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What is Taxonomy?

The science that identifies, describes, and classifies living organisms on the globe is termed as taxonomy. It includes organisms, such as - animals, plants, and microorganisms, on the earth. In taxonomy, the process of classifying and arranging different species is done by using morphological, genetic, and behavioural observations. Hence, different types of plants and animals are arranged in a hierarchical form, from superior to subordinate groups. The system of classification of living organisms we use today was developed by Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist. Carolus developed a system known as the binomial nomenclature for providing a genus and species name to each organism. He also invented a system of classification known as the taxonomy hierarchy. We use this system today; it has eight ranks, names as - domain, kingdom phylum, class, order, family, genus and species.

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Levels of Taxonomy

A deep understanding of different levels of taxonomy is necessary for every budding taxonomist. It will help you in identifying animals belonging from different domains. kingdoms, classes, etc. Our taxonomic assignment help experts have discussed all the eight levels of taxonomy below.

Level of Taxonomy

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The highest rank of organisms is known as a domain. The domain is new as compared to other taxonomic ranks because it was not invented by Linnaeus. The three prime domains of life are Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukaryota.


Before the introduction of the domain, the highest taxonomic rank was Kingdom. In the past, there were different kingdoms that included Animalia, fungi, Plantae, bacteria, Protista, and archaea. Later on, it was identified that some of these groupings like, Protista is not appropriate. It includes eukaryotic organisms that are neither considered as animals, plants, or fungi. Revisions and modifications in the kingdom are still under process.


Phylum comes just after the kingdom and it is more justified and specific than a kingdom. It is less specific as compared to class. In total there are 35 phyla in the kingdom Animalia. It includes Chordata, Anthropology, and Porifera.


Until the 19th century, phyla were not part of the taxonomic hierarchy. Till then the most accurate rank invented by Linnaeus was the class. The kingdom Animalia has 108 different classes, including aves, reptilia, Mammalia, and many others.


The more specific taxonomic level then the class is the order. There are around 19 to 26 orders of Mammalia. Some order invented by Linnaeus is still in practice, such as - Lepidoptera.


The most specific level of taxonomy is family. Some families are the part of order Carnivora, such as - Felidae, Canidae, Mephitidae, and Ursidae.


As we reach the high levels it becomes more specific than the lower one. So genus more specific than family. Genus is the first part scientific name of organisms using binomial nomenclature. The section is this species name. The scientific name of organisms are always italicized, the genus name is written in capitalised form and species are not.

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The most specific and major taxonomic rank is species. The species are further divided into subspecies, but not every species has various forms that are different enough to be termed as subspecies. There are around 8.7 million species of organisms on the globe. Still, a majority of them are not identified and categorised.

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