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A geologist is considered no less than a scientist and if you are an aspirant of pursuing structural geography, Monash University has the largest group for structural geology in Australia. And, the course involving the exploration of the process of rock deformation is comprehensively available at The University of Newcastle and Curtin University. While pursuing structural geology in Australia you get a chance to learn about the mechanism through which a fault grows and links, critical evaluation of seismic and structural data used for identification and differentiation between deformation style, and the evolution of fault systems. With an extremity of research, students will are asked to submit a plethora of assignments for which the structural geology assignment help is readily available.

Here are the structural geology assignment sample by our experts.

Structural Geology Assignment Help

Structural Geology Assignment

And while using the present-day measurements to unfold the history of deformation in the rocks, structural geology will require you to add all the calculative research and concepts in your assignments or reports. Fortunately, My Assignment Services comes to your rescue with online structural geology assignment help by their subject experts who strive to deliver the error-free assignments to step-up your game of obtaining top-notch grades.

Let’s have a look at some essential concepts residing under the umbrella of structural geology

Studying of 3D distribution of rock units depending on their deformity history is what precisely defines structural geology. Events like the structural evolution of a [particular region can be very well assessed by the applications of structural geology which are to be added in the reports made by the students. And, which is professionally taken care of by the structural geology assignment help.

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The Curve Of Stress-Strain

The directional force over a particular area is defined as stress and when a rock is put under stress, it tends to change its shape. But, it’s not sure whether the rock will take back its original shape or not after the stress is released. And, the change in rock is quantified through strain which is induced by stress leading to the change in shape. If in the case of stress release, the rock gets back to its original form, the deformation is known to be elastic or reversible deformation. The reason for this is stated to be the unbreakable bond that causes the material to spring back and this is denoted by the Hookean liner relationship where strain equals the division of stress by the Elastic Modulus.

Structural Geology


To define, hardness is the measurement of resistance towards deformation but it is difficult to quantify. Usually categorized as a surface quality and the measure of abrasiveness and in case a material is subjected to test which holds uniformity in structure and composition then the surface of the materials is said to be only a few atomic layers thick. And, a few ways to measure the hardness of the material are:

  • Deval Abrasion Test

  • Mohs Scale

  • Dorry Abrasion Test

  • Indentation Hardness


The resistance of a material towards cracking is described as the toughness of the material. In plastic deformation, a material absorbs the energy until the occurrence of a fracture. And, in the stress-strain curve, the area is the amount of work required to get a fracture in the material. The toughness modulus is however defined as the 2/3 of the product of the ultimate tensile strength and the strain at failure. Also, it is defined as the maximum energy that a material can absorb without resulting in a fracture. The two ways to test the toughness of the material are:

  • Page Impact Machine

  • Charpy Impact Test


When a material absorbs elastic energy under stress, the term coined for that is resilience. To put it simply, it is any external work that is done on the material at the time of deformation. And, the resilience modulus can be defined as the division of yield strength by the elastic modulus. To enhance the resilience, the elastic yield strength needs to be increased while the modulus of elasticity should be decreased.

Some frequently asked questions answered by the structural geology assignment help

What Are The 3 Main Categories Of Geologic Structures?

The structural geologists recognize three structures that resulted due to the deformation in the Earth’s crust which are mainly, faults and fractures, unconformities, and folds. And, with the structural geology assignments, all three of them require strenuous research which is performed well by our experts of structural geology assignment solution.

What Is The Importance Of Structural Geology?

Structural geology aims at uncovering the evolution of the earth by studying the deformation caused in the Earth’s crust with the present-day measurements.

What Are The 4 Types Of Faults?

Faults hold considerable importance in the field of structural geology and are mainly categorized as normal faults, strike-slip faults, reverse faults, and oblique faults.

How do we define primary structures?

Wilkernson defined Primary Structures as non-tectonic which means that they are formed while the sedimentary deposition occurs and if it’s a metamorphic rock then during crystallization.

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