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So, Let’s find out what makes your sweet soda, or Coke, actually sweet? No, it is not sugar, it is stereochemistry! There are two commonly known simple sugars; Fructose and Glucose! Both are stereoisomers. Stereochemistry is the study of stereoisomers and their behavior in different chemical reactions. Though stereoisomers have the same chemical formula, they are non-superimposable mirror images of each other. Thus they behave differently, with different compounds. For example, Fructose and Glucose, are stereoisomers but vary significantly in their sweetening index.

Fructose is sweeter than Glucose. Fructose also metabolized differently than Glucose. While Glucose is absorbed by the intestine and directly enters the blood-stream, Fructose first passes the liver and doesn’t increase the blood glucose level. The distinctive sweet taste of sugary sodas comes from fructose. A special syrup, known as High-fructose corn syrup is mixed with water and pressurized carbon dioxide to make soft-drinks.

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Fundamentals of Stereochemistry

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What is an Isomer?

Isomers are the molecules that have identical molecular mass, molecular formulas, and the same number of atoms in the polyatomic set- up. But their shapes and orientation differ in these isomers. The atoms in these isomers are distinctly distributed in the space. Along with the differences in the orientation and shape of the molecule, isomers can also differ in the chemical activity. For example, in biological reactions, the roles of isomers differ substantially from each other.

Stereochemistry Assignment Help

What Are Different Types of Isomers?

Isomers can be broadly clustered into two broad groups; structural-isomers, or constitutional isomers. Let’s talk about the structural isomers first. Then these structural Isomers would be further split into three-subcategories like chain isomers, position isomers, as well as functional isomers.

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For example, Butane can have two different isomers, as it has a four-carbon chain. The degree of structural isomers rises in direct proportion with an increase in the number of carbon atoms. Decane, a molecule with a chain of 10 carbon atoms, can have up to seventy-five isomers. Likewise, a carbon chain that goes up to 40 atoms of carbon, can possibly have 62,000,000,000 isomers.

Chain Isomerism

Long-chain molecules can have different arrangements of atoms while having the same molecular formula. The carbon skeleton can accommodate different arrangements of other carbon groups at different positions on the backbone and still possess the same molecular mass as well as the formula. The skeleton can exist as a single long chain or multiple sub-chains attached to a backbone.

Isomers have different names and usually use suffixes and prefixes to represent the positions of carbon atoms in a molecule. However, as the carbon atom increases, it gets harder to name all the isomers of a particular compound.

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Functional Isomers

As the name suggests, these isomers have different functional groups attached to the carbon chain, while having the same molecular formula. The chemical properties differ significantly due to the change in the functional group. For example, when atoms rearrange themselves in a particular molecule to make different bonds. For example, alkanes that are simple chains of carbon and Hydrogen can form isomers called, cycloalkane, which is the ring-shaped form of the carbon chain. Thus forming different functional isomers and molecules with different chemical properties.


As discussed earlier, stereoisomerism is a special case of structural isomerism. Stereoisomers are different from each other as they can be assumed as a mirror image of each other. However, these mirror-images are non-superimposable in any orientation. They can interact with different enzymes and perform different functions in biochemical processes. There are two primary types of geometric isomerism; namely optical isomerism! As the name suggests, instead of large scale rearrangements of the structures optical isomerism involves different spatial arrangements in parts of the molecules.

Geometric Isomer

Critics condemn using the term geometric isomerism and strongly discourage the IUPAC naming conventions. They prefer to call it either ‘cis-trans’ or ‘E/Z’ naming in some particular case of alkenes.

These types of isomers form when the carbon atoms form double or triple bonds between them. Double and triple bonds restrict rotational movements and thus it means that if the groups attached to these carbon atoms are relatively in different position, then those molecules can be considered as “cis-trans” isomers.

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