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MKT600 Sustainable Marketing Assignment Sample

MKT600 Sustainable Marketing Assignment Sample

MKT600 Sustainable Marketing Assignment Sample2

It can be understood from the question file of the sustainable marketing assignment that students are being asked to research and reflect critically on current marketing solutions as well as identify the ethical issues with them. These students are also asked to provide an alternate solution that would be ethical and morally correct and valid according to the concepts of Sustainable marketing. Let's understand these concepts in depth from the experts that provide Sustainable marketing assignment help.

What is Sustainable Marketing?

Essentially, sustainable marketing is when a brand promotes socially, environmentally responsible, and customer-centric practices, values, and products. Businesses across the globe leverage the techniques of marketing for specific offerings, causes, and as a USP for their products. For example, Lego, a brand that has mastered the art of sustainable marketing, has dedicated a section of its site to portray their defined resolutions for the betterment of the environment and how it provides better utility to their customers.

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The organisations are increasingly being criticized for their wasteful products and deceptive marketing techniques. Sustainable marketing can also be a way to counteract the negative publicity that an organisation gains by the widespread criticism for its environmentally irresponsible products or brand values. Sustainable marketing is also an effective technique to build long-lasting relations with customers while allowing them to feel that their complaints have been heard. While the field is still under development and review, this field of marketing is crucial and a potential method of marketing in the future. Sustainable marketing can be a solid reason that presents your brand as a unique offering to customers amidst the pool of similar brands offering similar services or products.

What are the concepts of Sustainable Marketing

Over a period of time, 5 common marketing strategies for sustainable development has been made.

  1. Consumer-centric marketing
  2. Customer-value marketing
  3. The innovative style of marketing
  4. Cause marketing
  5. Societal marketing

Let's discuss them one by one here in this article.

Consumer-Centric Marketing

Consumer-Centric Marketing

Source: ifamemedia

Instead of blatantly forcing your products on the consumers, this approach is unique as it addresses the needs, interests, and wants of the customers directly. It advocates that the brand or the product prioritises customers over other factors. This kind of technique can be achieved via a blend of data collection and analysis methods like common sense, gathered data, intuition, or observation of consumer behavior as a function. It also advocates that organisations should work hard to actively trace the trend of needs and wants of the consumer base and build/modify products to serve those demands accordingly. This kind of company carries an all-consuming passion for delivering something superior to a specific, precisely targetted group of their customers.

Consumer-Value Marketing

This type of marketing advocates that a brand or an organisation should spend a major chunk of its resources into customer-value-building activities. One-shot solutions like massive promotions, changes in cosmetic packaging, response centric advertising, are believed to increase sales in the short term, but consumer value marketing enables people to gain sustained profits for the long term. Thus, the organisations should focus on providing more value with their product by providing superior quality, features, and convenience than the competitors.

Innovative or Enlightened style of marketing.

This style of marketing aims for long-run customer engagement and relationship building by constantly maximizing the benefits consumers receive from the company's business offering. In exchange, the business can extract revenue from customers by generating value for customers. This seeks that the organisation, perpetually make realistic and noticeable product and marketing improvements. In a race, the organisation that fails to do so would eventually lose customers to another organisation that finds a more effective way to execute this. We can take Nintendo for example that has excellently deployed this style of marketing. When tech giants like Microsoft and Sony involved in the gamin console war, Nintendo came up with an innovative idea to instead target consumers on the basis of experience rather than just flexing raw tech specs and processing capabilities of the console. The Nintendo Wii system was a result of the gaming experience re-designed by the company as the incorporated high-end motion sensing techniques in the gaming experience. It could be evidently seen in the sales as the Nintendo Wii beat the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in sales in the first and fourth quarters of that year.

Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing

Source: Squarespace

In the influencer and Liberal age, as consumers across the globe become more aware of the cruelty and unjust practices around them, they now seek to buy from brands that seek to make a difference. It can be evidently seen through the trend that consumers all across the globe are willing to pay higher prices for the goods that are vegan, environmentally sustainable, or advocate equality for all. This also benefits the supposedly non-profit organisations as organisations with deep pockets can raise the resources to raise awareness for the cause.

Societal Marketing

Societal Marketing

Source: websitemagazine

Societal marketing is a concept that advocates that a company should include society's long term goals and interests into their marketing strategy along with factoring in the growing wants and needs of the consumers. This kind of marketing lays a major emphasis on the social responsibilities of a company and suggests that the company's product should provide long-term value to society as well as to the customers by improving the quality of life. Eventually, this kind of marketing technique brings the brand in the good books of the customers and in turn increases revenue in terms of sales. It should not be confused with Social Media Marketing or SMM, as one is a concept and the other is a platform driven execution. Iy uplifts consumers and emphasizes on social responsibilities while suggesting that markets should meet the present and the future needs of the consumers while preserving the resources for future generations to meet their needs.

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