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Enterprise Resource Planning

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Overview of the case study.

Challenges to organization.

Choice of ERP.

Benefits of Implementation of CRM in context to WTTS.

Increasing sales through CRM..




Introduction to World Trip Travel Services Analysis

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to software business management instrumental in helping the companies to store. This type of ability in the process of managing the data is an effective way of managing an organization, like WTTS. One significant benefit of implementing an ERP system is that it allows businesses to streamline their business operations; this is through process re-engineering and the adoption of best practices and standards. With an ERP, a company is thus, able to integrate information from all departments, including customers and supplier’s information. This study will reflect on which ERP will best suite the WTTS company to make enhance their system even more. CRM is considered to be one of the five pillars of ERM which will be taken into account in this study.

Overview of The Case Study

It is a well known fact that COVID 19 has hard hit the travel industry. The WTTS is an Australia based travel tours company instrumental in offering first-class travel experience. They sell affordable holiday experiences to the international students as well as their families. WTTS started their business with a booking system run manually. But gradually they changed and in each of their office changes were made in accordance to technological advances. They are instrumental in enabling WTTS in the direction of transforming their business. It is by the means of using an online booking as well as a proper system of communication’s integration. On the other hand, the up to date system was capable of performing only the basic form of functionalities. They were helpful in the process of maintaining current listings associated with those of the resorts and was uploaded in the system in the form of a PDF file. Alongside these uploaded files was instrumental in mending the queries of the student. It is because they need to keep this in their minds that in the direction of promoting their business they need to inform their clients as well as partners. These changes referred to their hotels and resorts, airlines (Airbnb) in regards to their latest developments that are concerned with the outbreak of pandemic caused by COVID-19 (Stojkić, Veža, & Bošnjak, 2016).

Challenges to Organization

The major challenge subjected to the organization is that WTTS just shifted from manual booking system to online booking and communication system. It was discovered that the existing infrastructure associated with the company is instrumental in performing some of the most basic forms of functionality. This limitation of the system to only perform at a minimal level did impact the hotel management's system. Although the basic form of functionality associated with the responsibility of maintaining an existing view of the hotel. This viewing process is associated with the listing of the current hotel's preceding. These functionalities are recorded in the form of a transferred PDF file or document. WTTS is known for the providing of customized services in favour of the students hence maintains their record that includes their preferences with optimal perfection. In the course of doing so, they are instrumental in using an apt an effective CRM system that helps in the maintaining of students' requests. Another challenge that is faced by the organization is the need to upgrade this CRM-based system and should adopt a productive CRM framework. This CRM based organizational framework is used in the direction of capturing as well as isolating a wide range of data that are derived from the geologically variable yet highly suitable workplaces (Rohminatin, 2020).

Choice of ERP

WTTS currently uses a system that needs an update for everything that happens to be able to keep an inventory. The successful implementations in association with a personalized CRM system in WTTS will enable the company in the direction of providing differentiated service as per the choice of the customers (Chen & Popovich, 2003). The personalized relationship management system in the travel, as well as the hospitality industry, helps in the direction of focusing on the aspect of catering to the best possible services. This refers to a business process that includes the staff. This is instrumental in working on the aspect of acquiring as well as retaining all the loyal customers. This can be done by meeting their individual needs as well as values (Sydorchuk et al., 2019).

Benefits of Implementation of CRM in Context to WTTS

With a customized CRM solution, it is easy in the direction of using accounting services, cloud-based applications including Google Apps. These also include the databases and associated ad sales in the direction of catering services and various utility tools, analytics as well as online mailing systems. It can encompass reporting, pricing as well as customer service related technologies. The CRM developed in context to the travel company is a perfect solution for gaining new customers. Not only this they act as well as better manage operations, thus improving productivity in association with the contextual business (Adiyanto, 2019).

The specially designed WTTS CRM system includes functions that aim in the direction of meeting the specific needs of consumers as well as stakeholders. With the additional functionality implemented in the CRM system, it is easy in the direction of organizing information, implement international communication as well as automate operating procedures (Mellor, 2018).

The customer database will be instrumental in the process of tracking all available information regarding customers. These include the PNR (Passenger Name Record), travel itinerary, pre-sales as well as after-sales communication. By using it, travel agents will be able in the direction of tracking customer's needs more efficiently as well as on time (Chen & Popovich, 2003).

Logging of Multiple agents at the same time in the portal will in turn let to an increase in the process of building connections. These will help the staff members in the direction of performing their business in a coherent manner. Not only this they also help in the bonding of individual members of an organization to intermingle and work as a team. They are known to create the team and induce the aspect of knowledge as well as equip them with expertise in the direction of achieving common visionary mission goals. These are instrumental in operating in a logical as well as coordinated manner (Anna & Lazaros, 2020).

Email, chat as well as back-office services can be synchronized in the context to the CRM system.

Technical support provided by the help desk is intended in the direction of providing software product-related advice. They also help in the process of supporting the customers as in the form of troubleshooting assistance (Le Tan & Dai Trang, 2017).

News archives based on the information will provide the contextual business unit of WTTS to conduct business with the data. These tasks and data interpretational jobs include the booking, as well as help to find or evaluate service history, future bookings, customer preferences, loyalty points, survey results, and travel-related information. It has therefore lingered in terms of catering a fewer number of additional features. It is also able in the direction of exporting all data as well as define reports in Excel format. This will let to an improvement in the storage system. Going further its segmentation as well as the management is in association with the right interpretation and capturing of customer's data (Ventoniemi, 2018).

Data analysis will provide the data based on company sales as well as will be instrumental in monitoring the functionality of different departments. This monitoring is carried out through the assimilation of the statistical data as well as consolidated reports. These reports and data facts are based on the customer's reservation data. The use of analytical tools in association with powerful and sophisticated measurements helps in the direction of providing an apt CRM solution. It is instrumental in making it possible in the direction of profiling and identifying the most profitable customers. Not only is this, it also helps in the direction of estimating the B2B as well as B2C campaign's effectiveness in context to the business (Zaker, 2017).

Integration with IT environments allows uploading in association with electronic mail as well as fax contact records as well as exchanging data with other systems such as the tour operator system.

The Appointment Planner or the contact appointment scheduler records when, where, as well as how the business is contacted. It helps in the process of meeting the customer's needs as well as helps the management to plan the events according to the customer's preference. This also helps in the reservations as well as orders delivery with precision (Le Tan & Dai Trang, 2017).

The booking component is instrumental in allowing us in the direction of efficiently managing all forms of bookings in a real-time scenario. It is instrumental in accessing this information from anywhere as well as any time just by logging in.

Customer relationship management system helps travel agents in the direction of interacting with customers more effectively, easily edit the record or update customer-related events, managing all customer activities.

Increasing Sales Through CRM

Travel CRM or travel management software is intended in the direction of streamlining the operations in association with travel as well as travel agencies. Travel CRM efficiently organizes the business processes in association with travel agencies. It is also instrumental in allowing the customers in the direction of enjoying fast travel services. Travel CRM software is useful in every step of management that also includes the aspect of reviews and follow-ups, sales funnel management, as well as closing. It also instrumental in provides detailed reports in context to an in-depth business view. Nowadays, customer analytics benefit sales and marketing teams as they have a lot of interconnected corporate solutions in the form of an example (Chen & Popovich, 2003). These collaborative solutions can help everyone to work in sync, marketing, sales as well as customer support. The concerned department is in constant touch with the targeted customers and helps in the development of a better understanding in their regards. All these target customers and audience’s information is valuable for the marketing as well as the sales teams in the direction of building effective strategies. Input from customer support team, based on CRM's based analytics insights allows marketers as well as sales reps in the direction of knowing the context of their planning’s in a much more focused, and increased rate of ROI (Rexhepi et al., 2019). 

Recommendation on World Trip Travel Services Analysis

It’s important for WTTS to opt for effective CRM that can eliminate ongoing issues as for an example; CRM is instrumental in helping in the process of bringing automation in the process of sales, and marketing. It also considers the operational aspects associated to the travel business. The CRM software is essential in the direction of streamlining the activities associated with marketing as well as is helpful in the generation of maximum booking’s number. The contextual traveler’s CRM refers to the customer’s relationship management software. These on going further are needed by the WTTS management in the process of helping the travel companies. These help is in regard to the improvements associated with the leading of their management and change in the conversion process. It also includes other aspects like increase in terms of sales efficiently streamline the follow-ups as well as rapidly expands their customer bases. It is also instrumental in generating contextual reports that tend to represent a penetrating view on the business aspects and prospects 19 (Stojkić, Veža, & Bošnjak, 2016)..

Personalized customer interaction experience can be provided by CRM so WTTS is needed to implement an effective CRM system. Modern consumers are used to predicting their desires. Such an approach cannot be applied to the travel industry without CRM, as it will contain a complete history of conversations with each customer and detailed information about them. This makes it possible to create unique approaches and thus take service to a whole new level (Anna & Lazaros, 2020).

Transparent communication can be provided by CRM so WTTS is needed to implement an effective CRM system. CRM systems are universal assistants that integrate all communication channels. Thanks to the capabilities of the system, it lets the agency staff makes calls directly from applications, compose emails, send text messages, communicate with clients on social networks and messengers, manage calls from websites, etc. Repeated switching between devices will be required (Adiyanto, 2019).

It leads to significant time savings for the employees. Usually, all these refer to tasks that the employees have to do day in and day out quickly become boring and burnout sets in. A professionally designed CRM will save you from these problems, taking responsibility for implementing many routine tasks such as completing documentation (many fields are filled by a template), sending messages, calculation of profits, etc.

Conclusion on World Trip Travel Services Analysis

It will be good to conclude that the person in charge of the general manager's post associated with the organization named WTTS was aware of the company's need. He was even aware of the fact that the company is indeed in need of owning a better comprehension. This type of comprehension is associated with the current form of the business environment. Not only is this it also found that this was associated with the existing system that does not provide them with the necessary amount of opportunity capturing functionalities. This is instrumental in enabling them in the direction of capturing as well as analyzing the different ways and types associated with the relevant information. Ongoing further it was evident that this particular thing is derived from the movement that is related to their geographically distributed offices. It was contextual in relation to the topic that, WTTS was ultimately in need of enhancing its current promotional or production system. Not only this one more challenge that is as identified in context to the implementation of reformatory aspects in the current CRM system is that it does not provide expandable functionalities. These expandable functionalities are considered to be very vital and are used in the process of making a timely as well as are helpful in conducting of a multi-way communication system. This system is further based and associated with the new clients that involve the partners during a trip as well as even booking a trip. Adding to the conclusion it can be stated that, the key functions in context to CRM solution will simplify daily tasks save time as well as money in context to WTTS Company.

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