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Justice, and Change in a Global World

Syria is the place of the war, with more than 12,000 suspected IS members that have been held by Kurdish forces and so far the condition has worsened due to the complicated situation involving the countries that have got into the conflict. The Syrian government has got support from Russia and Iran, but the opposition forces have been backed up by the US, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Amidst the chaos of fighting in between the government and anti-government fighters, IS has taken the support from Iraq and has covered the vast place in eastern Syria, that has taken the majority of the land and power (About the Crisis in Syria, 2020). Due to the prolonged war, IS had lost control of the land once they have occupied. Syria has been new grounds of the dangerously low vaccination rates, facing the health crises, along with facing a combined impact due to the breakdown of water, low sanitation systems, facing the prolonged pockets of malnutrition that have resulted in the continuous disease outbreaks in Syria causing it more deadly. Around, 25,000 Syrians have been killed, injuring more than women and children facing casualties; subsequently, a major reason impacting the health staff has been killed or either injured while being on the duty.

Syria has been facing the issues related to the vital infrastructure due to the constant compromised or destroyed health cases, such as lack of shelter along with facing the low energy sources, steeply deterioration of water and low sanitation services, facing the lack of food insecurity along with the serious overcrowding faced in some areas. Syria has been predominantly been facing access to health care that has caused severely restricted, affected to the security factors. facing a low maternal and child health services within the primary health care (PHC) levels (Almontaser, 2017). It has caused the lack of maternal and child morbidity and mortality, faced predominantly low delivery which has been experienced due to the conflict period that would remain unclear. The common good is known to be one of the community cause of dignity and equality which can help to flourish with the cause for the potential (Sevinç, 2018).

The main role of the health care professional and member belonging within the community, have the primary duties to provide the care and responsibility that can delineate the significance on account of the common good by seeking ways to advocate and promote community engagement that can subsequently be increasing the funds in health care sector within Syria which can provide sustainability towards the right to proper health care and dignified life approach for the disadvantaged population. The main duty is we should be working coordinately to promote health care needs Syrian people and encourage them to achieve the common good (Bregaard, 2017). Even some of the private and for-profit organizations are paying the less amount in the taxes to promote the millions in profit, identifying the funding that would identify the complex needs of patient and staffing government that have to think prominently about the money to be provided which goes into where it was intended and to identify to which support an ideology of the profit-oriented providers that promote the increasing profit through cutting up costs (Syrian refugee crisis, 2019).

This idea of lesser good counteracts is one of the principles of the common good that can provide to focus on the increasing profits through the expense of care. Common Goods such as sacrificing self-interest has also been one of the essential needs to provide the basic human needs of every one devoting the community flourish (Özdemir, 2017). Through the promotion of peace relations which can be mutually respectful along with relating to the collaborative, at national and global levels. Through the participation of the active partners providing the right to devise the duty would be the life of society (economic, political, cultural, religious, social, etc). Due to global solidarity, we are also interconnected along with one human family, which can be based on the duty towards that can provide through the close neighbors (Mipatrini, 2018).

With an increase in budget, regulation, and transparency in expenditure are required to track the allocated budget and utilize it in best interest consumers (Dale Gavlak, 2018). Syrian should be provided the service and care-oriented and should not be market-oriented considering the profits to handle the common good and community welfare.

The quality of health care has been deeply been impacted due to the deterioration in the functionality as faced due to the lack of medical equipment, predominantly due to the lack of spare parts along with the low maintenance shortages of drugs and medical supplies faced due to the applied sanctions. The other challenge that is faced is the routine operations that have been affected due to the elective interventions that have been suspended. The main concern is chronically sick, and there have been half of the chronically ill people that have faced the forced to interrupt their treatment. Such concerns are exacerbated through the virtual halt of referrals of ordinary patients that have faced are the life-threatening injuries that have been attaining the priority in an overwhelmed health care system. Due to the war sort of conditions, the elective surgery and non-urgent routine medical interventions leading to the delay and also facing the growing number of patients, due to the chronic conditions causing the dire situation, while awaiting treatment. Despite detecting outbreaks and responding to the lives, WHO responds to 1 700 health care facilities and identifying the disease through the early warning system, there have been outbreaks of measles, hepatitis A and typhoid fever that has been rapidly detected and curtailed.

The challenges which can be overcome the problem of the crises health like by donating the 8 mobile clinics to underserved areas subsequently WHO providing the 36 ambulances and 75 mobile medical teams to camps and also supporting with the priority areas. Secondly, to restore the local health care and also provide adequate staff and the nurses to facilitate the public health facilities unless they are fully functional. Lastly to train the fellow staff, health workers, and the nurses to provide the best-internalized care and services to provide the sustainable development goals (Özdemir, 2017). In my view, by providing mental health care, along with the adequate supporting centers for the disabled people, along with the increasing coordination and efficiency by coordinating hundreds of international and national partners that can deliver health assistance. To restore health, delivering medical supplies and the nurses' role to provide adequate support, training, education, and even address the problems in a proactive manner can help to pacify the situation. Through the WHO effective measures such as overcoming the insecurities, supporting the damaged roads, bureaucratic obstacles can help to handle the import restrictions.

WHO along with the community partners, that has tracked the outbreak, active involvement in all the parties that have been impacted due to the affected areas and faced organized mass polio vaccination campaigns consecutively reached the 2.6 million children – causing active conflict. Even during the crisis time as faced in 2018, when the outbreak was declared, there has been a bravery and dedication act of ten thousands of local health workers.

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