lubricants also perform different functions like providing a fluid seal, protecting components from corrosion, and regulating temperature.

There are Three Widely Used Types of Lubricants

Full Film:

It is kind of hydrodynamic lubrication. Oils or fluids adhere to the surfaces in motion and get drawn to the area between sliding surfaces. This forms a balancing pressure like a hydrodynamic wedge.

Boundary Lubrication

Boundary lubricants are applied to the parts that frequently stop and start or frequently change the direction of their motion. Some lubricants even have extreme pressure or anti-wear additives that help protect the surface in the events where full films fail due to rapid motion or excess load.

Boundary lubricants contain additives that stick to the surface of the metals and produce a sacrificial layer to protect the metal from wear and tear.

Mixed Lubricants

As the name suggests, these lubricants carry the properties of both the kinds of lubricants and perform mixed functions. They simultaneously maintain a hydrodynamic and solid-state on the surface to provide dynamic lubrication and all-round protection.

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