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Competitive Strategy - Question 1

The below-listed elements of the General Environment should be taken into consideration as they are significant to the German luxury car industry (Zhenlin, Junqing, and Huepel, 2020):

  • Innovation there is extremely exceptional types of innovation in the vehicle business, for example, the mechanization of vehicles. It is getting progressively famous for the vehicles in the 21st century to be robotized as it is moving in the direction of innovation right now. German makers need to receive this innovation else they will be overwhelmed.
  • Contamination with the environmental change taking high movement, contamination must be decreased or eradicated. The creation of electric vehicles will shape the future as we are in a whole battle to lessen carbon into the environment. This implies the petroleum derivatives will be discarded.
  • Security of the vehicles is likewise significant. As extravagance vehicles speed up with each resulting model delivered, issues encompassing the wellbeing of the vehicles are a first concern to the client thus should it be onto the makers and producers (Bendixen and Abratt, 2018).
  • Rivalry with the development of dispensable wages on the planet, numerous individuals request more vehicles making space for new participants in the market and strengthening the opposition for the world business sectors.
  • Brexit-the problem encompassing the exit of Britain from the European Union is projecting shadows of vulnerability for many enterprises, the extravagance vehicle industry included. England is a significant part of the EU and the entire issue is cutting down the exchange and influencing requests of items.

Competitive Strategy - Question 2

David Jones is Australia's leading retailer. David Jones provides customers with high-quality products and services in all national and international countries in fashion, beauty, food, technology, and household items. They offer a personalized, unique, and intuitive customer experience while enhancing sales and strengthening relationships with existing and new customers, using the Salesforce ecosystem (Miller and Merrilees, 2016). And multi-person relationships with the goal that more team members across Beauty, Designer Shoes, Accessories, and Womenswear will use this solution continuously of new advertising methods. The use of AI can be seen in its collaboration with advertising agencies Carat and Amnet to launch the online advertisement campaign. The company has been tirelessly working on innovative and different marketing campaigns despite the number of challenges faced so that the key customers are delighted. The issue of departmental stores as evidenced internationally by David Jones' executives on the principle of compliance with basic business principles to provide customer needs with the importance of the idea behind DJs that there is no one else like them (Xu, Gao and Hammond, 2017).

The DJs also announced the national launch of the store's new loyalty program, David Jones Rewards. The Sydney DJs-based store offers a range of selected products for local customers. The customer can order what they want in the morning sitting at a desk in one of the local office offices and collect the product in a real store.

The main focus of DJs has always been to provide specialized in-store information and has recently posted its focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with its ever-growing new programs.

Competitive Strategy - Question 3

Walmart is viewed as one of the major associations of the globe which is satisfying the vision of its originator to be a globalized brand. Walmart has effectively reached the vision of its owner by extension in the biggest countries of the world, for example, the UK, Germany, and huge development in the USA. The two significant ecological patterns which are affecting and provoking Walmart to grow in China are clarified beneath: 

Political Environment (Fishman, 2006): 

China has a mind-boggling web of the nearby and public world of politics for associations that drives Walmart to battle to explore dexterously in the state. As the proprietor of Walmart states that China is large to capture however hard to manage. It is because the Chinese arrangements for worldwide organizations are going stricter because of the development of globalization. Walmart experiences disturbed connections with nearby or public legislators of China. The organization has something reasonable with laws however on one event, the Chinese government fined Walmart for abusing public or nearby laws and constrained them to shut down the stores for a brief period for indicated infringement of items. Indeed, even the cases were unwarranted by Walmart yet they paid the fine. 

Cultural Environment (Gulati, Nohria, and Mayo, 2016): 

The other most significant testing ecological pattern for Walmart in China is their way of life. Walmart is confronting tremendous difficulties because of social contrasts as the Chinese social, taste, and inclinations of clients are vastly different from the Western public. They are confronting more prominent difficulties to comprehend their necessities and tastes. 

Competitive Strategy - Question 4

General Electric is broadly perceived as the best company of the twentieth century as they are working in different ventures, for example, machines, gadgets, gas, lightning, energy, weapons and amusement, and so on. To improve their business execution, they have received a corporate procedure which is about the making of significant worth through coordination of assets all over the units of business and help the association to discover new and imaginative approaches to underwrite or build up the abilities of association for long term. To build up this procedure, GE confronted different issues. Some of them are clarified beneath: 

  • GFE is the biggest association and is working through four significant divisions for example Framework, Home, Technology, and Capital. This exhibits that they are a powerful association that drives them to confront difficulties in dealing with the enormous and assorted arrangement of business (Porter, 2008). 
  • Secondly, they are confronting significant issues because of their helpless endeavors for maintainability of climate. It has now gotten fundamental for all the business to consolidate the natural issues in their systems to survive their business as it has become the significant interest of clients everywhere on the globe. GE must give advancements so as to stay serious (Lowder, 2006). 
  • Thirdly, they are confronting issues to consolidate the technique because of the limitations they are looking for their stock worth. It shows that they have put forth their colossal attempts to defeat the key issues and due to this they are considered as the main part of the business.

Competitive Strategy - Question 5

Starbucks is one of the largest coffee companies in North America and is generally known for their frappes or espresso coffees. They have extended their business by having stores by approximately 931 in number and 75 significant outlets of their brand in air terminals. Their primary goal is to build up their firm as a generally regarded and perceived espresso brand far and wide. To achieve their vision, they are growing in practically all the countries of the world and most likely through the technique of an acquisition. This shows that Starbucks has made wide acquisitions in different states and generally significant of them is Asia which is viewed as a significant player, particularly in China. Nonetheless, they have made various fruitful acquisitions yet on similar occasions and faced a few difficulties also. Five generally significant of them are clarified beneath (Griffin, 2016): 

  • Starbucks face the issue of the absence of capital while obtaining the market of China. It is because the Chinese market is the biggest one and each global business needs a high measure of cash-flow to extend there. 
  • Starbucks have procured the market of Australia yet face a few issues because of elevated level of rivalry and their more exorbitant costs than contenders. It has made a large test for Starbucks to bargain for the elevated level of rivalry. 
  • Several acquisitions of Starbucks drive them to confront issues, for example, in Vietnam they face the issue of low traffic areas. They neglect to get appealing spots for clients and can't discover very good quality areas which could give them the benefit 
  • Fourthly, an exorbitant cost additionally drives Starbucks to confront issues in their acquisitions (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson, 2008). As has been clarified above, they face this issue in business sectors of Australia where contenders were furnishing the best quality espresso with the most sensible costs. 
  • Lastly, they face a few issues because of social contrasts. Even though Starbucks effectively obtains the market of Europe however contrasts in culture and inclinations of the taste of individuals make extraordinary weight on the benefit of Starbucks.

Competitive Strategy - Question 6

5 major responsibilities in leadership are (Lencioni, 2020):

1.) Leader by example

You are the person whom your followers look up to in your day to day activities in the workplace. You are the one who will show them how it is to be an effective leader, not just by words but through actions. Therefore, you have to show enthusiasm and stimulate the interests of your members. 

2.) Be committed

Commitment is what you do is a must for a leader, you cannot just be motivated to do certain things on this day, and the next day you won't already. You have to be committed to what you are doing because it what guides you to accomplish the plans that you have set for the organization. 

3.) Integrity

From day 1, you should be able to maintain this kind of attitude. Do not sugar coat things just for you to look pleasant in the eyes of other people. If there are say problems, conflicts in the organization, you have to open it up to your team; you shouldn't be keeping it as a secret because it will affect your performance. 

4.) Listener

A leader is a good listener, he is not just the one who keeps on talking in the team, but he as well listens to the voices of his subordinates. As a leader, it is your responsibility to hear the cries of your members. If they have problems, if they want to say something to you, if they have suggestions, hear them out. 

5.) Motivator

You should be the source of motivation as well in your team. You should know how to lift them up most especially during the times that they are down, exhausted from work. Motivating would make them feel that they mean so much to you, that you care about their existence. 

How today business leaders develop the skills and charisma to be effective in the role (Murray, 2020)?

I believe that developing a leader's skills and charisma is through EXPERIENCE. From my point of view, experience is considered to be the greatest teacher for every individual. The experiences you have in life can either make or break you as an individual, but despite those, there are valuable lessons embedded. And those lessons that we learned will hone us into becoming better individuals in the future. 

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