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Digital Sales Plan Task

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About the company.

Website Portal Design and Payment Gateway.

UI/UX Design.

User Analytics.

Marketing Channels.



Introduction to XYZ Private Limited Analysis

The consumer entertainment industry has been rapidly expanding with the increasing number internet supported devices enabling users to access data from any part of the world at any given time. The entertainment industry is comprised of different sectors ranging from movies, TV shows, radio programs, news, music and printed media. The industry also provides employment to people in large numbers for varied job profiles ranging from content creators, management, technical staff and support staff. Many other industries belonging to other sectors of the economy have also adapted the methodology used by the entertainment industry of knowing their customers, providing the best content and create a buzz among the customers.The entertainment industry is continually advancing with new technologies and ideas in the market. E-books are getting progressively normal and make up a decent bit of present book deals. Electronic entertainment is getting mainstream too as the overall population is able to watch television shows and films on the web. Mobile phones have become a media gadget in the entertainment industry and TVs are being made and sold with superior quality and three-dimensional displays. Traditionally, entertainment was offered to customers through cable lines and had limited options of viewing content on demand or surfing for different genres of content. With the launch of entertainment giants in the market, customers can make use of these services on demand and companies can provide its viewers the choice in type of entertainment and the time they wish to avail it. In a survey carried out by Deloitte (2020), the results indicated that at least 69% of people who participated in the survey accepted of holding at least one video streaming subscription in comparison to the 65% with paid TV subscription. The survey also found that on an average, a customer possesses at least 3 video subscriptions. Although, both means of existence for the entertainment industry exists, the internet enables entertainment industry is likely to outperform the traditional entertainment business models.Some of the attributes which control the entertainment industry are extent of convenience offered by them, their sustainability, customer service, affordability and quality. Considering the impact of these services to the economy of USA, the OTT services together generate a revenue of $16.4 billions (PWC n.d.).

About XYZ Private Limited Analysis

This report analyses the performance of an entertainment business company named XYZ Private Limited. The company focuses on providing a one stop point for its customers by combining the different sectors of the entertainment industry under one single platform. The company aims at providing services to its customers in the form of on demand news, entertainment, books and magazines under one single website. The company also provides its users a mobile application to be installed on different operating systems. Users are asked to create an account on the website or on the app to save certain information related to the customers such as interest zones, choice of entertainment, language preferences and other content related information. Users are then asked to pay for subscriptions. Subscription payments can be paid in monthly instalments or even quarterly and annually. Upon choosing quarterly or annual payment methods, the company provides certain benefits to its customers in the form of discounts, or shopping vouchers to maintain customer loyalty. The company faces extreme competition to increasing number of internet-based media business. But what helps XYZ maintain a good market share and hold a good market value is the dedication offered by the company towards its customers to provide different forms of entertainment under one single roof.

Website Portal Design and Payment Gateway

The first and the most important step is to design a user-friendly portal for the website. E-commerce websites and other online ventures put in lot of efforts to design the most convenient and distinguishable portals for their businesses. The two major terminologies often associated with websites are UI and UX. UI is used to describe the user interface design followed by the company and UX is used to describe the user experience. These terms together predict the level of establishments of any website. A portal design can be carried out in a number of different steps which include tasks such as planning the target audience, competitors, etc, designing, content writing and coding the website. According to Song (2016), the information age has benefitted largely to website portals by popularizing them which helps them expand their business and hence, increase its benefits.Websites can be created using a number of platforms available online. Some of the commonly used platforms are Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, etc. The company website can be created using SquareSpace which provides services such as website development, software maintenance, security and a vast range of storage and bandwidth. The website developed by XYZ can be used on different devices with different screen sizes, hence it becomes important to make use of methods to provide the same interface to users over different devices by helping the website adjust to different screen resolutions. According to Heath (2017), one method which can be used by XYZ is making using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which controls the analysis of the device and the transformation of device friendly websites. Besides planning and implementing those plans, to host a successful online venture, an integral part of the system is the payment gateway. Many online ventures make use of different payment gateways which are controlled using reliable frameworks to provide security and confidentiality to its users. XYZ can make use of a payment gateway known as VoguePay which is an online payment platform which helps its users to perform transactions such as sending and receiving money from any place in the world in any currency. According to John, Anthony & Emmanuel (2019), this gateway can be used parallel to a software known as NGrok which is used to tunnel payment. To make use of this payment platform, the first step involves setting up of the payment facilitating codes which are then embedded into the company’s website. These lines of code are used to integrate the payment platform into the website. The account details for a particular account created to receive payments from users are identified by creating a unique VoguePay merchant ID.

UI/UX Design

According to Joo (2017), a UI which stands for User Interface is used to describe a system which is used to form a channel for the user to send and receive information through different commands. On the other hand, UX which is User Experience is used to describe the complete experience related to the feeling or reactions of the user upon interacting with a system. There are various factors which affect the UI/UX design patterns including minimalistic design, implementing graphical data to acquire user attention, good use of colours on the website and avoiding excess data to be viewed by the user. The interface of the website can be planned so as to provide all necessary data to the user on one single screen so as to avoid unnecessary scrolling by the user and making it difficult to find relevant data. The website can hold the key tabs as keywords on the top of the website under the logo of the company followed by thumbnails of different types of content for different genres. The interface shall be designed in such manner, that whenever the user scrolls to a tab, the tab expands and displays the sub-categories under that particular tab. For example, if the key tabs hold titles as movies, books, magazines and music and the user scrolls to the songs tab, the tab expands and filters the user’s option to genres of music, language, etc. Another key element, the UX design can be implemented using different methodologies. According to Myagotin, Zarifullina & Anchugova (2019), user experience is a combination of various tasks such as interactive designs, informative architectures, extent of usability and visual design. The three main categories which control the extent of user experience is the level of desire, ease in usage and utility. One way to setup an effective and efficient user experience for XYZ can be to draw rough sketches of the ideas which could be used to design the UX and then test them to understand their flaws and their level of performance.

User Analytics

Analytics helps in understanding the performance of a website. It helps organizations understand certain parameters related to their website such as regular traffic, understanding changes in traffic and finding out particular time intervals in which the website witnesses’ maximum and minimum user traffic, etc. It helps online businesses to make changes in their website accordingly to increase their sales and provide an overall enhanced experience to their customers. According to Chitkara & Mahmood (2019), there are many tools which offers its users a range of parameters related to their business. Some of the well-known analytics tools are Google Analytics Tools, Adobe Analytics Tool, Kissmetrics, SEMRush tool and the Hubspot Analytics tools. These tools can be used to help XYZ understand different set of parameters related to different services provided by the company. The company can use these tools to analyse the demographics of their users, behaviour traits, the devices on which users access the website and interests. Understanding demographics of its users can help understand the different age groups making use of the website which can further assist the company in adding more content to their database to provide an even broader entertainment range to their users. By understanding the type of devices being used by customers can help the company in focusing on working on the betterment of either the website or the mobile application.

Marketing Channels

Marketing is a method of promoting businesses and bridging the gap between a business and its customers. Business use various channels or methods to market their businesses by creating advertisements to displayed on websites, social media platforms, news channels, etc. These channels help businesses by performing three key operations such as transactions, logistics and facilitation.According to Muhammad (2016), social media is one of the widely used tool as a platform for business marketing. It helps in generating value for customers through various posts such as written blogs, videos, photos, reviews and ratings which tend to have a good impact for marketing. According to Iankova et al (2019), social media as a channel tend to have a greater impact on business to consumer business rather than business to business models. Since, XYZ is an entertainment company and focuses on the business to consumer sector, it can make good use of social media platforms to help spread its business to customers irrespective of their region.

Conclusion on XYZ Private Limited Analysis

The entertainment industry has made great advancements ever since the invention of digital devices and the internet. Traditionally, entertainment was offered to viewers through either print media or through radios and television. The 21st century has made it possible for companies to offer different forms of entertainment such as music, movies, news and magazines on various digital devices such as mobiles and laptops. This report discusses the digital sales plan for an entertainment company, XYZ Private Limited. XYZ is a company which offers different forms of entertainment under a single platform. It allows its customers to access a range of content such as movies, music, news, etc either through their website or through a mobile application. Unlike other companies focusing on providing just one means of entertainment to its customers, XYZ has earned a good market value and market penetration by combining many such services under one single banner. This report discusses the portal plan for the company and the payment gateway used by the website or the app to help customers pay for their subscriptions. The company can make use of a payment gateway known as VoguePay with a tunnelling software known as NGrok. Another important aspect which decides the performance of any online venture is the UI and UX design. XYZ aims at implementing a minimalistic design approach which displays only crucial information to its customers without causing time delays in searching for relevant information in huge sets of data displayed at a time. The tabs with keywords can be displayed on the website and on the app, which expand to display sub-categories under each keyword. Analytics can help XYZ in understanding key parameters such as traffic on the website, demographics of its users and the type of devices used by customers to access the website and the app. These analytics can help the company in making key decisions such as adding more content for users depending on a particular language or age. Analysing the types of devices can help the company understand the type of device which is used more often other than other types of devices and accordingly the company can innovate either the website or the application to provide a better user experience. The company can also make use of social media platforms as channel to market their business. Social media as a marketing platform has provided to be beneficial for business as these platforms help connect people from different parts of the world hence, creating a larger outreach.

References for XYZ Private Limited Analysis

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