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Public Relations Theory and Models

Introduction to Women and Order of Australia

Public relations theory and models play a highly imperative role in effective implementation of campaigns. The campaign is based on equally representing women in leadership roles and responsibilities. It has been identified that women are not equally represented as men in different fields. The campaign will be useful in identifying the representation of women and highlighting the reason for nominating more women in Australia. Furthermore, the campaign will be useful in improving women's representation in Australia. Also, effective public relations theories and models will be required in effectively implementing the campaign. The theories will help in addressing the problems and opportunities related to the campaign proposal. In addition, public relations theory will provide an understanding of the association between actions and the events. The main of this analysis is to demonstrate the role of three public relation theories in implementing the campaign. It will further address the problem or opportunity associated with the campaign.

Three Theories of Public Relation

Press Agentry Model

The theory was created to influence public opinion by creating news. In this theory, the professionals use persuasion to influence the thoughts and viewpoints of key audiences (Naumovska & Blazeska, 2016). However, the theory is not the main element of mainstream public relations. The current campaign is associated with increasing the representation of women in leadership roles. The theory is applicable as it put a major emphasis on behavior manipulation. With the help of this theory, the campaigns planners can arrange awards for women to catch the attention of the general public. Furthermore, the theory will be effective as it may highlight the campaign as advertising to catch the attention of different people.

Public Information Model

The public information model majorly focuses on maintaining and enhancing the image of a campaign by circulating meaningful information. Furthermore, press releases, new releases, and communication can be used to circulate the information about a particular brand or campaign. Public relations as well as the press agent information model has been characterized as one-way Communications but both the models give accurate information to the public (Johnston & Sheehan, 2020). In this model, a good public practitioner can disseminate the information by putting in their organizational ideas and approaches and use it to influence their target public. Furthermore, the model will be effective in representing the role of women by providing actual information about the low representation of women in different key areas. It will also help to influence the organization about the importance of increasing the participation of women in leadership roles. It allows the people to raise concerns and the importance of an issue in order to influence the public or the necessary stakeholders or leaders. However, the media cannot tell what the people think but has the capability to educate the people what to think about. In addition, the public relation practitioner's has the ability to raise the importance of an issue through the repetition of news in the media. In Australia people value admiration for the liberty, self-respect of individual freedom, faith, promise to the rule of law, democracy and equality of men and women. This shows that people can be influenced by a strong message or campaign related to the low representation of women in different fields.

Two-Way Asymmetrical Model

This is the third model of public relations. The two-way asymmetrical models include two-way influential communications that utilize influential communication to manipulate the approach and actions of key stakeholders. The theory described that the decisions made by an organization can be mutually beneficial between itself and its audience (Naumovska & Blazeska, 2016). The theory can help attain objective and is envisaged as a kind of political structure involving cooperation, problem-solving, and open discussion that should result in what is most helpful for both parties for humanity in general. However, it is necessary to understand the benefits of two way asymmetrical communication. With the help of this model, companies can create a personal relationship to effectively solve difficult issues. Furthermore, the evidence also suggests that the organizations become most successful when they engaged stakeholder (Hallahan, 2018). Also, accuracy, understanding and agreements are some of the most important benefits of two-way symmetrical communication theories.

Analysis of Public Relation Theories

The particular campaign can be considered as a public information model because it is providing information about the low representation of women in Australia and how it is increasing the gap of gender inequality in the country. The main purpose of this campaign is to create awareness and tell the information to the public. The campaign can influence the private sector as well as the public sector by providing and explaining the companies about the low representation of women in Australia (Nasucha, 2020). Furthermore, the campaign can highlight the results and reports which stated that the participation of women workforce can help to improve the productivity and prosperity of Australia. It can also reveal the fact that the higher participation of women can reduce the fiscal pressure associated with providing welfare support to an ageing population. Also, encourage more women to contribute in the workforce and at the senior level makes apparent business intellect because businesses that attract both men and women candidates can also access the whole talent pool which means better quality employees. The campaign is related to the public information theory because it will provide the facts and figures that can influence the leaders as well as big organizations that may not put major importance on the participation of women in the industry.

Public relation models focus on one-way communication while the two-way asymmetrical model is a two-way communication model that can be effective in engaging with the target audience. Also, public relations typically used two-way symmetrical models to reach the target audience. The evidence specified that a good campaign not only success to persuade one side which is the client or public, it is able to persuade both sides. Successful two symmetrical models let others distinguish that there had self-attention included in the information and to influence them as well as uses each other ordinary curiosity to convince them. In addition, the campaign will focus on targeting the stakeholders and leaders' through effective social media channels like television radio, and magazines. The two-way symmetrical model also helps to maintain good relationships with media as well as the public (Ertürk & Berkman, 2016). The campaign will focus on presenting the reality of women in different industries or in different fields. The actual representation of women and their reality must be shown to the public in order to catch their attention as well as support. Also, the model is effective in connecting the people and the government. Therefore two way asymmetrical model is the most moral approach to public relations and the ethics of community and the efficiency of the model will help in achieving the support of the public in order to increase the women representation in the organizations. The increase in the participation of women leaders or celebrities can also help in endorsing the campaign and influencing their fans to approach to the particular issue or concern. The campaigns also improve the conversation with necessary stakeholders and leaders. The relationship between the public and government will strengthen automatically. The campaign highlighted that the women in Australia are unrecognized for the work and contribution they made towards the growth of the nation (Struthers & Strachan, 2019). The model puts more emphasis on providing factual information with the public and collecting their feedbacks. In addition, the campaign will include valid reasons to nominate more women in Australia. It will be useful in communicating the message that highlights that the increase in the participation of women representatives can help to motivate them to attend better things in life. Furthermore, the campaign is developed for women in order to celebrate their achievements and inspiring others to come forward in society.

It will make a major contribution to reducing the male dominance by providing an equal opportunity to all the women who have done something for their country in order to increase the participation of other women's (Tankosic, Ivetic & Vucurevic, 2016). Furthermore, it is also necessary to educate the society about the major role played by women in innovating and upgrading society. In addition, the campaign will highlight different women who have achieved and contributed in a significant manner toward the growth and development of the society. Also the real-life cases or stories of successful women, as well as leaders, can help to inspire other women who want to become a role model for others. Also, the campaign can successfully educate or show the Australian honor system that has been promoting the efforts of the individual.

Social media will also help in influencing both the individuals as well as women in understanding the role of women's participation in leadership positions (Allagui & Breslow, 2016). The social media platform will be effective in engaging the stakeholders and promoting interactive messages to assist organizations. The evidences highlighted that all the three theories are highly effective in communicating the information to the public as well as the necessary stakeholders. However, the right approach and effective communication channel must be required to promote the message in the right manner. Also, the message should be written in a creative and informative way to capture the attention of women as well as other individuals

Andaaz campaigns to Asian the informational message to create awareness and provide instructions to the target audience. Also, the awareness message will present relatively simple content that informs people what to do and specifies who should do it. it is necessary to avoid vague or Complex messages as it may confuse the target audience (Doan & Toledano, 2018). Among all the models the highly effective model can be a two way is an asymmetric model as it helps persuade the audience to change their point of view in an unknown conflict situation. The main aim of the message is to change the thinking of society which does not consider the role of women in waiting and upgrading society. Furthermore, the model will also help to gather feedback from the audience to understand the behavior and their opinions about the particular issue.

Conclusion on Women and Order of Australia

It has been concluded from the overall analysis that the three stories of the public relations play a highly important role in implementing the campaign. The success of a campaign depends on an effective strategic approach to target the right audience in an effective manner. It has also been identified that the women have been underrepresented in every field whether it is medical scientific legal and many more. The campaign will be effective in reducing male dominance and providing equal opportunity to women. With the help of effective implementation of this campaign, the country can reduce the issue of low representation of women in each field. Furthermore evidences also specified that there are many benefits of presenting women in different fields. Also the press agentry, Public Information, and asymmetric model help in improving the overall effectiveness of a campaign by providing the right direction to target the right audience. The overall analysis revealed that the effective theories can help implement the campaign. The theories apply to this campaign as it focuses on influencing the viewpoints and attitudes of society as well as other organizations. However, the success of campaign also depends on the writing and clarity of the message. Furthermore, the approach of awarding the most deserving candidate can help in inspiring other women to improve their participation in business as well as leadership roles.

Reference for Women and Order of Australia

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